Sanogo, Gnabry & Miquel among first-team selection

gunners training

Arsene Wenger has made available a few roles to be filled in this weekend’s squad for some of Arsenal’s brightest youngsters.

Ignasi Miquel and Serge Gnabry, who were participants at the Gunners’ Asia tour, are set to be named in the first-team squad ahead of the Emirates Cup.

Miguel and Gnabry were present in the senior squad’s training on Friday morning along with new signing Yaya Sanogo as the Gunners prepared for clashes with Napoli and Galatasaray.

Of the trio, Ignasi Miquel is reportedly the most likely to be sent out on loan by the club ahead of the campaign, but Serge Gnabry is believed to be progressing well and could soon be drafted into the first-team on permanent basis.

There are no doubts about Yaya Sanogo though, after Wenger confirmed that the French international will definitely be on show for his Arsenal debut this weekend.

“You will see Sanogo, you will see Cazorla. On Sunday, you will see both of them” the Arsenal boss said.

“I consider Wilshere now to be completely available and part of the team. Szczesny is alright too.”

One Arsenal youngster who is certain to not be involved is Chuks Aneke who has headed back to Crewe Alexandra on a six-month loan deal.

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  6. Signing or no signing, I’m arsenal fan to the core and if it means I should contibute to the success of my team I will happily do it; even up to 10m. But i’m surprise people out there(which I believe are not arsenal fans) would have the guts to curse someone for not buying players. It’s not by force that u should support arsenal. Crewe, Birmingham, portmouth have their fans and they are happy even when their teams are not playing in premier league, talkless of big four and the mighty champ league.

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