to cliché-prone pundits, Arsenal did not lose Sunday’s game because Chelsea are supposedly ‘powerful’, or because Drogba is inhuman against Arsenal, or that the home side owned an invisible wall at the back.

Our defensive indiscipline meant we would surely concede, but then on, our relentless dominance in attack meant we could have outscored Ancelotti’s side.

Converting chances without second thought is what we missed and why we lost. Simple.

Yes, Squillaci, Clichy and Song could have shown more backbone, but Nasri could have also chosen to shoot more and pass less while Chamakh, despite all his hard-work, was no deadly frame to the Chelsea back-line because the only time he goes for goals is when the ball is in the air.

Indeed, when the ball is at his feet, the Moroccan is more keen in drawing a penalty-kick (which he won’t even step up to take himself) or make an assist instead. I am sorry Marouane, but more often than not, a striker has to be goal hungry.

And by ‘goal hungry’, I mean satisfying your hunger for goals with a bit more selfishness. Chamakh has said before that he is a frontman who is not obsessed about goals. The way he invites others into attack is truly beneficial, but in truth, we needed a target man when we acquired him and definitely not another ‘set up’ master.

Drogba’s one-touch goal was testament of what Arsenal lacked. But for those of you who still don’t know what exactly I mean by the dead-eye finishing Arsenal lacked today, here you go…

Coincidentally, it was in this same fixture and Sunday’s same scenario not too long ago, that Van Persie displayed how to take full responsibility as a striker.

When he found space, he could have taken an extra touch to use his favourite foot or pass to Adebayor, but he didn’t because he acknowledged the fact that his team was 1-0 down and unlikely to recover with chances at a premium.

To further highlight Van Persie’s ruthlessness, listen to Andy Gray say (at 0:29): “That’s what you do when you’re unsure. You don’t mess about. You just smash the back of the ball


That said, when will injuries stop depriving us of being full-strength
and when will we address our profligacy in attack?

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