Report: Wigan 2-2 Arsenal’s inconsistency resumed on Wednesday as for the second season in a row, Wenger’s men let the points slip cheaply at Wigan.

A sluggish and much-changed Arsenal side looked to have recovered from a terrible start which saw Watson’s spot-kick put them behind. But quick-fire goals from Arshavin and Bendnter failed to secure a win as a late own-goal by Squillaci ended matters at 2-2.

Much of Arsenal’s early struggles were self-inflicted. Squillaci gave up a contest with Hugo Rodallega claiming he had been fouled and fellow centre-back Laurent Koscielny had to rescue him with a perfectly-timed challenge in the box.

Then Bendtner’s appallingly loose pass was seized upon by N’Zogbia, who rattled in a low shot which was comfortable for Lukasz Fabianksi.

Tomas Rosicky, Arsenal’s captain on the night, finally managed to bring some composure to the visitors and his vision set Arshavin free only for the Russian to fire over the bar.

Bendtner earned a free-kick on the edge of the Wigan box and took it himself, only to see it deflected off the wall and past the post with Ali Al Habsi flatfooted.

In the 17th minute Wigan broke swiftly and N’Zogbia burst down the right before tumbled over Koscielny’s trailing leg just on the edge of the box.

A penalty looked the right decision and Watson hammered it home to give the home side a deserved lead.

Arsenal were a whisker away from an equaliser when Rosicky’s shot was parried by Al Habsi and Koscielny looked favourite to slot home, only for Gary Caldwell to dive in bravely to thwart the Frenchman.

Before the half-hour was out, Wenger was forced to make a change with Jack Wilshere coming on for Abou Diaby, who had picked up an injury, and his arrival seemed to settle Arsenal down.

Arshavin had been at his frustrating worst for most of the half but it was down to his brilliant volley that Arsenal equalised six minutes before the break.

Marouane Chamakh had lobbed the ball on for Bendtner to hit a shot on the bounce and when Al Habsi managed to keep it out, it dropped for Arshavin to strike a lovely scissor-kick back past the Wigan goalkeeper.

The goal seemed to breathe life into Arsenal and particularly Arshavin, who created a goal for Bendtner in the 43rd minute.

Arshavin tussled for and won possession in the centre circle, then bustled forward and found Bendtner, who used his strength to brush off a couple of weak challenges and then make no mistake from 12 yards out.

Wilshere’s anchoring abilities made Arsenal appear more resilient generally and Antolin Alcaraz breathed a sigh of relief after heading just wide of his own net.

From the resulting corner an unmarked Chamakh sent his header into almost exactly the same spot when he should really have hit the target.

Although Arsenal’s grip on the game had tightened, Wigan still looked capable of causing problems and Tom Cleverley was not a million miles away from finding the top corner after the usually-dependable Bacary Sagna had slipped.

The Gunners’ passing game had been slowly reasserting itself and it clicked into gear perfectly in the 70th minute with a mouthwatering move that simply begged to be finished off, but Al Habsi stood tall to deny Arshavin.

N’Zogbia had looked Wigan’s most potent threat all night and with 15 minutes left Arsenal were grateful to Fabianski for a one-on-one save.

Having played so well, N’Zogbia then got himself sent off for pushing his head into Wilshere’s face after an exchange of words, leaving referee Lee Probert little option but to show red.

Far from being disheartened, the dismissal fired up the home side and with 10 minutes left they equalised.

Rodallega headed back a corner at the far post and Squillaci, trying to thwart Caldwell, could only head into his own net.

Wenger had to go for broke and did, bringing on Theo Walcott and Samir Nasri.

There was one escape for Wigan when James McArthur deflected Nasri’s free-kick with his hands, and once more the Gunners left the DW Stadium frustrated.

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63 thoughts on “Report: Wigan 2-2 Arsenal

  1. it beggars belief how Wenger managed to screw this up.Eboue awful,denilson awful,rosicky awful,diaby horrible,Arahvin peripheral,Bendy big lumb of nothingness.

    1. I agree with most of your points but have to disagree on rosicky being in that list. He played some wonderful stuff combining wonderful passes with some phenomenal tackling. The issue, as you rightly point out was that Diaby and denilson were inept and are woefuly short of the ability needed to play ‘the arsenal way’. As soon as i saw the starting line up my heart sank, the inclusion of Eboue also beggers the mind. I think Wenger is a truly world class club manager but what i find astounding and have for years – is his total ineptitude to read and react to blatantly obvious situations. I remember years ago i would turn to my friend when we were losing a game or needed an injection of something -‘watch now, 79th minute and we will see subs’ and so it was and so it still is. Too little too late back then, too little too late tonight. We should have seen Nasri and Walcott on in the 60th minute to have time to bed in and influence the game, not to mention pegging Wigan back with attacking potency and threat. Why is it that a thirty year old civil servant can see that and a man who earns millions for doing the greatest job in the world – cant? Not a disaster tonight but right now it bloody feels like a loss.

    Arsene wenger you clown. Everything and i mean everything you did today was wrong.
    It is as if he does not want arsenal to win the league. You would not do what arsene did today otherwise.

    1. great comment u said exactly wat i think ,,, ive had enough of the muppet and to then bring on the late subs when there was 2 little time ,,im 1 freaked out gunner

    1. i feel sorry for you. You absolutely have no life that you have to come on an Arsenal blog and leave a comment. Go get laid!


    How the f-k can he play a team that is weaker than his League Cup teams!!!!

    I´m fed up with his tactics…..OUT!

  4. Chelsea,Barca,ManU,Man City,Spurs name any team you can think of and take 8 first team players out of that team and let them play away and they WILL STRUGGLE! That is exactly what happened today.

  5. Your all dreaming if you think this arsenal team can achieve anything!! What a load of rubbish, not one player on that pitch was any good tonight and what was that cluless manager doing picking that team after the great reat against chelsea. He’s lost the plot!

  6. no..its the fatal pairing of kos and squid. the first moron gives away a needless penalty. the 2nd numbskull scores his 1000th own goal/deflected goal of the season.

  7. What a bullshit game…This loss is all in the hands of AW. I do not understand WHY he waits to make changes when you can see the Wigan put us under a LOT of pressure before the game. I question the timing of his subs. I have noticed SAF do the opposite…when his team is up by a goal and under pressure towards the end of the game…he slows the game down by introducing his last subs every few mins. I am so tired of this shit every close game like this AW waits and then they score then he makes a change. WTF why didnt you do that before the goal. AND WTF was Djourou not starting over Squillaci? what else does he have to do earn a starting spot.

  8. I can not understand this Knob Of a Manager, why on earth change a winning team? 8 Bloody changes, he sure is a fruit cake, complete dick, for crying out loud plzzzzzzzzz Wenger Sod OFF you have lost the plot!!!!

  9. I would never trust wenger with my money.
    He gambles when he does not need too. He loves the thrill of the gamble too much. Today was a gamble.. end off and he lost!!! He does not like being comfortable and doing things the easy way.

  10. give it a rest of course wenger had to make the changes tonight that is the reason for the big squad we play again on saturday remember dont blame wenger we need a cb in january window thats it

    1. Yep. No one would be talking about Wenger’s rotation if Squillaci doesn’t fuck up with 10 minutes to goal as we lead 2-1.

      If anything, being able to rotate the squad today was a big advantage (with the ridiculous pile of fixtures) and the fact that we put ourselves in a winning position meant the team out there didn’t lack the ability to do the job.

      But there comes the old problem of defending set-pieces and having a joke at centre back….that’s what cost us.

  11. What is the point of signing a CB when that will not solve the problem. Its wenger and his mentality that needs looking at.

  12. LOU – You took the words right out of my mouth – WHAT IS WENGER DOING!!!!!! arghhhhhh!!! This was a MUST win game!!!!!!!
    Anyone think wenger got it right today? 10 minutes to go and he brings on Walcott and Nas – thats not enough time. We all know they would run the clock down. This was utter nonsense!!! What a sham! 8 changes too many! Like Lou says – Fergie would never have done this – so can someone explain to me — PLEASE!!!! what teh hell is going on!!!!

  13. anybody read the juvenile blogger who ended his blog by stating arsene knows after we beat a piss poor and lacking in confidence chelsea team
    time for the clear out, start with the manager

  14. Don’t blame Wenger you say irish gooner? Why not? If he had brought in two decent defenders in the first place, then maybe we wouldn’t give away stupid goals, tonite we had two donkeys playing in defence, they ain’t even upto conference league. So Yes Wenger The fruit cake is to blame!!!!

  15. We are crap! So is our manager for being so naive! If he thinks these average players can win league matches then he’s got a problem! Squalaci Iis no better than my nan at defending!

  16. No manager who wants to win a game would do what wenger done. To make eight changes and then to choose the players who just passengers who pass the ball to each other or are accident prone.

      1. Hush hush darling.

        In the here and now I’d prefer twitchy head – he’d get a frigging gk and cb.

        AW won’t and NEEDS to go.

  17. only one inept imbeccilicle deluded monsieh Wenger can ring in changes when not needed, lose crucial points when ur rivals drop theirs, buy GREAT DEFENDERS like Koscienly and Squillaci who have no defensive acumem, IT BEGS THE QUESTION: HOW THE HELL WAS THIS WUSSY EVER A DEFENDER? When his egotistical midgets can never keep a clean sheet against the Wigans of this world? What happens when they meet the MAGICAL BARCA?

  18. This my friends is sadly a French trait. It would seem that all their great managers loose the plot in the end. Look at Domench. Reaches the World Cup final playing some great football then when it starts to fall apart he goes mad. As soon as it looks like we have got our team playing well and believing again. He makes 8 Changes. Absolute fruit cake! Wenger I will always be grateful for what you have achieved. Our greatest manager ever. But now you are finished. You said you would know when it’s time to go. If arsene really knows then he will do the right thing and go.

  19. We will NEVER win the league with this guy. I will admit we will always finish in the top four but i cannot see wenger being as consistent as is needed to actually win it.
    No-one can defend what wenger done today. Denilson? Bendtner? Rosicky? Diaby? Squillaci? starting in a must win game!!!!

  20. Yes I agree that Wenger made too many changes. Djourou should of started ahead of Squillaci.

    Kos & Squill is the worst partnership in the Premiership.

    I also do not understand why we didn’t press like did against Chelsea? The whole squad should play the same game.

    Anything less than a win against Birmingham and Wenger will need to think of his future.

  21. wenger you are joker if you think you are going to win the league,i was expecting you not to bring in nasri and walcott, coz i thought you were reserving for a foot ball match in france… fellow fans this wenger is a big joke to the club is the main reason why arsenal has never won a trophy since 2005 fa cup and will never win one if he keeps up like this…he gets paid weather we get a trophy or not and i strongly belief that he has large commission on every players sold but as for us the fans we get nothing but the joy of victory and cups won and we are n`t getting that due to this joker we have for a coach…i think he should be the coach of a secondary school not arsenal…gunners 4life!!

  22. I am so fcuking mad, what the fcuk is he doing, 8 changes to a winning team, i could knock him out, i know Wengers a stubborn man but all our loses this year is down to him, yes we have the players, and yes we have a big squad, but it has to be said we have a prat as a manager, we get ourselves into the frame time and time again and he purposely scuppers any chance we get, there is no doubt its time for him to go any manager that does that once is bad, but over and over again is intentional i don’t know what his motives are but it has become apparent that he is doing it deliberately, i have been a supporter of Wenger in the past, but if we want the club to move forward he has to go. After a great result on Monday to this what a PRAT

  23. the pressure is on us to win at birmingham now. Tonights game was defintely 3 points with our strongest line up. Even Man City with their stronger bench would NOT do this.
    8 CHANGES? I can understand 2 or 3 or even 4 But 8!!!!!!
    It beggers belief!!!

  24. Can’t wait till Barcelona!! Play like we did tonight and we might only lose 11-1. I can’t wait :). Thanks arsene for producing the best arsenal team I’ve ever watched! If it wasn’t for george Grahams defence he inherited he’d have won fuck all! Fed up of spending all this money watching this crap!

  25. can’t believe the comments half of you guys have made. wenger in my view got it spot on,he had to ring the changes having played just 2 days ago. those of you calling for djourou to start don’t you think he might get injured again? then all of you guys would claim wenger an idiot for playing him. the inclusion of eboue was genius as n’zogbia is always going to cut in. the only thing wenger got wrong was not bringin theo on when they went down to 10 men to offer a threat on the counter attack. we lost because of an idiot who scored an own goal and a dodgy ref. another day, another ref, they wouldn’t have had a penalty and we would have (nasri’s free kick) look on the bright side, we’ve picked up 3 more points than in the corresponding fixtures last season, so get off wenger’s back and support your team!!!
    come on you gunners!!!

    1. Lets face it PRIT PAL your like Wenger you know fcuk all about football 8 changes to a winning team leave it out there’s never been a manager still in football that does that surly even you can see that, that’s why were only a top four club and tactical changes like that has cost us 2 points go and watch Eastenders and give us a break

      1. firstly fabregas had to be replaced so there is one change. had wenger not made the changes and players like walcott, djourou and van persie got injured fans like you would be complaining why he played these players. had clichy been terrorized by n’zogbia you would complain for him to be dropped. so there is 5 justifiable changes right there. find it hard to see how you think yourself to be better then wenger, i bet you were one of the fans thinking wenger was god on monday and now this. some of your minds change like the weather, which is not the kind of support this club needs.

  26. No excuse whatsoever. Arsenal had a good rest due to the weather. I can not understand his motives. If you want to win a game you play your strongest available team.
    This game must not of been important for wenger!!!

  27. Arsenal was even given a lifeline by Nzogbia. Wigan’s most potent threat was sent off and we still conceded. Mugs,Clowns,muppets,idiots,schoolboys, typical typical arsenal.

  28. 8 changes why do it
    I really don’t understand arsenal
    How can u win against chealsea 1 day and then draw against wigin the next
    I just don’t understand ??????

  29. i’ll tell you why jack. It was a different team. What is harder to understand is that we are winning 2-1, 10 minutes to go, against 10 men, subs available and we only make a change when we are drawing 2-2. Wigan could of won this game

  30. No it wasnt!! Playing out of form fringe players. Arsene has too much faith in his players. Fergie would never of played Evans and smalling in a game like this as he knows mistakes would happen.
    That is the difference between Man u and ARSENAL.

  31. Anyway its only football and life goes on!!
    Bouncing off the walls and blowing my top off aint gonna help matters so i think i am gonna forget about it and watch some AVATAR on sky premier.

  32. 8 Changes? R U kidding me? They all looked like fools on the pitch, infact Eboue was d hppiest man after d red card b/coz he was f–king roasted. Wenger always does this shit and he dn’t give a damn abt us.. the fans…. he always look down on clubs and pls, can somebody tell me why he does that shit all the time? Damn, I dn’t think we will ever win PL…Sorry

  33. i think AW was flaunting our squad depth by thinkin that we could field a second 11 and win like we did on monday. That was pure unecessary risk takin. U build momentum from such big wins as Monday by fieldin ur key playmakers [Song, Nasri, walcot, Djourou]and support them with a few a fringe players. But making wholesale changes was even disrespectful of Wigan. This is a huge step backwards, like swimimng thru the ocean, only to drown in the pond.

  34. why change a winning team.
    8 changes!!! if we lost 6-0 against chelsea then i could understand players being dropped and 8 changes being made.

  35. wenger u have shown all arsenal fans that u dont want to win any thing for arsenal, 8 changes to our team that beat chelsea u dont know what u are doing u are old fool.

  36. This is a huge step backwards, like swimimng thru the ocean, only to drown in the pond.
    I agree entirely mentuaza. No matter who we sign if wenger does this each season we will not win anything. Do you think barca would rest messi,xavi,iniesta,puyol. NEVER!!! oNLY if they are injured would they miss a league game.

  37. Monday night= “In Arsene we TRUST!!!, Arsenal will win the PL now” blah blah

    Wednesday night= “Arsene is an f**king idiot! GET OUT NOW!!! Same old bloody Arsenal”

    The words ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Dejavu’ spring to mind.

    Make your bloody minds up Arsenal fans, when you win you all love Arsene but then you lose you completely slate him off!

    Have you ever actually thought that it is Arsenals arrogant complacency that cost you points.

    You can rant on about the 8 changes blah blah blah but theres still 11 players out there more than capable of beating a poor team like Wigan, as you all love to keep claiming that you have the ‘BEST SQUAD’ in the league but now you all complain about the changes???

    All your comments pathetically contradict everything you all say the previous week when you win a game!

    All excuses and no ownership.

    1. whoever you are. i am sick of people like you who have the balls to say things like that but would have nothing to say if we actually met. Go suck a lemon you pussy!

  38. Wenger him self brought this needless result on us with very poor decision making before and during the game.
    1. There is just one thing to say about eight changes: Scandalous! Three or four is ok, but not almost a whole team. The confidence had returned on Monday, and we could have built on that by going level with ManU. But no, this stubborn, stubborn old man chose to start with two, at best three from the first eleven. It is very bad decision.
    2. With 25-30 minutes left Wigan started to get possession and had some chances again. The three up front lost possession over and over again in silly ways. And Arshavin didn’t defend. The signals was obvious for any idiot to see. If he had put Nasri in for Chamach or Bendtner and Walcot for Arshavin with 25 min left, we wouldn’t have lost the ball so easy any more and we would have created more chances. With Wigan trailing Theo would have got a lot of room to creating chances and score. But no, the old stubborn man didn’t do the obvious. Instead he let Wigan gain more and more momentum. After the goal he put in W and N. But now Wigan is satisfied and pull back the team. And the room for Walcot disappear.
    Its not the first time Wenger show his lack of tactical judgment on the sidelines. Doesn’t any of his advisers have the guts to tell him?!

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