Share your best memories about Eduardo

It is not often that we witness a transfer so mutual.

For the player, the club and even fans, the completion of Eduardo’s move to Shakhtar Donetsk was a big ‘hurray!’.

The Croatian international has left for Ukraine after a bittersweet three years at Arsenal which saw him score 20 goals in 67 appearances as a Gunner.

A ‘bittersweet’ time in north London they say, but for Eduardo, it was largely bitter. And had the word ‘if’ been a genuine adjective, it would describe the 27-year-old’s spell at Arsenal perfectly.

Only Martin Taylor knows what Eduardo might have achieved in England – after the former Birmingham defender halted the Croatian’s superb start to his Arsenal career; a start which saw him net 12 times in 22 starts during his debut season in 2007/08.

Somehow, Eduardo would recover from one of the most brutal injuries ever witnessed in this sport, and somehow, he would deliver a handful of the classy moments he deprived us of during much of the 2008/09 camapign.

A stunning header in his first game back against Cardiff in the FA Cup and then a sublime volley against Burnley were memorable but only false promises that he had rediscovered his true form.

Arsenal were patient and gave Eduardo the entire 2009/10 season to bring back the magic, but inevitably, it was clear his fitness (and definitely not ability) was no longer at the level Premier League football demanded. Thus, Eduardo sought a less demanding challenge elsewhere, completing a £6million switch to Ukraine today.

He leaves with the fairest of farewells.

Eduardo da Silva’s finest moments as an Arsenal player were his…

  • Brace against Blackburn in momentous 3-2 Carling Cup win (2007).
  • Brace at Everton which fired a stunning 4-1 comeback victory (2008).
  • Goal-scoring return against Cardiff in FA Cup (2009).
  • Volley against Burnley in FA Cup (2009).

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19 thoughts on “Share your best memories about Eduardo

  1. I broke my leg in a similar way to Eduardo back in april 09 and i was devastated, my mrs managed to blag me that she had borrowed my home shirt with 9 Eduardo on the back, and as i was bed bound i couldnt really argue, little did i know she had managed to get in touch with arsenal and Eduardo signed it, and sent me a personal message that really turned things around for me. was only a simple gesture but made the world of difference.

    So gutted to see you leave, but i hope you go on to realise your potential at Shaktar

  2. Everthing when he was a Gunner was gr8. Im gutted im actually gutted :(. goodluck Eddy. You were turning into one of the greatest finishers in Europe and the world. I wish u the best m8. Thanks for fucking nothing Martin Taylor you little prick! :@ Pub player! :@ I think i speak for all gooners, i hope someone Kneecaps that wanker!

  3. Aside from the goals you mention, it was actually his miss against Burnley in the FA Cup in 2008. One on one with the keeper he put the ball the wrong side of the post and their was stunned silence, it wasn’t the easiest chance but he was so clinical that it was a foregone conclusion that he’d score. Even the commentator was in shock.

    Oh and his goal against Sheffield United (2008 I think)in the Carling Cup, he received the ball from Bentdner outside the box and bang, he hit it first time right in the top corner.

    Oh what could have been …

  4. Probably the penalty against Celtic. Dudu didnt cheat or dive yet got villified in the press, by Celtic and UEFA. Then Rooney does the same against us at OLd Trafford, wins a penalty and ermmmmm what?? NOTHING. Good luck Eddy, I sincerely hope it works out for in the Ukraine. You will always be a Gooner.

  5. well i didn;t have much to say about him but all i can wish him is a good luck in his coming future and may god bless him more in any where his going

  6. Dudu was a great man when he was with us in our great club(ARSENAL.May the good LORD be with him in his new club.Personally,i will miss him for his cool headedness,humility and dedication.Good bye EDUARDO.

  7. When we and the commentators sat in shock when Eduardo missed a chance. There was that period where he stuck everything away, so it was really weird when he missed one. Those were good days. Today is a sad day.

  8. a true gentlemen and hero hope he does awesome at shaktar!! we still and will forever love u eduardo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Arsenal bought Dudu in good faith but Tailor short lived his premire league career, well for me it will be good the day certain laws are included in the game of football i.e when you break a fooballerds leg like they did to Dudu and Ramsy such players should be banned from playing for as long as the player in question remains sick even if its two years off or more. Leg break should attract penalties beyond few match ban, GOOD LUCK DUDU WE LOVE AT ARSENAL………..PEACE.

  10. Pass and Move what a fucking Wankstain! Yid army! Yep CUNTS! You’ll never have a player like Eduardo, just business as usual, always living in The Gunners Shadow in everyway now and always.

  11. The Burnley volley was the first goal my 5 year old son saw at a live game. What an introduction to being a Gooner. Thanks for memories Eddie, there should have been more (Taylor you fuck) always a gent and always a Gooner.

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