Fantasy Debate: Should we keep Cesc or let him go? And why?


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If Cesc wants to go to Barca and Barca wants him, should Arsenal let him leave or keep him due to his importance to the squad?

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38 thoughts on “Fantasy Debate: Should we keep Cesc or let him go? And why?


  1. well its simple if he does want to leave and we recieve the right price then we should sell him and spend the cash to strengthen the team

  2. Cesc should be allowed to leave because he wants to.If he stays I doubt his commitment to the team.

  3. Cesc will be kept for one and maybe two more years after that Barca will buy him, this will ensure players like Ramsey and Wilshere are ready to take over and are experienced enough to take over

    This will make sure that we get a sizable reward in transfer fees and also dont need to invest by buying a new player

    People think that Cesc wont give it his 100% next year if we keep him but have you ever seen Cesc not give a 100% HE LOVES ARSENAL AND HE LOVES WENGER

    We hold all the cards the only way I can see Cesc Leaving is if Barca pay a ridiculous amount of money on him and then we have to go into the market

    IN ARSENE WE TRUST – he knows what he’s doing with this Cesc Saga just sit back and watch Barca bark

  4. after all no player is bigger than the club as i read else where we havnt managed to win a league or cl with him so whats the difference if why try to doit without him if the price is right

  5. If the money is right and spent on the team then he can go. Great player but what can you do it he doesnt want to honor his contract.

  6. i dont think we should keep cesc. in my opinion you shouldn’t build your team around one player, especially one that wants to leave. if you look at chelsea they dont focus all there play around one player, lampard, essien, drogba, cole, malouda. are all very involved in the assists and goals. also you take a look at liverpool and man utd, they both rely too much on torres, gerrard and rooney respectively, and without those players they dont have the same cutting edge, you look at how we ended the season, without fabregas in the team, we lacked a certain cutting edge also, so in my opinion which should take a hefty fee from barcelona and add quality players in the team, lets go back to the old days when, pires, vieira, ljungberg, henry, bergkamp all made a difference in the team, and us not simply relying on fabregas to play a magical ball or score a crucial goal.

  7. i would say keep him for another season and if arsenal dont win any silverware then we should sell him.

  8. A lot of common sense on these posts. Can,t add much other than why don,t we try to keep and motivate him for one nmore year given Wiltshire (if he is fit)Ramsey a lot of playing time. If Cesc is in for one more year then he would get the idea that he is not indispensible and bring his ego into perspective.We could let him go for some good money. In the mean time I wish we could curb Barc players from wooing while in the Spanish team. Can,t do much about it but it is a subtle form of tapping. Hop some of our guys are Emailing him etc to stay!!By the way we have allowed other greats to go and survived and we did win games without Cesc this season!!

  9. please Arsene let him go NOW! Cesc and all others who are not fully committed to the Arsenal. let him go for free…I dont care. bring in Marouana Chamack, Joe Cole, Gourcuff, and Stephane Mbia (if he is not too expensive)

    1. Not for free surely! We will be in the same boat as the debt ridden Barca. We should only be willing to deal when a realistic offer is on the table! If they cant meet our demand, then he should certainly not be our captain for next season campaign!

  10. let fabregas go. what is the point of keeping a non-committed player. As far as barca are willing to offer the right price for him then lets sell him. according to andy gray,we can strengthen the areas we need to through the money we get from him. we know that we are not a one man team, with or without him, we still create chances to score goals. all we need to improve next season is to defend well as a team. i do not mind if we play like inter milan as far as we end up winning something next season.

  11. if he really really really wants to leave and they really really really want him (rather than use him as a political pawn) then they must pay serious money.

    double their reported opening offer. and it must be sorted by the end of june at latest.

  12. @frank lucas
    Ermmm when has he said he is leaving now? Cesc is and remains an Arsenal player He has NEVER let Arsenal down he played with a broken leg ffs! Get real stop listening to media rubbish and be a Gooner

    1. Stop burying your head in the sand. If your loving dad comes forward and says you want out, and you see no reason to correct the statement, just what do you think the rest of us are supposed to deduce from he whole sorry situation?

  13. If cesc stays he’ll still be top class. Weve sold too many good players to need to cash in and fall further behind the title challengers. Its not worth it and im sick of watching us take steps back and have the neighbours splashing the cash and catching us up. We need to improve and selling cesc is out of the question.

    weve made large profits while villa and spurs have spent £90 million each over 5 years or so. If we spent like we could have instead of trying to make denilson & co top players we would be champions a few more times by now. Surely its time to show how big a team we are now

  14. If Le Boss can get £40million (not € ‘s) he can buy in a lot of very useful talent, and just not midfield
    Cesc has been with Arsenal 5 or 6 years,and statistically that is about the maximum any player can offer a club without straying !! we have seen it before

  15. I think we should take fabregas
    outside, execute him and scatter his ashes in barcelona, that way he gets his wishes. I we can’t have him nobody can

  16. Of course we should keep him, everytime another team expresses an interest in one of our players we should fight to keep them.

    If Milan say they want RVP do we just say ok here you go? Barcelona say they want Clichy do we let him go as well? Whats the point of having contacts if you are so eager to let players go all the time.

    Besides, selling Cesc for 10 million or 100 million it’s all the same. Wenger isn’t going to spend it anyway.

  17. Anyone who thinks that Cesc would not give 100% next season is deluded. The man loves Aresenal. He has always said that he would like to return to Barca. It will happen but not this summer. He will play next season and he will give his all. Provided we buy the right players this summer, he may stay beyond that. All the so called fans who can only slag Arsene and the team should cast their minds back to the 70’s and 80’s. Silverware is not a right. We have a very successful team built by one of the best managers in the world. Get behind your team or become a yid.Up the Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Let him go, ungrateful tosser.
    Fed up of hearing “Barca youth product” he’s been at Arsenal 7 years and is how old?

  19. @gunnergetcha
    calling fabregas judas is just pathethic .he gave his all for the club and we must respect that
    neway we get the dough we want we should sell him .cesc has been at arsenal at the wrong time <at the developent stage .now we wll see the fruit of wenger blossom ,if only cesc could understand that

  20. To me his mine is their already i think if wenger can get someone that can play well on that particular position of his is better we offload him bcos we are not going to get it easy with him if he stays,we still need him in arsenal but his mine is not with us again but if he says he want to stay is a good one and i know he will do well next season i pray he stay.

  21. I hate to say it but I think if you can get 50 plus for him he has to go. Get some players who want to be here..finally put an end to the Cesc gate and let him move on. But I would make sure that you have something lined up to replace him because he was a key part to the team.

    The price is to right, Man U did well without CR7 and they were kept out of the tabloids. Get players who want to be there and form a team around solids like Verm and RVP.

    50 million can buy a pretty good team.

    Hart, Melo, Subotic, Remy, Hazard, Lorient, Krasic, Gourcoff and Cole.

    9 players for the price of 1…yeah that sounds good and I’ll take that anyday.

    Hart- 10 Mill
    Melo- 7
    Subotic – 10Mill
    Remy- 6
    Hazard – 10
    Lorient – 8
    Krasic – 10
    Gourcoff -10
    Cole – Free

    71 Million – 50 =21 Million.

    TR7 – 5
    Fran – 5
    Senderous – 5
    Dudu – 5
    Denilson – 3
    Almunia – 3

    +26 Million + 50 for Cesc – 76 Million

    -71 + 76 = 5 million to give to loyal players who stay and pledge their elegance to the club.

    DO IT!

  22. None of the players Barca have taken from Arsenal have done as well for them as they have for us and its eating away at them. the fact that we got Fab who has given us so many great years is just too much for them to cope with and until they can do the same they can’t rest. it is clear that Cesc’s heart and probably now his head would rather be at Barca so sell him for a minimum 45 mil.
    an analogy would be like going out with a woman who loved someone else more than you. i would pack her bags and send her on her way, anyone with any self respect would do the same and if the new guy gave me a few mil, well that would help me get over it.
    what concerns me is that regardless if Cesc is sold or not, Arsenal never spend 40 odd mil on players and i just can’t see Wenger changing his policy now. The frustrating thing is despite everything, he still has a chance to convince Cesc that he is serious about putting a Great squad together for next season but there is still no sign of him doing so? I don’t want to speak to soon but i have got a feeling that we won’t be signing the players that we require to be a serious force. All the names in the press are pie in the sky and most Arsenal fans have come to know Arsene well and just because everyone is saying we need a goalkeeper, def mid and need this & that, he won’t be listening to any of it. i am sorry to be so negative and i do love Arsene and will have to accept and trust him as our manager but the man is frustrating the hell out of me. i know he can still surprise us and i don’t really care who he sells, buys or if he wants to stick to his principles, but please mr Wenger its time to do something and make sure it works so that we are not living Groundhog day season after season.

  23. USA Gunner I admire your theory the figures all add up but ermmm sorry mate it aint Championship Manager. The deals that need to be done are already done and dusted. The Mighty Arsenal will not let Cesc go, period, the players that wenger needs to sign have been signed, there will definitely be some suprises for the doom and gloom mob Keep the faith We are The Mighty Arsenal We are on the march Gooners forever EIE

  24. I have just read Laporta Barca — what alot of double talk. these people are not honourable and we should not do business with them period. We shall always come off second best as has the players ie Henry and Flieb(excuse spelling here) and a few others. Cesc will also find himselfon the bench for long periods too.With all our weaknesses i reckon our people arehonourable and try to deal in good faith. I said before Let him stay if he doesn,t give his best and sulks (doubt that he will) ditch him in the reserves!!!!

  25. bye bye cesc, thank for you do in team!! hope you get what you want to barca.
    Arsenal realese him for any good. get yaya for echange + 30 m.

  26. What irks me is that although there have always been rumours about Csec leaving they have been in the background of the whole scene. Then by Barca president launching a gossip kind of war and players joining in to unsetle him etc… suddenly like water finally wearing away the stone it looks like they get their own way. In a sense I don,t mind him going if we get good recompense – IT IS THE MUCKY WAY BARCA DO THEIR BUSINESS!!!……..When our top guy answers their bid and says “Our Captain is not for sale” Is that still holding o ris it a case of “every one as their price”!!!

  27. IMO..Cesc, should stay. He has it made in Arsenal FC! He is the Captain, guaranteed starter and the team is built around him. This team when it tastes success it will feel 100% better for him! Why would he want to quit when this team has given him everything? It wouldn’t the same where Barca have been winning everything every year. So easy to win silverware there when only 2 teams are competing every single year (~27pt gap between 2nd n 3rd). I hope he stays but if he persists on leaving Barcelona better pay what he is worth to our club. Only because he played in the youth team in Barca doesn’t give them an automatic discount. A F-ing joke! Also, Cesc, playing for the Spain NT doesn’t make it any easier as he is prob getting an ear full from those barca players to come and join them.

    Last, I wanted to refrain myself from commenting about the, “Cesc Saga.” I’ve read enough about it and am utterly sick of it all! From the Barca President to the ball boy saying, Cesc has Barca DNA. Fook them all!

    I’ve already prepared myself for a, Cesc departure. Don’t get me wrong, Cesc is my fav Arsenal player and would LOVE for him to stay and carry this team to higher heights! I just hope, Arsene Wenger will be prepared to replace a serious midfielder if this story ends in a sad one.

    Cheers everyone!

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