Wenger: Why I got angry at my team

Arsene Wenger has revealed that he was “fuming” on the sidelines because of a particular play from his team during the dying minutes of Sunday’s Premier League clash with Burnley.

Arsenal managed to secure a 1-0 victory with literally the last kick of the game as Laurent Koscielny bundled home the winning goal after Sean Dyche’s side had proven to be too tough to break down.

The injury-time goal came through a cross from Alexis Sanchez which was nodded across the goal by Theo Walcott.

However, that was after Mesut Ozil had chosen to pass the ball from a corner-kick instead of taking a long set-piece.

According to Wenger, he was initially disappointed to see the German make that decision.

“I was fuming because we played a short corner, it looked to me like we were at the end of the two minutes – why did we not take a direct corner?” Wenger said in his post-match interview

The ball appeared to hit Koscielny’s arm on the way into the net and Wenger agrees the goal could have been ruled out on another day.

“I didn’t see the ball going in. But I’ve been told, yes, by the television, that we were a bit fortunate to have the goal allowed.” the Arsenal manager added

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