Theirry Henry has identified who deserves the blame for Arsenal’s lack of success in the Premier League this season.

For the first time ever in Arsene Wenger’s 21-year reign, the Gunners have failed to qualify for the Champions League.

That has seen several fans call for the Arsenal manager to lose his job this summer.

But according to Henry, criticism should not be largely directed at Wenger because the players have been the culprits.

“What would have helped would be the team playing better and then people would not complain,” Henry said

“It is not down to the boss, the team or the club only, it is down to everybody at the club. If the team were getting results, nobody would have complained and even asked if Wenger was going to stay or not.

“It is not the first time that Wenger has been in that situation where his contract was going to be renewed or not. When I left the club, it was the same thing.

“Arsene didn’t know if he was going to stay. People didn’t really call for his head or anything like that or thought that he was disturbing the team.

“I don’t think that’s why the team didn’t perform. The guys came out and said they didn’t know where the boss was going to be next year, but that doesn’t mean they should play the way they did for a little while.

“I don’t think that is an excuse. At the end of the day, you need to perform no matter what is happening at the club and they didn’t. That’s the bottom line.”

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