Classic Shot: Van Persie and new faces welcomed at Arsenal training

van persie and youngsters 2004

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Classic Shot.

As the Gunners prepare for their Asia Tour in this new pre-season, today’s classic image is of exactly nine years ago during Arsenal’s 2004 pre-season.

The first face you may notice is that of a certain Dutchman who had just arrived from Feyenord but this historic training session in July 2004 was Van Persie and several others’ first run-out in the presence of Arsene Wenger.

Other youngsters who were then taking lessons about the Arsenal life were the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Sebastien Larsson, Matthew Connolly, Jose Antonio Reyes, Jermaine Pennant and Johan Djourou.

This pre-seas0n was also a time for most of these boys to be starstruck as they met ‘the Invincibles’ who had conquered the Premier League only two months ago in May 2004.

Now think of how each player’s career turned out to be…

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11 thoughts on “Classic Shot: Van Persie and new faces welcomed at Arsenal training

  1. living in the past, the current players must be relishing their oppertunity to move to man city/united or chelsea

  2. yes, in 204/205 there is espariens player like. lugbaug,bekamp,henry,cambel,viera and e.t.c but now dare lack of leadrechp so i beliv wenger will buy sinor player like that.

  3. Infact i feel bad and tears full my eyeball sometimes when i see my love growing for arsenal, and which i again remember that during the transfer window they will neva buy quality players again,why other club are doing real business…it’s not a curse by trending in this way we’ll neva suceed

  4. i dnt’ve much 2 say. the only thing i can see is if wenger can land suarez,christian benteke or gonzalo hinguain u’ll c dat u will not think about “rvp” & others.

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    Pat yourselves on the back people (if you can find it)
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