Protest march against Arsenal FC board

By Tanaka Felix Chidemo

Arsenal FansYou might have heard that a protest march against the board has been planned by some Arsenal fans.

I believe that the march is directed at the right individuals. While Wenger is not without blame, I feel the board is more to blame for our fall from grace.

But having seen the divisions among fans over Wenger, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a protest against him soon. The idea of a peaceful protest may be very noble as we are all entitled to our own opinions but I feel the board won’t be too troubled.

I’m sure the board is surprised that this is only happening now after a very long spell of dismal results(football not financial) and a catalogue of laughable and controversial statements at AGMs.

I say the board won’t be too troubled because I think they are more troubled about finances than opinions. As long as the Emirates stadium is full for the next game, not a single f**k shall be given! Hill-Wood and Co. have an undying affinity for financial profit.

The day they fall behind in that respect is the day they will decide to spend beyond their usual sums. Even then, I fear they’ll only spend to make it back to the top four and not necessarily to win a trophy. If it so happens that we win some form of silverware, I’ll put it down to Wenger’s mastery, the players’ efforts and sheer luck alone.

Over the years I’ve come across some naïve fans who have said the team should be beaten so that the board sees ‘the light’. Its as flawed an idea as it is sick. I disagree with them totally. The board doesn’t care how many times we get bashed in one season as long as we make it to the top four. To them the top four is not about status or pride, its about money.

Champions league qualification guarantees them of a substantial cheque. We have never heard stories of them grilling Wenger over his results. They seem very satisfied with what he gives them.

Most fans find it hard to find satisfaction in the team’s performances these days. I’m part of that contingent. You gotta hand it too Wenger though, the miracles he works with some of the most average players amongst football’s big boys are nothing short of amazing! My criticism of him is that he is not open with the fans. By this I mean he lies about the money he has available.

He says there is money to spend but that money never gets spent. I suspect he does this to mask the differences he might have with board regarding the amount of investment needed. Bringing it out in the open might render the club unstable and potential signings and sponsors might shun us. Not to say we are the greenest grass right now but I’m sure it could be much worse if Wenger bore his soul.

Others might argue that Wenger is complicit in the board’s shenanigans and they have a strong case. Wenger is one of the best paid managers in the world yet besides reaching the top four consistently throughout his tenure, he’s started to run low on other deliverables over the last few years. The imbalance does not end there, it filters to the players as well.

The Chamahks and Denilsons of the team are eating pretty on salaries that can please players of twice or thrice their ability. The entire model (with profits every season; dwindling football ambitions; a very high wage bill; exhorbitant ticket prices; no trophies; top quality players sold every season; a now lacklustre squad and fan unrest) is touted as a ‘self sustaining’ model for world football.

Its abundantly clear to all that this model has consistently failed to sustain the fans’ need for silverware. The question now is: Are the fans part of the ‘self’ or is the ‘self’ really the board?

However significant the march may turn out to be, talk about it has failed to steal the spotlight entirely from the upcoming North London Derby. A win in this match last season sparked our revival. The same will do again this season. In terms of entertainment value, I think this game has become the biggest in English football right now.

Spurs have upped it up a notch and we have gone down at least two notches so we are almost on the same level now. Should be an electric encounter, its a must watch for us all. I hope and pray that the referee doesn’t mess it up for all of us. 4-3 in favour of the Arsenal for me. Stay Red!

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48 thoughts on “Protest march against Arsenal FC board

  1. “Over the years I’ve come across some naïve fans who have said the team should be beaten so that the board sees ‘the light’. Its as flawed an idea as it is sick. I disagree with them totally. The board doesn’t care how many times we get bashed in one season as long as we make it to the top four. To them the top four is not about status or pride, its about money.”
    Exactly. That’s why many many fans such as myself want Arsenal to lose. So they don’t make the top four. How is it sick? Isn’t it more naive to think that this myopic manager, who plays countless players out of position, will ever motivate players enough to have them challenging for honours? Wenger’s time has passed, get him out of there, and that means losing and missing out on 4th, so be it.

  2. Good article. Better written and thought out than a lot of the crap people produce about Arsenal these days. Lets hope board take some notice. However the image of deaf ears falling through the sky is imprinted on my mind. Needless to say I have my doubts.

  3. This is good.I support the protest.I just pity professor wenger because he is such a gentleman and one of the best coaches in the world no doubt.but I thinkk he should just go and also the board should up their game and make us contenders once more.bring in guardiola,and give him money to buy the players he needs.we have tried for so long.we just need a change.gunners for life.

  4. The ‘board’ is Kronke BTW, and the stance is to win with a financially sound approach which while admirable it is also very difficult if you are not ManU. That said the issue is with Wenger like it or not. He must be held responsible for the likes of Santos, Fabianski et al (and putting so much hope in Diaby) along with making Arsenal a club to leaverather than join. It is Wenger that fails to prepare the side, to create a winning mentality. It is Wenger’s tactics that lead to poor sides like Sunderland and Norwich being able to boss games. Gems like Cazorla come along JUST often enough to keep hope alive, but not often enough to win. A window crying out for the addition of Ba or Berbatov on the cheap to supplement RVP gave us 30 goals being shipped to United. But the AGM debacle did shed some truth on the situation…if the manager expects the fans to be thrilled with a fourth place ‘ trophy’ we know that players won’t take winning seriously either.

    1. Financially sound model? Can’t believe how many fans buy into this. Financially sound shouldn’t mean making net 55m in PROFITS over 5 years and not touching the transfers kitty – All the while charging the highest season ticket prices.

  5. I see what you are saying Reg, I agree that Wengers time is probably drawing to a close at Arsenal. I jus think it would be good to see what he could do with some real money. Think we would be unstoppable. If we had shelled out for mata, hazard, kept hold of van Persie etc we would be a lot better off than we are now. But we didn’t. I just think the board should be the main focus of people’s attention frustration. Leave winger to get us out of the predicament were in now, think about later. One thing at a time.

  6. I totally agree with you,wenger and the board has lost touch of reality but most especially wenger,i’m sick and tired of his stupid,mediocre and naive experiments. He shld gracefully step down and enjoy the rest of his huge pay so a more versatile and motivated coach take over,seeing wenger on the line pisses me off like shit,his old and frail with nothing to offer the modern football and Arsenal for that matter. Gosh wenger disgust me and he shld just GO!

  7. Stubborn arsenal fans only care about beating spurs and being above them. That’s all they care about. Useless and dumb.
    Wenger is to blame !!
    Especially for 7 years of promising a new generation If youth that turned out to be a flop !
    Who buys and keeps Ramsey? Which moron plays Gibbs or Frimpong or jenkinson?
    Which twat believes in Wilshire or the Ox?
    Hyped up English/welsh garbage that is over rated , over paid and hyped up.
    Flops no other club ever think about.
    More quality like RVP, Nasri, clichy, Cesc, Cazorla and arteta is what brings trophies.
    Not useless youth garbage !!!!
    Wenger has brought more flops to this club.
    Stubborn manager. Greedy board. Corrupt owner.
    Same predictable players. Same formation. Same subs at same time.
    Arsene has lost it.
    8 years dry and going strong for emptiness.

    1. 8 years Dry and still going strong for emptyness *true*
      I believe wenger and the board dont have time for such articles or even read frustrated fans comments but only if the r hit on the nerve and one Saturday they Wake up and witness an empty Emirates stadium , maybe they will realize everything aint right
      I don’t blame wenger or the board , i blame all LONDON GUNNERS coz you make those cowards who run the club think everything is all right. . . PROTEST DEM IT!!

    2. I think its ridiculous how you can suggest at an early age a player is over rated or under rated, I believe a players path can change rapidly, I would be patient with frimpong and loan him out it is still to early to say, gibbs and jack have still a lot to do to prove they can be world class players, I’ve said for a while at arsenal we are lacking some back bone some proper solid players in the middle to give the creative players freedom instead of continuous tracking back, are scouting network seems as poor as ever and we just do not seem to get the quality of player we need, its not always about paying over the odds as some top players start at minor unknown clubs, its about spotting them early, are player identification of late as been abysmal, if you can scout and look at players like chamakh, santos, sebastian s etc and feel they are good enough then something is seriously wrong, the problem for me is the scouts suggest to wenger these players and then he watches them and then sanctions the transfer!! Arsenal needs big changes or we will slowly but surely drift away, I hope this don’t happen to the team I love!!

  8. the manager is the problem. end of. his purchases, his tactics, his defending, his contract game playing, his tippy tappy style,

  9. Get rid of Arsenal boardroom, they’re totally disgrace. Please appoint Usmanov and Dein back to tha club and bring trophies bak to Emirates again. If so, Arsenal will win Champions League trophy in future but not this season.

  10. When Barcelona sign a player, they spend BIG. And Guardiola will ask for players whose prices are in the region of £20 – £30 million to add to the Arsenal squad. Example Samuel Eto, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, David Villa, Javier Mascherano, Dani Alves. these players cost Barcelona a fortune in transfer fees. Can you see us paying what Barcelona paid us to get Cesc Fabregas back. So you all saying we should get Guardiola should get real, Arsenal board won’t go for him, if he’s the only manager in the world unemployed.

  11. I think Wenger is mostly to blame, not the Board. There has always been much bigger transfer kitty’s available to Wenger but he has consistently refused to use all the transfer funds available to him, preferring instead to waste millions on salaries for mediocrity instead. The Board has always said whatever transfer money Wenger wants is available to him, but Wenger was so arrogant about his ability that he felt he could challenge for top honours on transfer kitty’s equivalent to bottom half of the table teams. The proof of this was last seasons 8-2 humiliation by Man U, do you think Wenger would have bought all those players at the last minute if the game had finished 3-2 to Manure? And now Wenger has convinced the owners and his squad that 4th place is success, a trophy, punching above our weight. Don’t believe it. Wenger is taking everyone for a ride. You don’t sack the Board for consistent underachivement, you sack the Manager first.

  12. We’re the fourth richest club in the premiership and are ban absolute distance behind the other three. We also have the referees association and the media as paid up members of the anti-Arsenal brigade. Anyone who protests will either be embarrassed when they get back to school on Monday or will benefit greatly from the psychiatric help they will receive when they are sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Please, if you’re a REAL supporter don’t go for this tabloid plastic fan shit.

    1. Mike are you arsene wenger? Cos only a fool who doesn’t watch arsenal games would say there it’s no need for protest.

      1. I watch Arsenal all the time and don’t support protests that will do nothing but give AFC bad publicity (just what the Arsenal hating media want). GHow about a novel idea kay…..first get your grammar right (there it’s no???) and then spend your energy supporting OUR Club against the Spuds instead of excreting offal on the net!

  13. Peter,i bet you weren’t complaining when “diamond”Danny Fizman put 5o mill of his own money into the club in the 1990s.Where did that money come from? He earned his millions buying and selling blood diamonds from South Africa..Yeah, Bergkamp was paid for with blood diamonds;Petit,Overmars,Viera too.Hang on,Danny was English,so its ok that he made his money in such a dubious manner; when dirty foreigners do the same its bang out of order though. Up the Empire!!!!

  14. Shut up Mike you patronising git.You have bought into the Untold Arseholes propaganda that the refs and the media are Anti Arsenal.Arsenal have won nothing recently because we keep selling our best players and replacing them with crap from the French League.Wenger is clueless tactically and has not adapted to the modern game. What do you expect the media to say? Arsenal are brilliant,when they are plainly NOT?I suggest it is YOU who are the child;boo hoo,the nasty people are saying horrible things about Arsenal,its not fair.Well,don’t fuckin cry when you find out kKoenkes bleeding this club dry;he hasn’t even paid for the shares he bought off Fizman and Bracewell Smith yet.Where do you think that money is going to come from? Arsenal’s profits,thats where.We made an operating loss of 31 mill last year,but turned it into a Profit by selling players.Gazidis then got a bonus ,what a joke.Tell me Mike,what is going to happen when there is noone left to sell? Even higher ticket prices? The board and owner are killing this club and YOU are too stupid to see it.More fool you.Still,FFP will save us,ha ha.

    1. Basil you clueless twat! Kroenke has paid for all his shares bought to date from financial support of his wife and her empire, as well as bank and financial institutions in the US. You are the fool Basil because you haven’t a clue about Arsenal’s debt load….go to the Swiss Rambler’s website and look at his tWenger morons on this site calling for a ¨march¨!

  15. What a litany of whiny, gloomy, anti-Arsenal crap you have spewed on this post:

    1) ¨ dismal results¨ ??? What dismal results? Do you mean coming 3rd and getting a CL place after being in 17th and down in the dumps last September 2011?

    2) ¨Wenger’s mastery, the players’ efforts and sheer luck alone.¨ What a nonsense statement! Of course our success is partly due to his mastery, the player’s efforts and some luck (ideally with referees) at least. It is also due to team chemistry, the schedule, avoiding multiple injuries, player form etc.

    3) ¨ To them the top four is not about status or pride, its about money.¨ Maybe its about all three? What proof do you have that is only about money? Just shite rumours and media hyperbole…..right!

    4) ¨He says there is money to spend but that money never gets spent.¨ I wonder what they used to buy Podolski, Giroud, Gervinho, Per, Jenkinson, etc.? Maybe the local charity loaned them a tenner?

    5) ¨The Chamahks and Denilsons of the team are eating pretty on salaries that can please players of twice or thrice their ability. ¨ -exactly how much do these players earn Randy? Denilson’s salary is paid by his loaner club…so one error already!

    6) ‘self sustaining’ model for world football.,,,,,well EUFA and FIFA always point to Arsenal as the best example of a well-managed and sustainable Club that others should model themselves after! As well, we bring in top international players each season to replace those we are forced to sell, we have a great squad that is taking more time to gel than whiners like you can sustain, a wage bill that is far less than either Cheatski,Shitty, United or even Liverpool sustain, reasonable ticket prices when compared to Clubs that provide NO Cup games in their ST rates…..

    It is a shame that spin artists like you get to whine their tiny little hearts out on the internet by posting such unproven and irresponsible shite like the above article…..join whatever marches and demonstrations you want….no true supporter will take any notice, nor will the management and manager…..they are too busy doing their best to bring AFC to its great destiny, despite your contrary views.

      1. We haven’t finished 4th every year AG…..and yes we do have a great destiny, with players like Walcott, the Ox, Gnarby, Eisfeld, etc. We will not ever compete equally with the oil and sugar sponsored clubs like Shitty and Cheatski if we don’t continue developing our own youth players and allow Wenger to buy guys like Cazorla, Podolski,Giroud, Gervinho etc. There isn’t enormous, bottom-less pockets at AFC but we have remained in the top 4 and won CL places every season for 17 straight years….so destiny is to win some silverware and titles with a Wenger built team. It certainly isn’t our fuiture to be dependent on a sugardaddy!

  16. Wenger should be replace if there no change in the end of season. The decision about arsenal player and recently event also his responsibility. He always related regarding this situation. And didn’t take any action about this, is intolerable. We need refreshment. “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. I think this quote suits wenger the best. He stay with us to long, and made himself too comfort with our support. We should do a right decision. Good bye wenger not a bad idea, otherwise we always grateful for all he done in Arsenal.

  17. i think some arsenal fans are deluded into thinking that success is 3rd or 4th. as wenger continually says; these results are not disasters. but who in their right minds settles for 4th, 3rd or 2nd best, especially a club that has a history for being unbeaten for a whole season that is not ages ago? history does not have a place for 2nd and above. believe me, in 2050, nobody will care arsenal came 4th. all will see that in x number of years, the club won NOTHING. so, ticket holders i guess have a lot of money to waste on 4th but personally, i wouldnt give a dime so that the fucks like PHW who feel entitled at the club and that silent Shite can be awakened.

  18. enough is enough we are sick and tired of this mess.wenger and the board must resort for a change.i support the protest.wenger has done his part it is high time for him to leave.gunners forever.

  19. You are a prick
    Are you really slating wilshere ox and jenkinson
    You are such a cock I cannot believe you support arsenal and if you do you should go and suck avbs helmet and go and support the losers at Spurs

  20. Wenger is arsenal’s problem…imagine all d players stupid arsene sold out are still in our is the diamond formation
    sagna koscielny verm clichy
    fabregas nasri
    Rvp Henry
    reserv:fabianski,eboue,jenkins,merters,gibbs,flamini,arteta,podolski,rosicky,walcot,ox,diaby,giroud,adebayor…arsenal will be unstoppable.but where are d good players now?all gone and we are left with garbage…wake up guys!..Arsenal are playing with playes that make d reserve of other teams.

  21. WHY cant you people in UK join the protest march in december 1 before the swansea GAME.Then BOYCOTT the game altogether that way wenger and the board will get the msg,but if you go to the game,plese chant things like,,hill wood must go….gazidis must GO..kraonke must GO..

    but these are just wishes,if we beat tottenhan and EVERTON,everyone will be praising Wenger

    we forget all evil the board has done and we are back to square 1,,i think we THE fans are to BLAME!!!!!

    i have an idea LETS CREATE a FACEBOOK PAGE,titled KRAONKE,GAZIDIS, that many fans even in abroad can join

  22. I see the intentions of the protest and I agree with them, unfortunately this will not impact no one it aimed at. The only way anything will get noticed is if people was to boycott the game hit them in the only place the care for (bank). Look at Blackburn… Protests don’t get u anywhere. Who will kick the board out? The have 60% ownership/shares.

    Needs to be organised correctly, pick a date, flyers out side stadium so on.

    I want to b able to call it The arsenal again, not just arsenal

  23. Arsenal are in danger od being dragged down to obscurity by Wenger. He has many flaws. Tactically he has lost it.The senior team need experienced players. He is being linked with precocious starlets. If he does buy them, it will really show he is deluded.The top priority must be quality players for the first team.
    If Arsenal lose to Spurs,it will be another nail in the coffin.If he wants to win over the cynics he has to start winning games ie 5 on the trot otherwise he will be engulfed with more problems.

  24. Wenger is more than complicit. It’s his Youth project & ‘ Narrow Band ‘ Wage Structure. He would have left long ago if it was simply the Board restraining him from spending. There have been numerous jobs available to him with huge spending budgets but with them come instant success demand & owners who sack managers at own whim. Wenger has uniquely secure job with no demand for silverware whilst he collects £7m + annual salary.

  25. i have been saying this for last four years this team will win far spot on.think i said this when we had cesc,persie,nasri,song.Arsene Wenger only making money for the board.Arsenal no more fans club 4th place is well and good.

  26. The board is making the job for Wenger more difficult, he is a top class coach and we have observed it when he first came to Arsenal, but if we go back from where Wenger started for Arsenal, he had a very strong support from David Dean, the man is a footballer for sure, since Kronke took over the club, there is nothing to talk about. His job is to sell players and get money, he is not worried about supporters who pumb out their earnings to watch good football. He should not be into football at all.

  27. Wenger is to blame not the board. Where is the evidence that the board have not provided him with the money he wants? There is none. But there is plenty of evidence of Wenger’s tactical stupidity and refusal to spend the money that is sitting there unspent. WENGER OUT! New manager, and then we’ll see how complicit the board are – but I think fans would be surprised.

  28. I’m in support of the fans protest against the board, if possible the fans should boycot the Arsenal/Spurs’ match this weekend. Arsenal board are a bunch of greedy fellows who are only concern to fill their pockets. lt is time to teach them the lessons of their lives. Empty stadium for at least 3 home matches to start with.

  29. Let the board approve Theo walcot request, l’ve seen the quality in Theo’s partnering Giroud in the field of play. The world is changing every day and the board are sitting down there enjoying the labour of the field workers who are supposed to be motivated for their commitment.

  30. There you have it, the complete litany of diverse opinion on the current situation at The Arsenal. Tired unsubstantiated comments like the Fiszman donation are wheeled out but there is no sign of the deal in the club’s books. Wenger has money the board tells us so, usually during mid season but when the transfer windows open Hill Wood makes comments saying that we can’t compete with the other clubs. Wenger has said that he has to wait until City and Chelsea in this country and others abroad have done their spending before he can get going. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Protesting at The Emirates will gain publicity but making Kronke uncomfortable will have to take place in the U.S.A. so American gooners set up accounts in the Denver Post and voice your opinions there. Getting shot of Wenger would be like cutting the head off of a weed , things might look better for a day or two but the body will remain and until the board have gone nothing will be achieved, the new man will have to work under the same constraints. I will be there and I will march but I have paid upfront for my ticket so not entering the ground will not affect them in any way. Hopefully the protest will continue inside and hopefully it will be the start of the comeback that all supporters must be hoping for.

  31. fulfil the fans need for silverware this is arrogant beyond belief. No club or set of fans has a god given right to win things or be challenging for things they earn that right. I have been an arsenal fan since 1978 and will always be. Top four means challenging for the title and european money look at chelsea 48 million from winning it and first time they recorded a profit in abromovich’s time. The F.A.cup and Capital One Cup and even premier league prize money is small compared to champions league. If you look at Wengers record in transfer market he has actually spent money when its available Henry a particular point but if you have 50 million in kitty you have to renew contracts and strngthen squad do you blow majority of that money on one player no you buy two or three to cover all areas of squad. Since 2006 we have been 17 or 18th in premier league spenders even Portsmouth(a cautionary tale) were bigger spenders than us yet we have constantly finished in top four so has Wenger done a bad Job probably not. City and chelsea have owners with bottomless pockets so financially we will never compete with them, ahh I hear the word usaminov but is he good for arsenal or not that is a question thats not easy to answer. Shout and protest fine if there is a reason to but what reason is there to at the moment we have been given unprecedented top four finishes and european football

  32. “You gotta hand it too Wenger though, the miracles he works with some of the most average players amongst football’s big boys are nothing short of amazing!”
    How the hell does Wenger keep escaping criticism? He bought those average players that you refer to and he pays them ridiculous wages!! The club will not progress until the fans realise that Wenger is the primary source of the problem not the board. The board are only culpable because they let him get away with not delivering year after year.

  33. Richard I agree he has bought us entry to European football but it’s a competition that we have little chance of winning and at the end of the day that’s why you enter. Gaining a last 16 place in C.L. serves only to increase the size of the coffers but if the funding does not go into the team you stand still or as at the moment fall backwards.

  34. over the many many years i have supported Arsenal. how often have the board spent lots of money year after year, Even after we have won a trophy, how often have we strenghtened the team, rarely until a few years after we have won some thing,that you have to admire Man u because that is what fergurson hs done every year.chelsea to have kept buying.they have allowed him to added to his team and not sat back like Arsenal, Wenger maybe part of the problem we don’t know.because you always hear different stories, the board lack ambition they say that they are happy to finish 4th and get champions league football,do you hear that at man u,chelsea and now man city say that NO,we need a new board then if after a few years wenger don’t deliver when we have a board we trust in then yes wenger should go

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