Arsene Wenger has revealed when he will decide how many defenders to deploy at the back for this weekend’s FA Cup final.

The Gunners have been in impressive form since switching formations to 3-4-3, having won every game apart from the north London derby against Tottenham.

However, Wenger could be tempted to resort to his old tactics of a back four after being hit with several injury woes at centre-back.

According to the Arsenal boss, the team will practice both formations before he makes his decision on Saturday.

“It just shows you how unpredictable football can be because we played at home, your mind is on attacking, and on the day we lost two centre backs,” Wenger said

“It’s absolutely unbelievable and unpredictable, and we have been hit hard in a position where we will need to be strong on Saturday. We’ll have to find solutions and hopefully I will find the good solutions.

“I have to decide until Saturday [whether to keep a back three or not] – we’ll test that in training until then.”

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