VIDEO: Bendtner features in Danish World Cup anthem

A song called “The Danish Way To Rock” was compiled by Danish rock band ‘Nephew’ as inspiration to their countrymen who are set to represent them this month at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

And featured in the song’s clip is the Denmark national team, including our own Nicklas Bendtner.



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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Bendtner features in Danish World Cup anthem

    1. Yeah, apart from the Bendtner factor, I posted it because it’s a sick song! 😉

  1. better than most of the turgid British footie songs…

    even if the band are a pale imitation of Germany’s Rammstein

  2. NB52 really did an impressive job after coming back from injury something like 11 goals in 12 games cant ask for more from a 22 yr old striker

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