VIDEO: Per Mertesacker’s best performance in an Arsenal shirt!image/571224904.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_490/571224904.jpgAfter witnessing the goals he conceded away at Norwich and Aston Villa and his substandard show at Chelsea along with a few heart-in-mouth moments at the back, you might have feared that Sunday’s showdown with Manchester United would be a big ask for Mertesacker.

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But Arsenal’s German summer signing stood up to the occasion and put in a show – alongside Koscielny – which was worthy of being on the winning side.

Enjoy the highlights of Mertesacker’s solid performance against United.


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13 thoughts on “VIDEO: Per Mertesacker’s best performance in an Arsenal shirt

  1. to be fair the big friendly german is geeting better and better the more games he plays with us and the more he adapts to our style of ply. Just a shame the def midfielder is non existent and left back and right back are injured because him and kosser have been playing well!

  2. overall, mertesacker is nothing but a mertecrapper who deserves the sacker
    the guy is putrid, horrible, worthless and a joke. 10m for that.
    he is such a wimpo – he loses so many freaking headers for someone so tall ti is unbelievable

  3. I really like Per,he’s such a cool,calm and calculated defender,I guess we won’t get the best out of him untill we get our fullbacks back and we’d have a monster of defence line of carl,sagna,bfg,verminator,kozzer,gibbs,santos.we can definitely rotate then and we’d have our defence fixed alongside the mouthed one,sczesny.better days ahead gonners and it’s should definitely start against bolton next week

  4. Is this a joke????

    In that video he makes no tackles what so ever, the only header he is challenged for he is completely out muscled by Rooney which is unacceptable for a centre half.

    His lack of pace makes him a complete liability, I would much rather see Kyle Bartley playing for us, a really fighter and battles for everything and has good speed.

    If Wenger plays him ahead of Koscielny when everyone is fit he deserves to be sacked, even though I’m one who could understand his substitution on sunday

  5. Par is adapting and improving. Give him some and he will completly adapt. Remember kolscieney? It took him more than a season adapt. Lets give par the benefit of doubt. He definitly will improve

  6. Metsacker stood his ground against man u n believe me he would do more better if only Mr. Lord wenger can include samba or vertoghen , hazard n podoski n with the likes of wilsher n sagna back from injury ” 4th position is certain .

  7. GUNNERS !!! STAND BY UR TEAM look at Koscienly how was he last year and this year !!! what about a well reputable player such as Per. DO NOT UNDER FIRE ur players . are we arsenal lovers or just idiots ? SUPPORT ARSENAL they need us .for goodness sake how are we arsenal fans ? i LOVE ARSENAL and will never stop supporting them .

  8. Good article. Frankly, there are some moronic viewpoints expressed about Mertesacker: he’s a bloody good defender who was thrown into the midst of a team in crisis and even if he hasn’t been flawless, he’s never hidden and he has definitely helped strengthen the defence. He’s not the quickest, but not many central defenders are. But I get the sense that some people made their minds up about him before he even kicked a ball for Arsenal: frankly, he’s far steadier than Koscielny was at the same stage of his Arsenal career. For these people, everything he does right (ie, approx 98% of every game he plays) is simply taken for granted, but they jump on the first hint of a mistake and scream from the rooftops about it. And to the guy who claims he never won a header on Sunday, I suggest you simply take another look at this video.

    Incidentally, the goal we conceded at Villa was Vermaelen’s fault, not Mertescaker’s. The only error I can recall him making so far that led to a goal was at Norwich.

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