Steve Bruce makes signing of the summer

This has very little to do with the Gunners, but it might have a lot to do with your humour.

Titus Bramble.

Yes, you know him as the player who makes Mikael Silvestre look rock solid and the man who got his name forever in history as part of the legendary backline which conceded nine against the Spuds last season.

Well, that’s what Steve Bruce saw in him before signing Bramble – like he has done at every club he joins, apart from Birmignham.

The Sunderland boss, responsible for moving Titus to Wigan during his time at the DDW Stadium, had this explanation for Sunderland fans after the arrival of Titus.

“Look, I thought long and hard about signing Titus, long and hard. I knew it might be a difficult one for Sunderland fans – and a difficult one for him. But the great thing is that the lad has plenty of bottle – he wanted to come here.

Hinting at a strong relationship between him and Bramble, Bruce admitted that “the easiest thing would have been not to sign him”. But he has “strengthened” his Sunderland squad with the 28-year-old nonetheless.

“Titus’s problem has always been his concentration levels but we improved them out of sight at Wigan and he’s big, strong, powerful with two good feet. The easiest thing would have been not to sign him and to avoid any hassle, but I think he’s a player who can genuinely improve us.”

Titus Shambles for England! Why do people dislike him so much? At least he puts smiles on our faces.

Here is Bramble at what he does for a living.


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12 thoughts on “Steve Bruce makes signing of the summer

  1. on a footballing level, we at Ipswich do apologize for what we brought through our ranks and into the footballing game..

    on a comical level, HAPPY DAYS!

  2. well i hate to add this, but is it wise taking the mick out of a player who scored against us to kill our title hopes

  3. seriously is it so neccesary to mock him ?hes good enough to play bpl level and he scored against us this season .still vid is funny

  4. Bramble had an excellent season in 2008/09 bruce’s final season at wigan. bramble is the type of player who needs direction and mentoring from a former defender like steve bruce as opposed the more attack minded martinez.

    not as bad a buy as you might think.

  5. Ok Randy Osae who are you to judge a player…who did you play for? Bramble went to the toon as a young kid and could not cope with the pressure. What’s the biggest crowd you’ve play in front of? The other guys have it right. Laughing at Bramble is old news. We’re all laughed out. Players prove their bottle on the pitch…you show no bottle with your old jokes and ancient videos….you must be brilliant to be so perfect, never making a mistake ever in your life…a perfect pr….

  6. all you haters if you dont lyk da website dnt cme on it and talk sht

    nice vid randy keep it up

    1. Anyway, is it just me or Bruce thinks too ‘long and hard’ (lol) about Titus? For goodness sake, he signs him wherever he goes 😆

  7. nzgannar, learn how to utilise adverbs.

    nzgunner, if you hate the English language so much, perhaps you’d rather convey your disdain by banging inanimate objects together.

    Titus is a good signing.

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