By David Swaden that was the footballing equivalent of a lap dancing club. So much to get worked up about, but for Arsenal and its fans, not getting our eager hands on anyone.

Am I pleased with our inactivity? No of course not, and I suspect even the manager is not fully content. But once again I find reactions from certain fans a bit much. I myself am a reformed anti-Wengerite, so I understand the frustrations. I mainly softened given last season’s finish, the realities of competing with the oligarchs and the mastermind appointment of “Uncle Bouldy” Bould.The fact is we have still spent a significant amount of money this year and brought in three players who have improved the squad. It is far from the shambles, last straw or demise that some would have it to be.

As I’ve said already, my main concern is up front and where the goals will come from. I’m delighted to have got rid of Park and Bendtner, as I really feel it would have been dangerous to rely on them for anything more than haircare products. I get the feeling Wenger was prepared to go for a striker if the right factors came into play, but in the end, they didn’t and so Chamakh, probably the best of a bad bunch, has remained as back up. The manager has maintained that a top team needs 4 strikers for many years now and so I expect Theo will now get more time there, particularly with AOC arguably more effective in midfield than him. If he delivers the goods and goals then he will justify his desired pay rise. If he doesn’t then he will either have to like it or lump it and will no doubt be shifted on. No big losers in that one for me. AOC is listed as a striker on the website of course, not sure I agree but let’s watch that space too.

On the midfield, the possibility of giving Coquelin more gametime to replace Song is something which Arsene has clearly factored in. Those of us with memories long enough to remember past yesterday evening will recall that this sort of succession has happened before, e.g. Silvinho to Ashley Cole and Edu to Fabregas. Those two did rather well, whilst they were with us.

Looking ahead to Liverpool, and if there’s one fan set more frustrated than ourselves, it will be the Kopites. Suarez is a gem of a player but not primarily for his goals, Borini looks promising but beyond that they are very short. Perhaps the only thing worse than getting no signings is being linked with some absolute gamechangers like Llorente and then getting no signings. Did the relative rawness of Rodgers as a manager of an elite club give cause for hesitation to some targets? who knows. Regardless, it will be a really tough game tomorrow and, in isolation, a draw would be a decent result, giving us arguably two satisfactory results, albeit with a measly 3 points from 9.

So to sum up, I share the disappointment of our relative inactivity yesterday, but neither the anger nor resignation. The younger players now have a real chance to step up and I actually think that a few of them like Coq will surprise this year. Many have looked at Spurs with envy, but with the exception of the exciting Dembele, I’m not overly bothered. Dempsey is a good player but I’d far rather they had him than Moutinho. In addition, I say again that in Cazorla we have potentially our best player of his type since a certain duck-running-styled Frenchman.

So let’s shut the window, close the curtains, and get behind who we have, we can’t change it……..until January.

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