Wenger gives account on Almunia

https://i2.wp.com/cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0gtb5I88X48A0/220x.jpg?resize=157%2C232Arsene Wenger may restore Manuel Almunia between the posts for Arsenal on Saturday.

The Spaniard has sat out a number of games since the defeat at Manchester City – where he was blamable for an own goal – with Wenger claiming he caught a chest infection.

Almunia though, supposedly recovered from his month-long lay off and returned to the squad last week but the boss has kept faith in Vito Mannone.

Arsenal’s young Italian stopper showed a few signs of inexperience last Sunday against West Ham but is an undoubted raw talent.

And after Fabianski’s performance in the Carling Cup on Tuesday night, Wenger found more options of goalkeepers at his disposal for Saturday but the French man is not hinting on who he will select to guard the goal against Spurs.

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“I don’t know yet what I will do for Saturday but Lukasz Fabianski is available and he has done very well.”

“Almunia is back to his normal level. I have no worries [about playing him on Saturday] but I don’t want to give you any indication because I don’t know myself what I will do for Saturday.” Wenger said

15 thoughts on “Wenger gives account on Almunia

  1. Mannone is not the answer! I’m afraid Almunia and Fabianski are not much better. We need to recruit a world class keeper – why we didn’t sign Given last Winter for £5m is beyond me!

  2. USA Gunner, Mannone has already fucked up.. on several occasions so your point doesn’t make any sense at all.

    Fabianski will start on Saturday, I guarantee you.

  3. me thinks Alumnia should get his place back. The guy knows he’s got competition for his place, and that is how he works best- remember when Lehman was on the bench how he played. Mannone, nope. Fabianski, maybe. Given, guys he also gave away a two goal lead on Sunday..

  4. When and where has Vito f’d up?

    Every goal he has allowed except for one “Maybe” has not been his fault.

    Vs. Standard 2 goals in 5 minutes, not his fault one was a pk
    Vs. Wigan shut out
    Vs. Fulham shut out
    Vs Olympiakos shut out
    Vs. Blackburn gave up two, hard to say if anyone could have saved those, one was pure luck flick of the head that nobody could have saved and the second was a deflection
    Vs. Birmingham – can’t remember but he gave up 1.
    Vs. AZ nobody could have saved that.
    Vs. West Ham, that free kick was good, least he got a hand to it! Second was a pk.

    so as I see it. Vito has played a total of 8 games giving up 2 goals that could be put on him the rest are PK’s or pure luck.

    Almunia 6 goals in two games!!!!

    It’s easy the team is playing better with Vito, why WHY take him out if he hasn’t done anything to cost the team a game yet?

    Almunia vs Man u – pk tackle and poor talking with defender leads to own goal.

    Almunia vs Man City- can’t remember the goals but a couple of them seemed to be near post shots that the goalie should never be beat at.

    It’s so simple. PLAY HIM TILL HE FUCKS UP!

    I really hope that Almunia gets back in and messes up so you guys can all eat crow.

  5. I don’t know why my previous posts didn’t get posted but it was a run down of the goals that have been allowed since Vito took over.

    I think the total was 6, with 2 pks and two fluke goals, giving Vito 2 that you might be able to call his own. I don’t get how you can blame him for the free kick. He stopped the initial shot!!!

    Almunia in our two games lost has cost us 4 vs Man city and two vs Man U.

    Simple, play and keep Vito!

    If we do play Almunia this week I hope we get crushed so all you idiot fans/bandwagon fans can eat crow. You don’t take out a hot keeper who hasn’t lost yet!

  6. I want a victory this weekend! That’s what I want!

    I enjoy knowing everyone here! I just wanted to let everyone know! I wish we could all get together for matches and supprt our beloved team!

    And those haters that come to this Arsenal website are jealous and concerned about this weekend!

    Go Gunners!

  7. I hope Wenger will pick players who are on form at the moment. For me, Ramsey is an interesting prospect to start this weekend in place of Diaby in view of his strong performance during the recent Carling Cup competition. Whoever the keeper this weekend should be an interesting guess for all of us though we may have our own preferences. As the saying goes, “Arsene knows Best”. Go Gunners!!!

  8. USA Gunner…

    Got yer back on this one homie!.

    “Don Vito: The Nose” has got to stay in between the sticks!!.

    You provided a lovely statistical analysis of WHY he needs to be left in net. He hasn’t “cost” us any points through weak ass goals let in…unlike Almunia has done for essentially his entire career at THE ARSENAL.

    Frankly, I can’t imagine why any Gooner would be enamored with Almunia’s body of work with the Club. He’s always been a backup ‘keeper with poor instincts and technique.

    “Don Vito” should have done better with that F.K. in the West Ham match…but in fairness it took a freaky bounce off his wrist to change its direction back across the face of the goal. Almunia would have just done a spectacular dive and waved at it as it passed OR deflected it up into the roof of the net as per usual.

    Almunia has no grounds for “beef” with Wenger…he jumped Crazy Jens in the exact same fashion and then ran with it for the rest of the season…why should it be any different with “Don Vito” until he really fecks up and costs us 3 pts???

    P.S. – you better have been joking USA “G” when you wished a loss for us against Spurs IF Almunia started :-0

  9. ha I would never wish a loss for our Gunners. I just hope that we field the best 11. If it’s like anything that we have been known to do in the last month I’m betting Wegner will not go with anything special and will continue to play Diaby.

    Really wish that he would give Ramsey or Fran a look at their spot. Would love to see Ramsey get some starts here ASAP!

    Up the guns!!! HD BABY!!!!

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