Wenger: Almunia was as poor as anyone

https://i2.wp.com/cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0djX62ifcRanE/x610.jpg?resize=229%2C282Arsene Wenger feels it would be wrong to single out Manuel Almunia for the humiliating result against West Brom on Saturday.

Arsenal’s much-maligned goalkeeper seemed to have redeemed some confidence as he caused and then boldly saved a penalty kick which was awarded to the Baggies late in the first half.

But Almunia – shades of Barcelona’s visit to the Emirates last term – then conceded two goals in quick succession after the restart and partly presented West Brom’s third.

In truth, every defender in front of the Spaniard was as culpable for today’s horror show, but while Almunia did his reputation more harm to fans, Wenger refused to let out any direct criticism.

“You can have question marks about many players today if you look at the performance, especially the defensive one. Many players made massive mistakes defensively.”

“I do not want to come out on any individual performances because we were collectively poor. You could single out a few players who have made mistakes.”

The Frenchman made nine changes to the side which began the Carling Cup clash at White Hart Lane with Diaby back from injury while Eboue enjoyed a rare start in midfield.

Despite all those line-up alterations, the Gunners appeared short of energy as West Brom capitalized on a spineless display from Wenger’s men.

And the manager himself made no excuses after the final whistle on Saturday.

“Overall it was a poor team performance and we have to analyse why and make sure we respond well because we have had good performances since the start of the season.”

“It is the first real bad performance and it is unexplainable how bad the whole thing looked for the whole game.”

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20 thoughts on “Wenger: Almunia was as poor as anyone

  1. until Wenger accepts he is wrong in his choice of our so called two keepers, then expect the same as the last five seasons zilch

  2. Wenger said this only because he really can’t do anything til January, Wenger decided to give him another chance this season because this guy Aluminum is deceiving, one day he’s world class, and the other day he becomes worse than schit. Rosicky deserves Nasri’s spot when Cesc is out. Even though Nasri probably was our best player today (didn’t see the game), but with Rosicky the team as a WHOLE becomes better. Believe it or not, there are players who seem average but make the team around them so much better and vice versa. Perhaps coz Nasri is not as quick and direct as Rosicky.

  3. Quite agree Arsenalisto. Wenger CANNOT publicly blame the keeper, that would only shake his confidence more. We just have to trust that he’s got the right idea behind the scenes, and can’t expect to be told what those ideas are.

    Nasri was superb (again) today, the only one who started the game that that could be said about. He has to start. But I agree about Rosicky, he _always_ makes a difference. I’d have started with him instead of Eboue and probably Wilshere instead of Diaby. Fair enough to want to give Jack a rest, but let’s do it when the game’s safe, eh?

  4. Aluminium has many useful uses throughout society and I resent the unfair comparison with Almunia who has no use whatsoever.

  5. It was a really disspaointing result today. shocking team performance. the only person with drive and determination was Nasri.

  6. How can Wenger be surprised,this is his team and he knows them better then anyone,it is not the first time we have witnessed abject surrender,remember Wigan just to name the latest piece of surrender.This team is incapable of sustaining any sort of momentum and are completely spineless when faced with adversity and you can only blame Wenger for this it is his players,he nurtured them and pampered them beyond what is reasonable.

  7. i cant believe why Wenger is continuosly playing on the intelligence of the fans who pay so much money week in week out to watch Arsenal’s game. when will Wenger understand the face that we need A WORLD CLASS KEEPER if we are to record any major success in modern football. Am losing my patience with Wenger.

  8. Why did Eboue start with Rosicky on the bench? Rosicky should of started in Nasri’s place, with Nasri dropping back to replace Eboue. But credit where it’s due, WBA played very well. No thuggery, good commitment in attacks instead and they didn’t park the bus from the off, waiting to counter. Overall a very poor display from Arsenal. There was NO creativity in the midfield of Eboue – Song – Diaby, at all in the first half.

    The goalkeeping situation is a shambles at Arsenal at the minute.

  9. I’m as upset as the rest of you are. I sat in front of me television and I screamed at the lack luster performance I was watching before my eyes…. It totally ticks me off when I see players who make bucket loads of loot per week and they come out and play like a bunch of school girls, bahhh thats too good…. I know this happens to everyone here and there in this game we love, I mean even Chelski lost today which keeps us in 2nd for now!! I’m sorry I just cannot see this current crop of players winning any major silverware, maybe the Carling Cup, maybe just maybe, but the EPL title and the Champions League, fat chance, fat chance indeed…

  10. To win the Premier league Arsenal needs to beat clubs like Westbromich no matter their perfomance. from all indications the league this season is gone there is no point hoping over mirage. Wenger is not ready for business… he complains we lose games coz opponents play physical but here Westbrom played clasic football on our soil too bad. The truth is bitter but it must be said if we could not beat Westbrom we should never DREAM of beating Chelsea a wounded lion or can we dare Man-City rising star. THE LEAGUE IS GOOOONE DEAR GOOOONERS

  11. Some Arsenal fans were angry with Cecs when he wanted to leave for Barcelona but in truth is this how the young star will end his career with NEVER READY Wenger? We need players that can stand the test of time if we are to be champions not Vampersy two games on seven games out, Almunia one game world class five games an accademy boy, lazzy Arsahvin, un predictable Diaby, rusty Ebue, injury prone Walcott,etc we need real MEN Fabregas cant continue his career in this same old mess come next season PLEASE MOVE ON TO WHERE FOOTBALL IS BUSINESS AND VICTORY A MUST. Let then say you have tried. Masharano didnt see 5% of the presure you saw that he fled Liverpool, please Mr Wenger if you will never be ready let our dear Fabregas move on. being on the bench at Barcelona is better than wasting his time at Arsenal….. one we will be ready.

  12. I agree with Wenger. Everyone was bad except Nasri. Song and Diaby were very sloppy and Eboue was poor. Chamakh wasn’t as good as before and Arshavin weren’t to good either

  13. Damn! i cant believe that was arsenal playing like that, i agree they played well but our team was suck… if we play like this infront of chelsea and city and united we’ll take more than 4 goals. in first goal that was sagna fault and second and thired koc an almunia fault.. oh god chelsea won westbrom with 6 and we…

  14. Every Arsenal fan is deeply upset not to have won over Westbrom at home soil.To me this was a must win game for Arsenal as they will face Chelsea and Mancity in their next games.The strikers Arsenal have are just too fragile….RVP/Walcott/Bendter all out and Chamakh is not up for it as yet.The team that played today cannot challenge Chelsea, ManUtd or Mancity. Fabregas is the key and when he’s out, this team always struggles.It’s rather too early to decide on the silverware but with that awfull display today, I am also doubtfull even for Arsenal being Top 4 this season. Arsenal fans need to have patience and a bigger heart otherwise Emirates stadium will soon be empty.This was a bad day guys.

  15. i dnt know why wenger is using aluminium as keeper and captain it doesnt have any luck at all , have discover that eachtime aluminium is a captain is either we loss or draw,dnt know y arsene is not using Wojciech Szczesny or mannone on goal dey r better than those 2 fumble and wumble keepers

  16. Be sure almunia problem is his confidence.Hes still our number 1 and i support him. lets hope almunia back to the good days.

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