STUNNER! Is this Gunners’ new gold Puma kit?

Puma are still working on the final design of Arsenal’s kits ahead of their big take-over in the season after next year.

But if the Gunners’ away kit looked like this, would you buy it?

arsenal puma away kit

Credit to @Lagvilava7

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96 thoughts on “STUNNER! Is this Gunners’ new gold Puma kit?

  1. NO WAY!!! Never liked the modern PUMA kits, they advertise their logo at least 3 – 4 in different area’s of the shirt. With England & Man City having their kits made by Nike Arsenal should have gone with Umbro

    1. England and man city haven’t just upped and left umbro. Nike bought umbro thats why they’ve gone, as for this kit it looks amazing and with the money we’ll be getting from puma it just makes it even nicer

    1. Erm no….

      Traditional away colours are yellow with blue trim!

      How long you been a fan?

      1. Mug – how many times have we had yellow/blue kit in the last two decades?
        Maybe you still want to play with a leather ball that has laces on it.
        And the band playing at half time while you drink a cold cup of bovril wearing a flat cap?

        Idiots like this hark on about tradition, but want the club to spend £100m and compete with all the modern power teams.

        and I’ve been a fan and a season ticket holder longer than you, you internet watching armchair twat!

  2. I think instead of the white shorts it should b our tradition blue, but like the shirt!!

  3. This the best kit I have seen in the history of been a football fan, if this it, is good.. I love the short, kinda look dirty demin, is making lot of sense, and d shirt is mind blowing, GO GUNNERS….

  4. Ofcourse id buy it !!! It looks amazing . Lets just hope it looks exactly like that .Love the cannon with shadow effect across the front

  5. Would love Puma to take over Arsenal’s kits. They’ve recently taken over producing the kits for Botafogo too, including a sexy as hell gold jersey.

  6. Not a fan..

    I’m traditionalist so home kit should always be Red kit with white sleeves (NO BLUE BANDS FFS)
    away should always be Yellow with Blue trim.
    Alternating with Blue and yellow/gold trim

  7. tell u wat… Arsenal is going to be d new Force in England next season. Last night,i saw a very stable n united team hungry for success! Cant just wait to see Success with Wenger again… Wenger is a Genius

  8. Gold??? Lol…Okay…May be as a third kit but whats with the dianglelar slash & circle with a X in it about? The colours fine but the design is proper shit save that for spurs lol.

  9. Cooool kit, 9ce design frm puma, atleast lets change sponsor, a gunner i remain 4 life.

  10. This was posted last week its a mock up by an arsenal fan nothing to do with puma

  11. That right there is literally the best Arsenal kit i have ever seen, i do have faith in puma after all!

  12. this kit has a big WOW! factor : so different from everything out there . luv de dirty white shorts too, it gives you the sense that this team will work hard for results.
    ARSENAL FANS weda tv , internet or season ticket holders , fans r fans n I LOVE U all. It doesnt matter if started supporting yesterday or 30 years ago , lets celebrate THE ARSENAL!!!

  13. I don’t care if we even wear panties on our shirts, as long as Arsenal get some money to spend on proper players.. that’s what important

  14. Are you lot colour blind? Its the colour of something you find in a babies nappy and there’s too much pattern thing going on. YUK

  15. Wow. You mugs roll out the most sophisticated language for the slightest whiff of fantasy rumour nonsense.

    I’m going design a kit, coat it in stripy coloured paint then slap a couple of sportswear brands’ logos on it. For good measure I’ll coat Jack or Dennis or a Unicorn in the new kit and sit back waiting for your next burst of insults to the English language as you literally ejaculate in glee about the sure fire new kit.

    You are a disgrace to communication, you utter utter mongs.


  16. i absolutely would buy it. Im glad we have gotten away from the traditional blue and yellow every other year

  17. Absolutely! For too long nike have been rubbish in cheap design. This is the business!

  18. yo das bare sick u no man might hav 2 cop dat for like 20 quid init ight safe u lot stay blesd

  19. Guys just picture the Ox in this kit… magnificent!!! Love it and hope this is their third or away.

  20. this would be one of the coolest arsenal jerseys to ever come out. Love the cannon behind the fly emirates logo. Should make the home kit like this just in red and white

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