Former Arsenal striker Kevin Campbell has tipped the club to say goodbye to one of its big-name players if the current situation regarding his contract remains unchanged. 

The Gunners have lost a number of key players to rivals in recent years with the likes of Robin van Persie and Alexis Sanchez all leaving after contract disputes.

One man who could be on the verge of a similar situation is Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang, a player with only one year left on his contract after this season.

The Gabon international has continued his prolific form this campaign even though the Gunners have been struggling all year in their pursuit of a place in the top four of the Premier League.

Despite the fact that he will have only one year left on his deal with the club after this season, Aubameyang is yet to extend his contract.

Thus, former Gunner Kevin Campbell believes the club will have to sell the striker if nothing changes about his contractual situation.

Campbell insists Arsenal will have to make some sort of profit from selling Aubameyang if the striker continues to put off signing a new contract.

“My thoughts are Arsenal can’t afford to be in a difficult situation, sticky situation, having a player run his contract down anymore,” Campbell said, as quoted by the Standard

“I think it’s got to be put on the table to Aubameyang and I’m sure, if they’re in their right mind, they’ve been negotiating.

“So it’s going to come to the summer, it’s going to come to a head in the summer. If Aubameyang isn’t going to sign, they’re going to have to sell him.

“They’re going to have to get something for him in order to replace him. I think that’s the key.

“We can’t afford to lose his goals but a different solution probably has to come about. And this is where a lot of the trust in [Mikel] Arteta is going to come into play.

“I think either way, if he’s going to run his contract down, he’s going to have to be sold.”

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