Walcott excluded from England squad

Theo Walcott will not be involved in this summer’s World Cup.

Following an indifferent season for Arsenal and recent lackluster shows for his country, Walcott has been omitted from England’s final 23-man squad.

A surprise inclusion for Germany 2006 at just 17 years of age, Walcott is now the surprise exclusion for South Africa 2010 after showing much excitement at the prospect of participating in the summer’s big event.

According to reports, Walcott received a phone call from Fabio Capello about the unfortunate news while he was on the golf course earlier today and in a public statement, the 21-year-old reacted in a professional manner.

“I am very disappointed not to be included in the squad going out to South Africa, but completely respect Mr Capello’s decision”

“I would like to wish the team the best of luck and hope they have a really successful tournament.”

The omission of Theo comes as an end to a generous relationship with Fabio Capello which saw the England manager hand the Arsenal forward persistent chances on international level – ever since Walcott netted a hattrick against Croatia to fire up England’s qualifying campaign in 2008.

The news also means that for the first time ever, Arsenal will have no English representative at the World Cup.


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33 thoughts on “Walcott excluded from England squad

  1. Big mistake? Theo has been awful in nearly every game he played! It’s a good choice by Capello. I really want Theo to make it big, but this season he definitely did not deserve to go. At least this will give him a chance to have a proper pre season with us and never know, may even kick his ass into shape and perform better, hope so at least. Better luck next time

  2. shame but hopefully a massive wake-up call for the young man who has ability, lots of speed, but fails to deliver often enough.

    time is on his side though.

  3. Rightly so. He was shit all season and shit when he plays for england. If he would actually cut in to the box instead of spending his life running the line he may be threatening

  4. Click whoring headline. The squad lists aren’t even out yet. This is pure speculative crap.

  5. This may very well turn out to be a blessing in disguise if it makes walcott to work harder and improve

  6. Big mistake, and i am so dissappointed, but then, blessing in disguise. A lot of pressure is put on his soldier before, now he can relax and concentrate on his game, afterall, what is so special in the world cup, he had been there once.

  7. As a gooner and England supporter, i’m relieved. He does not deserve to go on the strength of his performances this season. It is harsh but that is the industry.
    Theo, unofrtunately, has not done it on the anywhere never regular enough for me. Lets see him play more centrally (in a 442) next season pleeease!

  8. Overrated ,runs like Forrest gump into trouble every time he has the ball.any defender worth his salt will shut Walcott out of the game and there will be lots of them in the world cup. I hate to admit it but Lennon is a far better player ,and will give England far more than Walcott.Also Wright Phillips is a much better all round player.I am glad Cappelo has seen the light and left him out of the squad

  9. he deserves to go over players like swp and warnock.
    i will not be supporting england this year

  10. Hopefully it will give him the kick up the arse that he seems to need. He really needs to improve soon.

  11. Hi,
    I have been waiting for the announcement of the squad since early morning but I have been never expected this.
    It is a surprising and a tragic decision. Also it is bad news for Arsenal and its fans/supporters in England and all over the world.
    For me, Walcott should have been a head of SRP since the later is only a 20-30 minute player. And he would have been a cover for the right back (now, G.J)

    I think he should have been picked up. Fabio Capello may not be right.
    I believe England would have used his pace for assisting the forwards and scoring goals.
    He could have played well with Rooney.

    I must say Walcott not feel much you will have a good time in very near future as you are very young. Please keep your self from injuries and continue your hard working in training and match sessions.
    From, A.A-Ethiopia

  12. it is the best decision.Theo is a little bit short of representing England in the world cup.even it is a warning for him to stay focus only for Arsenal.he is getting some time to improve his strength and skills.

  13. this is really correct decision from by the boss.he has been shit this season and it would have been wrong and unfair had he been selected.what is his qualities at all ? just running.and even his run is often wasteful.he ain’t got no use . good job, don !!!

  14. no way is he better than ashley young….only fair….and i think it will actually help him realise how much he still lacks in his game

  15. Walcott probly didn’t deserve to go with the form he’s been in. But myself being an Arsenal fan from the States I know that the Americans have nobody in defense who could have kept up with Walcott’s pace. I’m glad as an Arsenal fan to see Theo get rest and hopefully motivation to improve for next season. I’m really glad as a US Soccer fan that we won’t have to play against him.

  16. He’s a real nice young man, not big headed at all, and he must be really hurt by his omision.
    he’s short of confidence, and he has not been the same player since his long term injury. A wake up call? He’s tried his heart out, but it was not to be. He is the fastest of all the england players but needs an injection of confidence. Good news for arsenal is that unlike Henry and viera, who were useless for 2 months after the world cup, he should now be fresh for next season

  17. Walcott, didn’t have a good season. That’s what killed him. He should take the time and think where he needs to improve and come back next season and impress!

    He must feel torn from this, but it should motivate him to do better.

  18. Thanks Randy, its always a pleasure to be here at Red London. Keep up your good work & keep it coming bro’

  19. I can see the headlines when England fail… Tabloids calling Capello a turnip and asking why theo wasn’t picked… How sad!

  20. Walcott is a good player but capello has the final say,but is a sad one 4 me when i had that walcott is not going to south Africa i wish him all the best.

  21. Walcott is not as good as Lennon, its as simple as that. Not sure how you pick between SWP and walcott but I think SWP is more flexible midfield wise than Walcott. Both have had poor seasons. Walcott seems to be overrated due to his ability to have phenomenal games about once every 6months-year (Jenas got by in the spurs squad in a similar way for 4+ years) . In some ways he reminds me of Lennon a few years ago – lots of pace but little idea what to do with it. With Wengers coaching I’m sure he’ll end up being at least a decent player, but right now I don’t think anyone who has been watching him can claim that he really deserves to be in the team. @ kc….lennon is at least as fast as walcott, and actually knows how to beat a player and put in a cross so I wouldn’t be breathing a sigh of relief at walcotts exclusion just yet.

  22. Maybe blessing = I think he has been complascent a nice guy but I think he thot he had it!! This shake to more hard work some early good games and then conidence. We may yet see the Theo Wegner sees!! Good luck to the boy – he certainly has time to grow and prove!!

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