Wenger: I cannot lie and say we will sign someone tomorrow

https://i0.wp.com/d.yimg.com/i/ng/sp/reuters/20110824/19/979772775-24082011194015.jpg?resize=304%2C196Arsene Wenger is not giving anything away over his plans ahead of transfer deadline day next week.

The Arsenal manager was dealt some relief in Italy on Wednesday as his side secured a place in the Champions League group stages and escaped any more gloomy headlines with an eventful 2-1 win over Udinese.

Despite the Gunners’ impressive result, there were still glitches apparent in Wenger’s side which will need repair, but the Arsenal boss claims he is yet to find what he is looking for in the transfer market.

Wenger admits he is still in search for a new player, but he is remaining tight-lipped for now.

“We work very hard on signings but if you look at the players we had tonight they were top class. [Does that mean you won’t make any signings?] There may be signings but I cannot lie and say we will sign someone tomorrow because it is not true. We try.” Wenger said

The Gunners boss ‘ agrees that Arsenal’s transfer business may be easier after securing a Champions spot but Wenger is still counting much on his current options in the squad.

“It is a little bit easier, but it is not easy to find players of the calibre that we have lost.”I expect to, of course, but at the moment I am very happy if we get (Abou) Diaby back in midfield and a few others that are out.

“We have too many players missing, but you will see that we have a very good squad.”

French news source L’Equipe claimed today that Arsenal have made a bid of €25 million for Rennes’ midfielder Yann M’Vila.

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45 thoughts on “Wenger: I cannot lie and say we will sign someone tomorrow

    1. It look to me like he was saying they were in negotiations but he didn’t want to commit by saying we WILL sign someone, first because it has always been our policy not to talk about transfers until they’re done, and perhaps also because he doesn’t know if we will be able to pull the transfer(s) off – and it would disappoint the fans still further if he said “we will sign someone” if in in the end we the transfer(s) didn’t work out.
      He did repeat a few times that they are trying very hard.
      Sounds to me like they’re in negotiations with someone or some people but it’s just not clear whether the player(s) will be joining yet.

  1. Brilliant I’m so happy for Arsene Wenger, as he has had a torrid time of late being attacked from the media plus his own fans, I thought we played very well had some look of our team playing early last year, I thought Gervinho is a top class player as well, assisting RVP with the first goal, also walcot’s goal was excellent

  2. It didnt come across like that, he actually was saying, hell yes i want to sign, but nothing is agreed yet………..WHy add to pressure from fans, wait to the window closes and judge….

  3. blown out of propotion he said i cannot lie and say we will someone tommorow meaning we aint close to signing someone.

  4. This article is a bunch of trash, just trying to get us in an uproar at Wenger. Wenger never gives anything away one way or the other. We will sign someone, it’s almost a guarantee. Don’t buy into this crap.

  5. Strange human being from excuses planet…….This money doens’t belongs to your family, just spend it and have rest of mind for once………..

  6. sezney
    sagna kozzer verma marcelo
    svanstiger wilshere
    walcott gervinho
    ropin van persie
    i bielive this team could bring us title to the grove what do you say thumbs up

  7. He’s happy with the squad right now. Besides, if he does signed M’Villa, Hazard and Cahill, it’ll will only kill the younger players chances to be in the fist team. Yes, even though Nasri said the fans are not passionate enough, I think indirectly he’s saying the Board and Wenger is not ambitious enough to fulfill the players desire to be great team again.

  8. Oh dear, Well at least he will be taught a lesson on sunday at OT, And no we were far from being a top class, a top class team had slaughtered this weak defence of Udinese in my opinion.

  9. He didn’t say he ‘wouldnt lie’ about signing someone. He gave the impression that there would certainly be signings but he would not offer any names for obvious reasons.

    Stop trying to panic Arsenal fans and cause trouble. It has been a good night for Arsenal.

  10. I think this is a bit misleading.
    Hes just keeping his cards close to his chest. He never says anything about transfers.
    Delighted with the win tonight and expect signings to be made, this tie always had to be negotiated before we made any move in the market.
    Nothing wrong with the two signings we have made either – Jenkinson and Gervinho both brilliant.
    We need 3 more players, but I suspect we will get 2.
    I hope Ivan is on a jet to a transfer negotiation as we speak!

    1. Gervinho was great, and Jenkinson and Szczesny both grew a lot tonight. They both look ready now. So we now have a quality goalkeeper and some proper, reliable cover for the fullback positions.
      I hope we can now carry this form over to the PL. Unless we sign someone, as much as I hate to say it, can’t see us getting much out of Utd next week. No Frimpong or song makes our midfield look horribly weak, and gervinho’s ban will mean that arshavin will play – that guy really needs to step up his game, but that’s been true for the last year or so, and he hasn’t done it (except for that one kick against Barca).

  11. I honestly dislike our board… They are useless… The only reason they are not found out is because we have a genius of a manager! I can not imagine for the life of me Dein would have let Mata go to chelsea… unfortunately till Dein is back or the Russian takes over I believe it will extremely hard for us to win the big cups! Well done Arsene, top man, top manager we are lucky to have you….

  12. I cannot lie and say WE DON’T NEED REINFORCEMENTS.

    3 VG players will do, failing that the 3rd cavalry unit!

  13. All Managers respect Wenger becase they know they couldnt achieve what Wenger has with the budget and players he’s had. Yes he needs to buy but i think the issue here is that we (fans) want people that currently get well over £100,000 a week and that means all other players would have to have their salaries doubled. Has anyone tried to calculate how much Arsenal would have to pay in total to keep all players content?

  14. how did i know an article like this would surface so quickly after the match. first of all you need to realise that every single question asked to wenger wad formulated in a where either way he answered could be misconstrude to squeeze headlines and keep beating us down. it was obvious to anyone who heard the interview (which i’m assuming u didnt) that Arsene meant that he isnt close enough to signing anyone that they could announce 2mrw. what would u have him do? spill the gossip to the media before a deal is done and risk losing out as a result of it? ur a joke to be whipping up this garbage and getting the shallow and negative fans screaming for signings less than an hour after one of the most important wins in our season. you are the problem and i hope tonight will at least give more fans reason to trust wenger, at the very least for the next 7 days…..

  15. The greatest tragedy in life is to see all you have worked for trampled by one’s hand. Imaglne wenger say that he has a great team that could nt even equalise the game against liverpool, oh what shame, just because we fortunate 2 win against udinese. Arsenal board will soon become the only supporters in arsenal games.

  16. hahaha….typical media. why want to ask us about signing? why don’t they just to man city a club that so rich and they can buy anyone they want to, even unborn talent :p

  17. Mr manager this boys wont go too far….. What if any injury occur, who would replace them… Tonight game is very promising but we need new player.. Pls do something.. We love Arsenal, we’re proud to be Gunners despite all odds.. Mr Boards, kindly do something.. We need someone to help our new boys… God help us all

  18. I’m surprised some fans are talking like Wenger after
    winning a matci with a not-so-good performance. Top class? Don’t think so. Sagna struggling at left back, Jenkinson needing experience, Rambo very sluggish, Sczesny Man of the matc

  19. I’m surprised some fans are talking like Wenger after
    winning a match with a not-so-good performance. Top class? Don’t think so. Sagna struggling at left back, Jenkinson needing experience, Rambo very sluggish, Sczesny Man of the matc

  20. Arsenal truly needed a lot of luck in this match, the defence is always left exposed and its only due to szesny’s brilliant performance that Arsenal manage to pull trough, couldn’t imagine how many goals would have been conceded if almunia is in front of goal

  21. Our second half performance was composed & commanding, but a first half of same old (gung ho) Arsenal, could have easily seen us 3 nil down at the break.We’ve been 3 quality players away from being real title contenders for the past 4 years…nothing has changed.

  22. Even the best team in d world @ d moment..have spent over £50m to buy world class players dis summer after winin almost all trophies they compet last seson.. Best team in england @ d moment hav also spent up 2 £50m to add mor fire.. City zchieved top4 plac last seson after winin resonable FA..and stil buy mor legs to achiev dan last seson.. While Arsenal dat hav not won any thing for d past 6years sold all ther qulity players without replacin them.. Arsenal fabrigas, nasri, clicy,jack,song v pas, wacolt,sagna..impress last seson but they not enough to win any thing…eeeeeuuunnn Now we sold 3from d players again without replacin them instead of add mor legs to improv last seson squrd.. Arsenal will try dis seson but not better than last seson cos d team is not better than last seson.

  23. Lets just try and be soft on arsene, with the presnt board sir A Ferguson will not succeed at emirate, who then can replace arsene. May be the board have to go first. in arsene i trust

  24. Wenger’s post match comment could easily b the exact one he’s used in the past few years. How we gunners manage to imagine anythng positive will come out such statements, i’l just never know. All i feel is deja vu.

  25. The reality is obvious, everyone has seen that the problem is from silent stan and co-board member but despite that fact wenger need to sort out his priorities by buying the right players because premiership game is very harder not to compare to other league, we have then nasri and cesc did we win trophy talkless they’ve gone.pls buy now or never.

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