The XI: Chelsea vs Arsenal

Team Status:

Fabregas is ’50:50′ to join Vermaelen, Van Persie, Walcott, Bendtner, Ramsey and perhaps Almunia among the absentees, but Diaby is fit again.

Preferred line-up


Believe me, I am not on that Fabiasnki bandwagon which is inferring that the Pole’s penalty save on Tuesday has boosted his confidence and goalkeeping ability from 0% to 100% and thus, he should start on Sunday.

No matter how poor Almunia is, Fabiasnki is less reliable on evidence of most of his stand-in performances in goal. Almunia can punch a few corners here and there while flapping some too but Fabianski just flaps them all. Even so, Fabianski is the goalkeeper up there in the line-up because Almunia – whether due to his supposed injury or self esteem – is very unlikely to even be at Stamford Bridge during the game. So I guess Fabianski takes the nod…a ‘make or break’ one for me, perhaps.

Gael Clichy’s role as first choice left-back was brought to the jury before the season started and as last Saturday’s display showed (inattentive on West Brom’s first goal and easily beaten during their second), his case over Gibbs has not improved.

In fact, Gibbs’ show of grit and guts at Partizan was nearly enough to say the English man is richer in confidence and physical ability at the moment. And also, apart from taking his time to curl in better crosses, Kierran actually enters the penalty box and doesn’t just race towards the corner flag and punt in the ball like Clichy does.

In another department, Koscielny does need his test against Drogba while I just do not feel Wilshere, upon all his courage, is really ready for a game of this magnitude away from home (Anfield showed).

While they hardly performed in the West Brom match, I feel if Sagna and Eboue put their big game boots on, their flank partnership on the right could help sustain the likes of Cole and Malouda at least.

Nasri should take Fabregas’ role like he did against Porto at home last year while Rosicky – who can track back better than Arshavin –  should be deployed on the left-wing. And for the Russian, his consistency is always a concern. He is simply hot and cold. But if misplacing passes and carelessly losing possession is the cost of a brilliant strike from Arshavin, then so be it.

So what’s your line-up?

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36 thoughts on “The XI: Chelsea vs Arsenal

  1. i really have no idea what Le Boss will do on sunday….
    im telling you, 1 million people could predict the team and they will all get it wrong.
    questions like
    denilson, whos really improved or song who hasnt been his best so far
    why should he drop wilshere?
    is eboue only capable of holding cole down?
    lots of things for Le Boss to think about…

  2. I agree with your line up, I just hope Eboue is a little bit effective this time, otherwise I think I’d prefer to see even Lansbury!. Song BETTER not think he is an attacking midfielder on Sunday

  3. im going in a different direction to you guys.
    here we go
    eboue – koscielny – squillaci gibbs
    wilshere diaby
    nasri arshavin

    ok so i think we should start szczsney as he is 6″6 and great on crosses. we need that against chelsea. i start koscielny so he can track the runs of malouda. i drop song and bring in djourou to make sure we have proper cover in defense. he wont go attacking. and i have so much faith in wilshere i refuse to drop him. why risk fabs season?

  4. This will be the lineup






    In case Fabregas is not 70% or more fit, Rosicky will be in.

  5. Im sure Kozzer wil mark Drogba out of the game.
    Starting 11
    Sagna – Squillaci – Kozzer – Gibbs
    Wilshire – Song – Denilson
    Nasri – Chamakh – Arshavin

    I can see Arshavin opening the scoring in dis one, only for Malouda to equalise and then Chamakh getting the winner from a corner wit a bullet header.
    Come on the GUNNERS!

  6. hopefully arsene will put more defensive player…

    my starting xi

    Sagna – Squillaci – Koscielny – Clichy
    Eboue – song – Gibbs
    nasri – arshavin

  7. Hey mate, can u tell me how you got the ptch picture…
    Here is my line up:

    sagna kosher SQ18 gael
    nasri (L)
    AA (r)
    if cesc doesnot play, nasri goes in his place and rosicky for nasr

  8. wait a minute guys. as we go into this game, lets not forget we are one-nil down; because at all cost drogba has to score against us.i totally agree on your idea of deploying rosicky to help out clichy, arshavin is not good in tracking back but he is very effective in going forward and especially on big stage.then wilshere is not up for this challenge guys.i will goo for song denilson and nasri in the middle of the pack and try arshavin on the right.

  9. I’ve had two ideas for the formation
    5-3-2 with 3 central attacking midfielders and wing backs:

    -Koscielny- -Vermaelen- -Djourou-
    -Sagna- -Gibbs-
    -Wilshere- -Nasri- -Fabregas-
    -Chamakh- -Arshavin-




    -Djourou- -Koscielny- -Vermaelen-

    -Eboue- -Denilson- -Fabregas- -Nasri- -Gibbs-

    -Chamakh- -Arshavin-
    What do you think?

  10. If we press the Midfield, stop crosses from the flank LB/LW and our left back doesn’t create space for Anelka and Ivanovic to run to we will be fine Sunday. Because we are more than capable of scoring against anyone, specially against big teams who let you play.

    Line up: Fapp

    Sanga KOL SQ18 GC

    Manu Song(stay defensive) TR7

    Nasri Arshavin

  11. Im sorry, but u are all out of your mind. Eboue is not a bloody midfielder, neither djourou. They are second rank benchwarmers.

    Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Clichy
    Denilson, Wilshere

  12. we need a compact midfield that will be ready to shift from defending to attacking in a flash.we also need to play with some steel and spine especially in the middle.
    my line up;
    sagna squllaci djourou gibbs
    wilshere song
    eboue/rosicky nasri arshavin/rosicky


  13. Gud choice!!! Bt wy did yo pick Eboue in the starting Line-Up???

    We need sum msucle in Midfield! Wilshere shud be starting the game!!!!

    1. OK, so you’re telling me Wilshere (despite his undoubted ability) has more muscle than Eboue?

      1. randy,
        wit muscle i meant ability & determination to put sum strong challenges….

        I wud defntly welcum if wilshere starts!!!

  14. we must press them hard for the is also very impt to stop cole from going forward,he must be kept busy defending.this where will miss theo

  15. Diaby instead of Eboue. Man i dont even know what so say. It has happened so many times before, that before the chelsea-arsenal match we do all the talkin and speculation like “this is the real test if we can challenge for the title, we have to step up now etc etc”. And then at the end chelsea win… just like that.

    It seems like chelsea already know that they are going to win against us, they are so confident, strong, physical, experienced and they dont fear us.
    And we seeme like we are abit scared of them, cant play our own football, then we get frustrated and lose the match.

    Oh well, all we can do is hope on sunday things will be different from our past few clashes.

  16. Now that cesc is out, it has to be:
    Sagna Squillaci koscielny clichy
    Wilshere song
    Nasri rosicky arshavin

  17. I tend to agree with Henry against Chelsea recently it has been the same old story. They are big and strong and our small fast game just doesn,t do it. Of course we can plead injuries again but the story generally is the same. Heres hoping and praying(!) for the best on Sunday.

  18. Fabianski
    Sagna – Kos – Squill – Clichy
    Song – Diaby/Denilson
    Rosicky – Chamakh – Arshavin

    Diaby might not be match ready, so he can be substituted by Denilson when things arent well

  19. LOOK——

    All the debating over the starting lineup personal is massively secondary to starting lineup team mentality

    We are not gonna match them player for player as WBA didnt US at emirates last week

    our defence as untested as it is isnt the most important factor either

    the battle of the bridge will 100% be decided in the middle and as long as our midfield keep a united unit im certain SAMIR NASRI will inspire us to a much needed 3points against the chavs.

    AW will definately will start clichy but would love to see our english lion gibbs show his pedigree against that matey chelsea play left back

  20. Fabianski

    Sagna Koscielny Squillaci Clichy


    Diaby Wilshere

    Nasri Arshavin


    The Boss will defo prefer Diaby for his physical presence, no matter what his match fitness is.
    As the match goes on, he will soon realize that Diaby has been absolutely useless and replace him with Rosicky sometime around 65′. At about the same time or 10 mins. later, he will replace the once again enigmatic Arshavin with Vela and along with this, Wilshere is subbed for Denilson.

    My prediction would be 4-0.

    Drogba scores 2 goals (first from pen after a mysterious “tackle”, and then the second will be from a counter, on the left flank). Malouda will score from outside the box (after Song tries to push way up high again). And Clichy will gift Kalou possession from inside our box (ater trying to nutmeg him in order to clear the ball), which Kalou will cross for the completely unmarked Cashley who will then run around the Bridge like a complete numpty that he is.

    The Gunners will then bounce back and even get the top spot some time in March only for them to hand it to their title rivals after a series of uninterested, lack luster, “i can’t give a f*ck” performances against the opponents who are fighting for survival.

    The Gunners end up losing the league by a 10+ point margin and finish 4th.

    Lather, Rinse, And Repeat until Fade.

    Just my 2 cents! 😉

  21. Oh, i forgot to mention that during the int’l break, we will have a crocked Nasri and Arshavin back (they will be out for at least a month).

    And Fabregas’ injury will be completely misdiagnosed and he will be completely out for the season!

    Up the Gunners!!!!

  22. ………………Fabianski…………………





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