Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has revealed the Arsenal player who used to make opponents ‘shrink in the tunnel’ during his playing days in the Premier League.

In the early years of former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s time at the club, the Gunners were often in serious contention for the Premier League title.

That was of course the era which saw Thierry Henry shine season after season as he helped the club win a couple of league titles, including the famous Invincibles season.

Those were really the days to enjoy for most Arsenal fans and for rival supporters, the Gunners’ relative dominance in those years was noticeable.

Thus, former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand has revealed that Thierry Henry really was the Arsenal player who put fear into opponents.

According to the ex-Red Devils centre-back, the Frenchman made certain players ‘shrink in the tunnel’ due to his sheer quality.

“Thierry Henry,” Ferdinand said in response to a question about the best striker he’d played against, on Instagram live

“I know, I used to watch on TV or I’d look in the tunnel when I was in there and some players I would see thinking ‘Woah, it’s Thierry Henry, look’.”

“It was that effect he had on people. There’s only a handful of players I’ve seen in time that have that effect. He was one of them. I’d see some players shrink in the tunnel.

“When I watched the game on TV and I see the tunnel I’m thinking ‘Before the game’s even started, before that man’s head hit his pillow last night, Thierry was in his brain. Thierry had finished him off.’ Some big players as well.”

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