Report: Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea old story, really.

Arsenal with all the football and Chelsea – through Drogba – with the devastating sucker-punch.

Today’s visitors finished off this contest in similar fashion to how Arsenal tamed Tottenham on last derby day.

Despite being on the front foot for much of the match, quick-fire goals at the end of the first-half settled matters way before Wenger’s men could even mount an assault on goal.

Drogba was back to haunt the Gunners yet again with the opener on the stroke of half-time and before the hosts could pick up the pieces, Vermaelen unwittingly added more trouble with an own goal.

Arsenal huffed and puffed for an unlikely comeback following the restart but the old foe was always there to add insult to the wound – netting a humiliating free-kick late on for Chelsea’s third.

Barring the horror week back in May where United and this same Chelsea side won ruthlessly in North London, you could confess today that never before had Arsenal’s shortcomings been exposed so plainly at the Emirates Stadium.

Their physical presence proved inferior to Chelsea’s, their back line naive on the odd occasion and in the end, only pretty patterns were to show for dominant ball-possession.

Arsenal had been bullied and thus, as Wenger made his long trip back into the dressing room at full-time, Friday’s most fired-up man pondered how the opinions of critics are soon growing into facts.

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13 thoughts on “Report: Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea

  1. Oh sursprise, surprise!…hmm, I’m trying to find what the surprise is here…maybe the only surprise will be if any of you fools who were so confident ahead of the game are now surprised!

    “We will thrash Chelsea 4-0”, said the Gooners – we will do this we will do that.

    Wenger: “Our moment has come”

    This thing was all in a pattern. Joe Cole said before the game that the pressure was on Arsenal, Arsenal did play like they were under pressure and they were undone exactly like the last time out (4-1 in May).

    What’s next now?…hmmm

    “We will win the prem with 30 points to spare”?

  2. I think its obvious that without van Persie Arsenal just arent good enough. We had scored in every game this season with him on the pitch. We miss him for two games and we dont score in either. I like Eduardo but he cant play the lone striker and neither can Vela. We need a physical presence up there to hold up the ball and link with our midfield. Bendtner?

  3. its the same team bar a shorter centre half that we really needed not battered by them last season. wat made people think it would be any different this season. wenger ur kids policy is a . we are fucking sick of it

  4. when are our directors (including wenger who sits on the board) going to spend big money on transfers instead of creaming the fans money on paying themselves huge bonuses and dividends!!!

  5. our midfield played well….except bendnter and RVP we dont have anyone that can play the lone striker role….. vela and eduardo both play OFF THE STRIKER….we need to sort our shit out…. maybe go back to 4-4-2 till jan…. plus believe it or not we need a striker in January and anyone who thinks differently are shitting themselves…..hope this is a eye opener for mr.wenger!!!!….

  6. Jesus guys, fucking relax!

    1. We don’t need another central defender! Song, Denlison, Gallas and Verm are good enough. We got beat on the flanks, I don’t know what is going on with Sagna but he’s been playing horrible. Traroe is garbage, Karlos I don’t know how you like that kid.

    It’s simple we got beat, don’t blame Wegner, don’t blame the pitch Chelse is a good team so get over it. Were not going to win every game. SOme of you fans sound like the biggest pussies and bitches here. Suck it up we got beat.

  7. I second USA gunner. I’ve come to accept defeat when Arsenal play Chelsea. Like what Randy said, Inferior physical presence. Seriously, all this shit about buying mini players with skills and pace started with Fabregas. I think Wenger thought it was a good idea too have more Fabregases, he went on to get Denilson, Song, Ramsey, Nasri with an average height of 12 year olds. Geezzz. I miss the days when we use to bully team with sheer physical presence instead of neat passing. lol


  9. more power to you USA Gunner! we lost on some little details and that can be fixed. the team looks great to me…if you are soo mad..go support chelsea or Spurs

  10. I’m not mad, I love this team, I’m upset at the fans who bitch and moan at the first sign of defeat.

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