Udinese ready to “explode and overwhelm everyone”

https://i1.wp.com/farm1.static.flickr.com/35/72063603_73ffb9ba42.jpg?resize=298%2C215The following statement is coming from the Udinese Calcio camp – via the club’s official website – ahead of the Italians’ monumental Champions League clash with Arsenal tomorrow.

“Everybody is focused on the big event and every detail has been well groomed because everything needs to be perfect to allow Di Natale and his team-mates to succeed.

The game will be crucial to attack Arsenal that, in their last Premier League match, were defeated by Liverpool with a margin which could be useful now to Udinese to pass the turn.

The players have been asking their fans to fill up the Friuli Stadium making Udinese’s house a bomb ready to explode and overwhelm everything and everyone. We all have to fight together to conquer our dream.”

Never mind the importance of this game to Arsenal. Someone seems to be taking this even more serious.

The Gunners have now arrived in Udine without the injured Jack Wilshere but skipper Robin van Persie is available after sitting out the first-leg. It has been hinted that Armand Traore will be deployed at left-back instead of Carl Jenkinson while Johan Djourou is likely to partner Thomas Vermaelen in defense.

Alex Song, Gervinho and Emmanuel Fringpong are all available despite their domestic suspension.

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14 thoughts on “Udinese ready to “explode and overwhelm everyone”

  1. i so dearly want arsenal to lose, so that the frog can be fired

    a lier and fraud canot be in charge of teh ARSE’

    wenger has never won a most win game. a born loser and liar!!!

    1. You are NOT an Arsenal fan. True fans stick to their club through thick and thin, and you are the opposite! Shame! Besides, Arsenal does not need to win, we need a result, and we will surely get it, so you can hang!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. you are a very stupid person by saying that…here is a man who has taken arsenal to another level in our history.How could call mr.wenger a liar.

      Thats very disrespectful and i don’t even think you are an arsenal support.So,i tell you this…leave our manager and club alone

  2. why is , when someone says anything negative (the truth) against the frog is a SPUD. Grow up you lately come johns. eheheheheheh

    1. Is this the right time to go negative? eehh? The team needs you most now and you are turning your back on it? I f all fans behave like that, Liverpool, Spurs, etc would have no one in their stadium to watch them play, as I don’t remember the last time they won a ;eague title. Mr. Danny, the team needs you NOW!

    2. its not the fact that ur saying anything against Wenger. A “fan” that wants arsenal to lose any game, isnt a fan

  3. Danny your comments are racist and crude (you can look that word up-I’d wager that other than the word Danny you’ll have to look most of those words up!)

    You call Wenger a liar and a fraud, your basing this on what? What ever the sun, or more likely for a chappy of your standing the beano are feeding you? Everybody and everything goes a cycle of events! But if you really are looking to blame someone or something blame the board! They hold the purse strings! How many 20mil plus players have wages under 100k these days? Wenger does not control this!

    Anyway, back to elementary school for you young sir!!!

  4. somone spun the “its the board’s fault” story and now all the akbs believes that.

    that man is stubborn! he wont buy even if he has money. Oh well, he digs his grave (or not), when the time comes, he has to lie in it. If he pulls this season off, then he’s a genius. That’s the rules of the game.

  5. And that is where they are going to lose it. They are piling too much pressure on themselves. Attacking Arsenal in full gear will surely expose them by creating holes in their team which we will exploit to hit them on the break. A game like this needs patience as a team waits for its chance. Even the Catalan giants played that waiting game against us and then hit us on the break at Camp Nou. From what I saw last week, they will attack from the ‘go’. Their lack of experience will surely cost them.

    If they are taking the Liverpool game as their inspiration, good luck to them, but make no mistake, today’s team will be much stronger. Sagna played out of position, so his movement was somewhat limited. He will now play right-back, with Traore the other side. There won’t be much anguish in defense, now that Miquel[one that Di Natale would fancy himself against due inexperience]. Djourou will play. I’m sure Wenger will field both Song and Frimpong in a two-man defensive midfield paring, now that Wilshere won’t play, making the midfield much harder to glide through the way they did. The experience of Rosicky will not be missed as was the case against Liverpool, since the Czech was passed fit for the game. Gervinho is eligible to play this one, and with him on the left and Theo on the right, Arsenal’s counter-attacks will be more fluid, dangerous and purposeful, unlike the bluntness orchestrated by Arshavin last Saturday. And then there is the return of Van Persie! Solely missed last week, the Dutch maestro will be a huge welcome, and will surely relieve the Gunners of the boredom they were made to suffer by Marouane Chamakh!

    Udinese should also know that last week’s game played in their favour, but took no advantage! Wenger made two quick substitutions when he replaced Gibbs with Djourou and then Djourou with Jenkinson [both forced off through injury], practically inviting the Italians to attack. They did, but goals didn’t come. Those subs took away the killer instinct from the Arsenal attack and they concentrated on defending their lead. Even worse, when Rosicky got injured, Wenger brought on Frimpong, to defend! This is why Arsenal were on the back foot till the end of the game. Will it be the same? I doubt! So be ware Udinese, we are coming to get you!!!

  6. Who controls transfer negotiations? Wenger? No Ivan the great! We went in with a 12 million bid for PJ last season, he signs a new contract mid season and we return with the same bid!!! That wastes time and aggrevates the selling club! Wenger has no control of negotiations and to think that he does is naive! Was he at fault fir the mata deal falling through? Did he increase ticket prices by 6.5% despite the club apparently turning over good profits?! We’re being fed lies by the board and wenger is being left to the slaughter of the English press and fickle fans!

    How much have we heard from the board?!

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