VIDEO: That interview you had never seen since 2007 was the last time you saw this?

A tired Thierry Henry huffing and puffing after just playing for Arsenal Football Club.

Even he admitted; ‘I will always remember tonight’.

You probably will too, so watch this and enjoy!

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And for his emotional celebration after the final whistle….


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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: That interview you had never seen since 2007

  1. thanks so verrrry much thierry, we love you so much, you do not know. you are the true symbol of the arsenal we all true football fans love. I shed so much tears when you left, and you did the same when you won us past leeds when you came back. we aaaalways love yo titi.

  2. respect to henry but i don’t like all these new emirates-generation fans saying that arsenal is all about henry. maybe henry is the best player we’ve ever had, but arsenal is about a lot more than henry and his generation. the club did exist for more than a century before he turned up you know. there is a lot to be proud of in our history aside from him, and any of wenger’s teams.

    personally i feel that we won’t be true to arsenal’s soul until we have a strong core of local boys in the first team. wilshere’s generation will hopefully bring back that english bite and edge that we’ve been lacking since adams, keown et. al. they are the keepers of arsenal’s true soul, not henry, not wenger.

    we should build teams around players who are gooners born and raised, who have the technical ability to slot into a wenger team.

    1. As part of that new generation, I’d like to say that I think you’ve missed the point about Henry’s return. Of course there’s plenty of Arsenal history pre-Henry (& Invincibles) but none of those players are playing anymore. Henry is relevant because he has and always has had a true champions attitude. If you look at squads in recent years (post Viera, Henry, Duchmeister, Pires et al.) is that our teams have lacked a bit of bite and win or die mentality (although you do see it in Wilshere) The fans LOVE to see that in players. But the fact that we lost the Carling Crap to the Brumies just goes to show that we’re the likes of Diaby, Walcott, Ramsey, Kos, Squi, Clichy, Song, Arshavin, DENILSON ect ect ect have to be physically SHOWN what it means to put everything into a game in order to come on the side victorious (Fab4 even said he didn’t feel like he ever managed to inspire the players). Henry proved that he still has that deadly ambition. 1 chance, 1 goal, 1 win. Now hopefully He (capital H) can show them how its done once again.

      p.s. Viera would have been good a couple of seasons ago but he’s a traitor and went to man shitty.

  3. hopefully an example to not only the younger members of our squad but the senior ones as well with only his 3rd touch of the game without any shots at goal and zero time to adjust Henry show just what it takes to be world class one chance one goal one nil legend!

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