where the Tottenham fans have gone?

As expected those yids who were boasting of being in a rare high spirit ahead of a north London derby prior to the weekend soon vanished after the Gunners demolished their classless club 5-2 yesterday.

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But while Arsenal fans savoured yesterday’s victory and congratulated the team, many might have wondered what the mood was from the Tottenham Hotspur perspective. Indeed, the Spurs official website did not publish a match report for yesterday’s match for over four hours after the game.

And after a glance through a Tottenham blog, ‘Talk Tottenham’, there were a few interesting reactions from the Spurs faithful to choose from.

Enjoy these ones!

Trev said: 2012.02.26 19:02

Having seen the replays, someone needs to tell Bale to STOP DIVING AND FEIGNING INJURY! He’s becoming an embarrassement to us. Oh yeah, and he was shit today and has to stop believing the hype! Someone wants to offer £50m – sell sell sell. He’s a 10 good games a season man. F***ing sickenting day. No guts and a genuine belief we could just turn up and swagger our way thru it.

princeboateng said: 2012.02.26 19:30

we were beat by the better team,,arsenal wanted it more,,van persie was unbelievable,,we just couldnt get near him,,a dead cert for player of the year

dazzler said: 2012.02.26 20:17

fucken faggits…Learn to back the boys, one off day doesnt make us shit…one good game from the fuckwits doesnt suddenly make them a good team…somebody just needs to snap RVP the ugly fucks leg!!!! then they have nothing!!! honest boys, have faith third is still ours…
btw Bale did not dive, anyone who jumps on the bandwagon needs to get their mind out of their fucken arse, watch it again and there is clear contact by gibbs…any man would have gone down. if you say differently then go fuck yourself….
spurs for third at least. on todays performance i think we will beat man u easily. fuckin axe carrick, hate the lad. never will i forgive him!!!

Spark said: 2012.02.27 15:30

Has it crossed your mind that we can somehow miss out on a CL spot altogether?

Norbert said: 2012.02.26 22:06

what a terrible game from us. right when we thought that we are as good as Barcelona reality hit us with a hammer. Bale was the usual shit and I hope that he will be sold this summer. He is good for a couple of games each season and for the rest he just screws up. Modric is going to leave and how on earth could we afford Adebayors wages??? We need Redknapp to stay to perform his magic to get some top top players in. Maybe we can snatch Van Persie from Arsenal?

Nicko_Yid said: 2012.02.27 19:17

Ar5en1 deserved to win end of. Just like we did when we 5-1′d them. We went on to win that cup, will Ar5ena1 go on to win anything? No. So dont get too excited, Liverpool away it will back to the drawing board for water bottle man. We have the perfect game to bounceback – Utd at home. I would take any team at WHL our record there speaks for itself. There’s still a 7 point gap – you wouldn’t know that by reading some of the rubbish

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