Wenger: After I announce my retirement


Arsene Wenger has expressed his affection for Arsenal and opened up about his decision-making during his reign at the club.

In a candid interview, the Arsenal boss revealed that he may soon retire from managing the Gunners but he will never retire from being a ‘Gooner’.

“When the time comes for my retirement, I will buy a season ticket and be here in red and white every week.” he said

Some have called for Wenger’s retirement after the 2015 FA Cup triumph

The Frenchman has often faced criticism for treating the club’s funds with too much care, but Wenger insists that his miserly style of spending in the transfer market is because of his long-term relationship with the Gunners.

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“If you go somewhere for two years, you think ‘if it [transfers] doesn’t go well I will go’ but when you stay for 18 years you have a responsibility.” Wenger added

“It [being economically stable] is not a quality that is rated. When I make 10, I don’t spend 20.”

35 thoughts on “Wenger: After I announce my retirement

  1. You have been a great asset to Arsenal Football Club, Wenger. Thanks. We real Gooners will always love and appreciate you for what you have done for our beloved club.

    1. Classiest comment I have seen from a fellow Gooner in a long time. Big ups to you mate.

  2. The people who want Wenger gone are definitely the lower IQ Gooners or the weepers at Le Grove. Arsenal 100% football revenue; no Mafia oil money, no slave state oil money. Arsenal the ONLY team with a new stadium. We love you Wenger. And I have been watching football for 50 years. I remember England winning the World Cup in 1266 (smile), ok, it was 1966. COYG, Wenger we need you for 2 more seasons.

  3. I cant see Arsenal football club without AW, he is a club legend n deserves a bronze statue next to TH14 n DB10.
    You aint leaving us, not so soon…….

  4. Arsene is a great manager, a true symbol of arsenal. checkout his name and the clubs name

  5. David Dein thank you for bringing Wenger to our club! He is our modern day Herbert Chapman!

  6. All good things must come to an end. Wenger is delaying his welcome. Why not go when you are at the top.I hope he doesn’t wait to be forced out following a series of disappointing results,like some managers.

    1. the best is yet to come. this man has build out an empire for himself here, you can see the way the club is able to hold on to the players more comfortably and not loosing any created players rather signing quality players. Walcott has improved his finishing a lot, just one DM and Golie here comes another EPL title. i would wish and pray he ends with the golden EPL but i know it is only once in a century feat and being more pragmatic EPL trophy (pursuit of happiness) and the i think he will make a call. (or may be not :P)

  7. if only they he had said that due to financial constraints of buying the ground, he was stymied, a lot of the Arsene out brigade would have understood. Arsenal used to say they had money to spend but didn’t spend it, this now was not true, we had very little money to spend and Wenger by his own admission, had to sell good players each year to balance the books.. If he’d said that before, there would have been NO BANNERS!!!!

  8. AW u ar nt jst kind of dy emirate bt ur a king of england,we jst cnt talk abt football without puting wenger.,4 me even wit out regulary titles u ar dy bst in dy world,which u bst of luck our hero,our teacher,our mentor,our fada AW love u.

  9. Forever Arsene Is the Best manager in the modern football who can do wonders with little in the pocket. who can do what he has done, some managers keeps on running from clubs to clubs for silver plate. AW forever my HERO.

  10. i cant think about arsenal without arsen wenger ,much love you AW , u developed such amazing beautiful style of play…….. arsenal is equal to arsen wenger , you are the one and only our hero , always love u , love u gooner

  11. if I were an Arsenal board member/chairman, I will NEVER sack Wenger. If things were getting worse, Arsenal will promote him to the director rather than sack him and hire another manager. This is what Arsenal should do.

  12. we will never appreciate wenger until he is gone…i cant imagine ARSENAL without ARSENE

  13. Wenga is the best in world and has done, what no manager has done in the history
    Of football.he changed football. In england
    He maintained a club for 18 years without funds goes to pound shop buy’s a player for ten shilling and booom the player is a super star.build a stadium.I challenge mourinho to do that queens with queens park rangers.

  14. Wenger a Legend ,! Has given Arsenal a Soul.. Ànd the beginning of English football’s transformation. Wow, all that from a mere mortal. Cheers Arsene

  15. AW should be immortalised before the Ashburton Grove stadium along with the galaxy of legends ?????.

    AW the architect of morden English Football ??

  16. U are a great manager,pls dnt go without helping us win champion League sir,ur name will b remember in d heart of Arsenal FC. Thank u 4 ur great job in d club

  17. You are truly a legend i do criticized you when we’re loosing but after the match i came back to my sense believe in this modern day football you are be able to find the balance between entertainment and business, higher we like it or not football is a business and nobody want to go into business without making profit you really distinct your self from other coaches by bringing unknowing player into the game and make it a super star Mr Arsene you the best in the hole world when talking about coaches, We will really miss you if you retire . God bless you for the wonderful job you have done to the great club.

  18. Arsene Wenger you are really the best for Arsenal…..I followed you since 1998 and believe you me I continue to love you each passing day……Frankly speaking, between 1998 and 2006 before we moved to The Emirates which team did not fear facing The Arsenal?….All teams did……All dis was due to Le Professeur’s good works at the helm of affairs at Arsenal…..Things changed after we started paying the Emirates Stadium debt (it was never easy to see your rival clubs take advantage of your financial position and plug away your best materials while the only alternative available was to put up with average and fringe squad year in year out because you are paying a debt)….but all de same I don’t regret because we can now boast of a magnificent stadium……See, we now are winning trophies because our financial position now enables us to keep our best arsenals……We only need some few additions at some vital departments of the team and the quadruple will be up for grabs by Arsenal this upcoming season…..IN ARSENE WE TRUST — GUNNERS FOR LIFE.

  19. Truly, Arsene Wenger transformed the football orientation in England the symbol of a dynamic and committed coach. We really appreciate all U have done for we the true goners and as soon we add all the needed ingredients to the already dynamic and formidable team we have on ground, then Arsenal fc is far from winning EPL tittles again. May God continue to be with U the more AW. UP GOONERS

  20. Arsenal Football club and all the players that became stars will forever be in your debt. Thank you!!

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