Was Clichy ever like THIS for Arsenal? Hmm….

https://i1.wp.com/farm8.staticflickr.com/7200/7011605641_2059d569eb_z.jpg?resize=346%2C256How many times did you get sick of the sight of Gael Clichy making a run towards the byline and whipping in cross after cross?

With the needing physical presence of Arsenal’s front-line, most of those crosses often turned out to be useless too. It usually seemed that Gael Clich did not have too many ideas in attack during his Arsenal days. In fact, his goal scoring record was so poor that it took him until 2008 to score his first ever goal in his career as a footballer. Despite having an injury-ravaged campaign, Gibbs’ total of two goals this season is as many as Clichy netted during his entire career at Arsenal.

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And his departure to Manchester City paved the way for the more effective Kierran Gibbs and Andre Santos – who don’t just whip in crosses but can also hit the target – to fill the void.

Clichy in truth was not exceptional at the back either and was sometimes a liability in defense, but he hardly atoned for that with any quality going forward.

Maybe the Frenchman will excel better with his routine crosses at City where there are the imposing likes of Yaya Toure, Balotelli and Dzeko to aim at, but it appears that Arsenal have gained far more from that left-back position ever since Clichy left – bar the period when both Gibbs and Santos were injured of course.

Just take a look at Gibbs’ vital strike yesterday which initially unlocked what could have been a stubborn Villa defense. He is definitely not scared to enter the penalty box.

Credit to Kierran!


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48 thoughts on “Was Clichy ever like THIS for Arsenal? Hmm….

  1. Why do you have to vilify Clichy?! He was like a cannonball, fast and decisif, last year he often displayed more hear than others when the going got tough and the team was drooping. Yes, his crosses were robotic and sometimes he made adefensif mistake, as vermallion did with Milan, but Clichy was NOT a liability and he was a Gooner through and through. Respect our former players who served the team loyally.

    1. Totally agree with Kaveh, Cliche was a legend for us and was solid at defending and attacking! He had a few injuries towards the end of his time with us and his form dropped considerably. However, doesn’t mean we should all just jump on the bandwagon and have a pop because he went to Man City, he’s not Adebayor! ;-p

    2. Excellent! I repeat respect our former players etc. Another two points firstly, when Ashley Cole was injured his replacement was who? Yes Gael Clichy. He played so well he was instrumental in the Arsenal Invincible team arguably our best effort at ‘perfection’. I like Gibbs but he has much to live up to when you mention Gael in an Arsenal shirt. Respect the AFC through all stages come rain or shine – they’ll always deliver for Wenger.

    3. If Clichy was a Gunner through an through, why then did he join one of our rivals?? Surely if he was a Gunner through an through he would have left for a foreign team and not money-bags City. Surely if he was “A GUNNER” he wouldn’t want to strengthen the opposition. But he did. Clichy left for the MONEY. Same as Adebeyor and Nasri.

      If he was a Gunner through an through- he would have asked for a new contract with a 15m buy-out clause in it so that we could of got his actual value instead of his “last year of contract” value.

    4. You’re obviously not a season ticket holder – because Clichy WAS a liability for 90minutes in almost every game. He was truly dreadful for the last three seasons at the club but had no-one to threaten his position. And we did stay loyal to Clichy – he was never booed the way Eboue – a far better player – was. The fact that Clichy still looks Rubbish at City proves his worthless-ness.

      He’s a former player – we dont owe him love if he didn’t perform! What do you want to do – praise Eddie McGoldrick too and every other donkey we’ve had the mispleasure of enduring? Get a grip and put a new cushion on your armchair! REAL fans PAY to watch their team and have a right to blame those who do not deserve the shirt.

  2. They were both as bad as each other if you ask me, although Clichy seems to have eradicated the idiotic errors from his game that he did at Arsenal on a weekly basis. Must be getting better coaching at City. Gibbs is still a useless defender and his goal yesterday was a terrible goalkeeping error.

  3. Please lets stop this .. persecution of Ex players . It maks us look petty and like really bad fans.
    Clichy was very good for us and acted like a true professional through out .
    He was way better than what many gave him credit for although not without flaws. I love Gibbs given a run he will improve even more but I’d say he is a better weapon going forward than Clichy and that other english LB that once wore our colors.

  4. This strikes me as being very uncessary, peurile nonsense.

    Gael Clichy served Arsenal excellently and left on good terms. Since he’s gone to City he’s improved dramatically.

    We should have a bit more class, in my humble opinion.

  5. kaveh you are wrong. Clichy was crap offensively. He had a nose bleed when he crossed the half way line. Much better with Gibbs and Santos. I remember a time when we didn’t even bother to attack down the left as there was no offensive support from the full back. There’s no coincidence that we are winning and having two good offensive full backs in the team

    1. Someone who has a head after all.

      This is not an attempt to crucify an ex Arsenal player you idiots. It’s just a brief analysis of how we now have more attacking-minded left-backs than Clichy. It is also a praise of a current Gunner, Gibbs who despite being a “crap defender” according to some of you idiots above, has helped keep Arsenal on a seven-game wining run.

    2. Ashley cole was pretty poor offensively, in terms of output, as well for us (but he did develop a lot at chelsea) – didn’t stop him from being a great fullback for us. The important thing was that he made overlapping runs that forced the opposition defence to move. Clichy was pretty similar.
      Gibbs is a more talented ball-player, because he’s a natural midfielder. The flipside is that he’s relatively poor defensively. I think we’d all prefer to have a very solid defensive fullback who simply supported the attack, rather than one who is good going forward, but poor in defence. In the end, it’s all about balance, and Sagna has it the best. Gibbs will get there, but Clichy was pretty sound, for the most part.

  6. I was one of those happy to see Clichy go. I always had my heart in my mouth whenever he was at the back.
    That said, he was a classy human being, never heard any complaints from him. But that has nothing to do with a critique of his football.

    Those who criticize Gibbs’ defense need to consider this-
    Have you noticed the difference in our attacking play since the fbs returned?

    Arsene’s system is fluid, and requires total awareness(for example, the left mf covers when the lb moves up). That is why players like Arshavin and Bendtner had problems.

  7. It would amount to be an ingrate, if by now we are attacking our ex-playerz who serve d club diligently, since he has gone to Man City i hope we shud continue to support him but nevertheless every player has off & on

  8. Im sorry but that is one of the most biased articles i have ever read, had Gibbs of been sold to City you would be slating him instead. What difference does it make that Gibbs has scored more goals? They’re both left backs so goal scoring is hardly a priority for that position, but defending is and that is where Gibbs for me is pretty woeful. Clichy wasn’t great towards the end of his time with us, but he is certainly a better defender and overall player than what Gibbs is. Left back is Arsenal’s weakest position as neither Gibbs or Santos are defenders, both much better going forward.

    And this is coming from an Arsenal fan of 24 years.

    1. this is bollocks .clichy was critisise way before he was sold to city.
      read again and he never say anything to insult clichy .as much great servent he was he was piss poor defender who was save by his pace,he couldnt cross to save his life . how many mistake in the last two years he make with arsenal that cost us dear .
      he was decent lb but i never consider him near the same level of ashley (even if he is a cunt).
      gibbs maybe not great defender (but clichy wasnt too) but going foward he look already much better and he can cross

  9. Arsenal are know for producing quality & attacking fullbacks-A.cole/lauren/sagna/clichy.Gibbs own improvement has been seriously hampered by injuries,but we got santos,just hope they stay injury free next season.My problem wt the defence is Dj & squil-it makes no sense keeping these 6fts,& paying them,only for them 2 play nonsense.We also need tony adams/steve bould as asst coach.

  10. You chat rubbish clichy was a great servant and singled out for unfair criticism. Gibbs is nowhere near as good as clichy when he first burst onto the scene.

    Poor article, gibbs has so manny defensive lapses its appalling,

    Don’t force your stupidity on readers please

  11. Santos is the man for our style of play, gibbs hopefully will continue to improve with a little more time. Neither great defenders, but our game is more agressive attacking. I think santos back in the line up with rosicky gervinho ox, and improved walcott should score us more goals than it gives up. I also want to remind u all that before his injury, santos was doing a great job dispossesing the opposition as well.

    1. I think Gibbs has a bit more steel to him, which will eventually translate to a good defensive game. He is really a converted fullback, as he played a lot on the wing and even in the centre of midfield when he was younger.

  12. Clichy was a better defender than Gibbs, but Kieran is a natural midfielder who has always shown an ability to pass, cross and shoot in the reserves etc, so it’s unsurprising that he shows more attacking prowess. Currently Clichy is easily the better fullback but Gibbs will catch up.
    Have to agree with the comments – it’s pretty pathetic that every time someone leaves, we have to go saying “they weren’t ever that good anyway”. It’s just not true in many cases, including Clichy, Nasri, Flamini, Gallas and Hleb. These were all big contributers to the club, albeit for relatively short periods of time, in some cases.

  13. Again, how good(or not) any one of those player was has nothing to do with their personalities as a person! My gosh.

  14. James, I don’t think it’s that City have a better training staff.
    It’s that City has a different playing system. More cover at the back allows Clichy’s usual concentration lapses to be masked. During Clichy’s days when teams would target our left-back position, Arshavin provided minimum defensive assistance.

  15. I agree with only Nasri, Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate ……10000000hates Nasri.

    but with clichy, he had and good moments with arsenal. some of his errors were costly, His error against birmingham, cost arsenal trophy, and he couldn’t follow offside line. But he was one of the best and wish him success in his career and life.

    LONGLIVE Gibbs and Santos NOW.

  16. I had been saying for years that clich was a liability. As you perfectly summed up, all he did was boot the ball into the area, 9/10 to no affect. His positioning was also dreadful. One thing we do miss however is his speed. As it showed on Saturday when albrighton had a couple chances, Gibbs does not have that raw speed that clichy gave us when chasing back. That is a small price however, after replacing him with a smarter and ENGLISH solution.

  17. Davi

    I think it is even wors that Gibbs is branded useless.. Who gives a fuck about Clichy know anyway. He is a former player that’s all, no legend, no hate object, just a former player who gave good service to the club

    1. Now how is this article in any way biased??, he is merely pointing out what he thinks…
      You, sir, are a moron!

  18. Gibbs score one goal which was pretty much due to goalkeeper error and this man decide to celebrate it by slating Clichy… When will this end? I bet when Gibbs make few error it will be he ain’t good enough, sell him.

  19. Fans no need to fight over this, personally I have been saying this before Clichy left, he was a liability @ the back, although Gibbs isn’t flawless either. Check this out; clichy’s positives are: speed, experience.; disadvantages: poor keeping of d line, poor crosses, poor shooting.
    Gibbs: advantages: good shots,good crosses, better dribbles.
    Disadvantages: poor positioning, not that good @ defending bt better at set pieces than clichy

  20. I happen to agree with this as clichy was good for abit but cost us countless times in matches couple to note, scum at home 4-2 up 89th min and he gives ball away and yh u know the rest, birmingham away eduardo leg break 2-1 up last kick he lets the ball roll and then trips mcfadden cost us game, shakhtar away, and theres many more, but going forward was lethal with crosses and speed hardly any goals now, hope gibbs stays fit!

  21. The only reason u guyz aint slating gibbs is because he is english and as we all know, once your english you become overrated..(henderson and phil jones…good examples), they are both shit but who cares they are english afterall so lets rate them outrageously high!

  22. Clichy was a liability at the back and his crossing when going forward was diabolical. He was the worst left back Ive seen at Arsenal, nowhere near Mcnab Nelson Sansom Winterburn and Cole. Gibbs and Santos are both far better than that mug Clichy. I was delighted when City took him because we are certainly far better defensively and attacking down left without him. Good riddance.

  23. Clichy was always the weak link in our defence when he was there, he would rush out- not track back and we would concede and even when he was there he would just switch off and ball watch AND AGAIN we would concede. I was s—-o happy when we sold him, even though City got him on the cheap.

  24. I think the world of Gael as a person but in footballing terms i was happy to see him go as he had been a bit of a liability & weak link for a couple of years. He had 1 GREAT Season, & some decent/good ones. He offered little going forward & i think a change was best for both parties as he had maybe got stale & needed a new challenge.
    I have a real soft spot for Santos, who may not be the most accomplished defender but is strong, powerful & just so exciting going forward on his marauding runs, you cant not love the guy, also in his short spell before injury he produced more end product attack wise than gael had done in years. I also think Gibbs can develop into a very good player.

  25. Im sorry but I dont know how people can say Clichy was good for Arsenal. Yes he drove forward from defense, but for the most part it was to no avail. His crossing was erratic, so much so he rarely set up any goal scoring opportunities. Aided by the fact we never have anyone in the box of couse. His defending though is where he really did let the side down. This could be due to the fact that Arsenal in all their wisdom do not coach defense. Whatever the reason, Clichy never close down wingers threatening a cross. He showed them on to their strong foot time and time again. I can remember a game against Hull, Some crappy winger of theirs was on the ball and had no other option but to swing the ball in, as per usual Clichy was about ten yards off him giving him the time and space needed to swing the cross in, long story short it resulted in a goal. Clichy was never any good at defending. Gibbs is a young ashley Cole. Great going forward but a bit to learn in defense. Massive potential.

  26. Every club has fans that appear to need to vilify a player or two. At City Clichy is the preferred LB of most fans and Aleks Kolarov gets all the abuse that Arsenal fans reserved for Gael.
    Nasri and Clich did nothing wrong, they did what any of us would have done if we are honest about it. They left their employer after a long tem of employment having satisfied their contract and went to an employer who offered new challenges and a much better contract.

    The same can be said for Adebayor and Toure with the qualification that Adebayor was and still is a knob..Kolo Toure was and still is a fine player and a great role model (nowithstanding his wife’s diet pills)!

    Arsenal FC received more than £70m from City for Adebayor, Toure, Nasri and Clichy, much more than they were worth then or now, so get over it! If you want to get cross about anything get cross with the thieves at Barca who unsettled and then stole Cesc Fabrigas for half his real worth.

  27. clichy was our hero, we do not have to talk such things about him. He has given his best at his time with Arsenal so we should have to be thankful. He is not Adebayor or Ashely cole.

  28. The fault is wenger’s. He stick with french players no matter how bad they are. Clichy has cost arsenal so many games. He kept moving back trying 2 block a striker until they either wins a penalty or cause a damage,especialy against M.utd. As far as i’m concerned, he is a gud ridance.

  29. I think you are a clown. Have some respect for our former players. If you want to write about how good you think Gibbs is then go for it. Using a Gibbs goal to slate a former player is childish.

  30. lets get it right………………… gael clichy was good for his 1st few seasons with us then went absolutely shit. never scored never assisted and never gave a winning performance. now playing for city he is doing well.. but…. how many times for arsenal did he allow the winger time and space to cross a half decent ball in the box for some 2 bob striker to head in????????????? alot of times is the answer. he was a liability the last 2 seasons and im wll happy hes gone, along with nasri.

  31. Well clichy did his best but he got it all rong by saying he leaving cos of lack of trouphys he foregot we used dose years developing him fab, ade and nasri, now was the time need them to compliment they all left us in pain, after alot of insult from gallas and evra they all turned there back on us, it was very painfull and sad, if they have stay on with us we should have been a better side this season cos we went trough deficurt moment all this while thank God we are back, up gunners in success we stand

  32. Pointless article, who cares about Clichy, he is a Citeh player, you sound like a jealous ex-boyfriend who simply can’t let go, time to move on. Who’s next Cesc?

  33. Lots of good points made both for and against Clichy.I tend to side with those supporting him but its not clear cut.However what is clear cut to me is that Gibbs is lacking so many attributers to ever become a top class defender.It is wrong to sing the praises of a full back because he scores an occasional goal.Better to concentrate on his lack of defensive discipline when for instance Albrighton was givern the freedom of the Emirates because Gibbs had been caught upfield.Did not matter much on Saturday but sure as anything that lack of discipline will come to haunt us one day.

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