United ace explains Arsenal insult

Patrice Evra claims he labeled Arsenal as ‘babies’ a year ago only due to treatment he received from Cesc Fabregas.

The Gunners were sucker-punched in the second leg of last season’s Champions League semi-final and following a 3-1 defeat at the Emirates, United’s left-back concluded that the clash with Wenger’s men was simply ‘men vs boys’.

That statement forced a feisty reaction from the Arsenal faithful and to date, Evra’s name has been very unpopular in north London.

But speaking in an interview on Saturday, the Frenchman attempted to amend opinions about his personality, and insists his slamming of Arsenal was only down to a dirty confrontation with Fabregas – an incident in the 0-0 league clash at Old Trfford which was actually after the Champions League semi-final.

According to Evra, he struggles to control his temper but is no ‘bad boy’.

“I remember Eric Cantona saying that while he sometimes could not control his fire he would not have been the same player without it. I am the same. I need the fire.” Evra said.

“But I am not a bad boy. When I go into a challenge I go to win the ball. Never to hurt someone. It’s why I was upset when Fabregas did it to me at the end of last season.”

“It was probably why I said afterwards that Arsenal were like babies. I was upset because of the challenge. If you want to hurt someone, you invite them outside, away from the pitch, away from people and the referee. Just me and you. You don’t try to hurt people on the pitch.”


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41 thoughts on “United ace explains Arsenal insult

  1. Evra made those comments and it should be put in the Arsenal dressing room every time we play him.

    He is a physical player who like s to give it but see him on the receiving end

  2. He is lying! Fabregas and others made those tackle on him after he made those stupid comments. Why is he contradicting himself?

  3. At this stage I don,t know what he guy is talking about and I doubt he does.

  4. You’re right apollo, he made that tackle after those comments. I would give him a smack in the head if I saw him, I have no problems with that.

  5. Cesc did that tackle after those comments! Dirty evra wants to confuse us!!! Hate him!

  6. I cant claim to have seen evra put in tackles to hurt other players, but if he thinks that makes you a “baby” he could easily apply that term to practically every other player in his side. Evans, brown, scholes, neville, rooney, vidic – they’ve all put in really nasty, unnecessary challenges on players, not to mention the elbow by ferdinand earlier in the season.
    And as everyone has pointed out, the challenge was made well after his baby comment.
    I doubt anyone in the media will question these comments though. They rarely do when its from a Utd player..

  7. What a liar! The incident with Fabregas happened after he said it was men against boys.

  8. The incident with Fabregas was a result of his comments not the cause of them as he suggests. This guy is one of the most horrible little creeps to ever play for Utd, ungracious little twat..would be up there with Cahley on my hate list.

  9. “i only made them comments cos they tackled me hard” now whos being the little boy

  10. i’ve never seen such a very stupid player like him.the comments he made was like that of a primary 3 pupil.to hell with you bastard evra

  11. i’ve never seen such a very stupid player like him.the comments he made was like that of a primary 3 pupil.to hell with you bastard evra and your fucking teammates

  12. Have yu watched this guy playing for France, he is the worst defender in the history of the the French team.

  13. I would like to invite Patrice Evra out to the main entrance of either ground unless he’s full of shit!!! I’ll be waiting tough guy!

  14. If Evra’s problem is with Fabregas why have I seen him behaving in such a petulant way with so many other players? The truth is that he is another in a long line of dirty Man Utd players who are also cowards. Scholes, Vidic, the Nevilles, Keane etc. The list goes on. This rubbish is just part of his illness.

  15. stupid evra u got wat u deserved from cesc. it was good that captain fantastic cesc get d hell out of u so much so u hav 2 lend a hand from the baised backward english media one of d reason d english national team hav bin under achieving 4 decades. 4et d way referees played a big role in ending our long unbeaten run in 2003 20004 season. howabout d bastard brothers on reyes, n how they always let down england. fuck evra n shut up ur dirty mouth. you wil 4eva remain our enemies.

  16. Poor, liar, little, small, baby, boy. It was after that disgraceful comments that he set out to kick u. LIAR UTD.

  17. Why don’t you give up insulting Arsenal? & you know Cesc is the best of all including you.
    We love Cesc!!!……………………………….

  18. I believe that Evra was right! At the time I watched Arsenal players jumping round like headless chicken just to avoid hard tackles. They were being bullied by all and sundry. To be honest with you, not a great deal has changed since then. They are still getting f*cked about by any team with a bit of physicallity. Face facts guys, Arsenal needs strong men not boys.

  19. evra said his comments after the ucl semi final but cesc’s tackled him after that in the 2nd last game of the premiere league .what a lying fucking cunt

  20. thats i lie fucking idot……….guido love your comments…..those should be hanged in the dressing room…..and so should be the other insulting comments….to fire on the players…

  21. PATRICIA just can’t let it go can he?what’s his problem with us?could be MANURE still see us as their main rivals irrespective of whatever the chavs do-still he’s a c**t no matter what-along with the rest of the ugly whinging bunch…

  22. I can’t believe Evra said like this. He commented that before the gunners visit to old trafford where he had an incident with cesc. He could just keep silent . He is acting like a CHEAT, indeed if he is not..

  23. Why did he have to wait this long to come clean? Either way i hated him then and i still do today, so all this is bull.

  24. No shit.

    and by the way, Flapianski strikes again. that second goal for blackburn was just pathetic.
    he is so gone. AW sticks with him and he fucks up again. i’m sick this guy. all he does is fuck it up.

    and walcott is goddamn useless. he has NO skills besides his pace. sell his as while its still worth something. oh, his value is NOT going up b/c he won’t make england’s WC squad.

    jaysus. this could be a banner year. beat by spurs, and overhauled by them on the last day to finish BELOW them. see – i did not believe we’d seen st. totteringham’s day yet. how many years has it been since that hasn’t been one?

  25. and silvestre utterly sucks. dump his ass ASAP. watching him trying to defend is like watching a bunch of monkeys trying fuck a football.

    and sorry to say it, but sol campbell is done. hes always on the edge of royally fucking it up. his experience and time seem to keep him just doing enough. that AW is talking him up for the WC squad is totally delusional. makes me wonder if AW has lost the plot.

    oh, and say all ya want, but without fabregas, this team is fucked. nasri is no comparison.

  26. It’s really sad to see Arsenal struggle like this with a couple of games left. Did we just give up? I seriously don’t know why, Vela is on this team. He utterly sucks! The Boss needs to buy some players this summer (It’s time!). Getting everyone healthy would help, too. Oh well. It was an ok season. I hope we don’t lose 3rd place to the Spurs. We are lucky to be in 3rd!!!

  27. Just finished watching 2nd goal against us. Wow! Fabianski, never skips a beat as far as fucking up goes! Get rid of him or bench him permanently!!!! He messes up in every single game!!! I’m done. I can’t wait for the WC!!!

  28. disagree with u loft we aint lucky to be 3 .i think we deserve it .agree with u on the rest .wenger ,id just love to punch him on his extra large nose nice and hard to get some sense into him .
    what is more fragile than a pack of cards -arsenals backline with flappy as squadron leader .

  29. I think this sums up who is going this summer..

    Fab- you can’t have that many bad games and expect to compete at this level.
    Vella- how do you miss a chance like that. Gone
    Silveste – to many mistakes gone
    Eduardo – no confidence
    Arshavin- get the money while you can
    Theo – get rid of him…

    Here is what you bring in.
    Fab (+2 million) – Hart (-10 million) net cost 8
    Vella (loan to Fulham)
    Silveste (cut) (Hangland -10) net cost 10
    Eduardo (+2 million) Chamcka (free) net 0
    Arshavin (+15 million) Hazard (-15) net 0
    Theo (+7 million)

    Others to buy..
    Central Mid – 10 million
    Forward – 5 million

    all in we get rid of the useless talent and bring in the people who can help us win.

    26 million it would cost us to build around the players that are going to stay. Add 2 just for shits and giggles and you have 30 million to do something.

    I would not want to be on that bus ride home knowing that the boss is about to cut some wasted talent and bring in others that want to play.

    Unreal, un f’ing real they gave that lead up.

  30. 60 million pounds as transfer war chest…i hope NOSY buys some players..if i were him,i would probably space out funds in this manner:
    h.lloris or m.neuer- 12 million
    g.van de wiel-8 million
    boateng-6 million (not portsmouth)
    david villa-32 million…plz,plz,plz…finally he up for sale(before wc price,inc of all taxes)
    save 2

    todays game was such a shocker that i couldnt believe it…
    …an orangutang at right back,a chimp at left,a gorilla at cb,and aqua-man another one…oh ,yah ..i almost for got flappy the squadron leader…the black giraffe,at the centre,along with doctor doom,at the right we have usain bolt,smaller “white cousin”and on the left a mexican who thinks he is lionel messi…up front rvp….our manager-NOSY…BEST OF LUCK,NO MATTER WHAT WE WRITE HERE,ALL OF US ,LOFT,USAG,futballyank,WHOEVER,THIS GUY WILL JUST NOT TAKE ADVICE FROM ANYBODY…I DOUBT WE WILL GET ANYTHING IF WE DONT SPEND…..

  31. clichy is goin …plzzzzz let it be not so .wenger never plays the players hes goin to sell at the end of the season

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