By Randy Osae


"Let's make it quiet, guys!"

Arsene Wenger has for once lifted the lid on the unending moves and shakes around Andrei Arshavin’s possible transfer to Arsenal – at least with thanks to the inquisitive media who forced him to answer questions.

After the draw at Goodison Park,  the Arsenal boss faced the British media for a routine match reaction and topics were shifted back to Arshavin.

When asked about the latest on the much protracted January transfer window saga just 24-hours after he astonishingly declared there had been NO proposed move for the player what so ever, Wenger now answered:

“There is nothing new on Arshavin. I have been concentrating on the game and not taking calls, but the deal is maybe 90% completed. However, the final 10% of any deal can be the most difficult. Maybe in the next two days. In this kind of job it can be difficult at this stage because people can change their minds completely.”

As wisely noticeable from Wenger’s statement, what is going on behind the scenes does not differ from the speculated nor Zenit’s proclaims. The transfer is now stalking on Arshavin’s personal agreements which indeed, as Wenger siad, is a minimum part of the whole transfer process but a very dynamic one which can derail it all also.

Arshavin might have to compensate with a pay-cut from the £100,000-110,000 he was pocketing at Zenit down to £80,000-90,000 like Gallas, Fabregas and Adebayor earn at the Emirates Stadium.

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