Wenger makes Bordeaux contact for Chamakh as manager gives go-ahead

https://i0.wp.com/www.photosdefoot.com/galleries/BORDEAUX/chamakh.jpg?resize=266%2C200According to Bordeaux president Jean-Louis Triaud, Arsene Wenger has made a proposal for Marouane Chamakh.

One of Wenger’s worst kept secrets is his interest in the Morrocan striker who netted 13 times for the Ligue 1 champions least season.

Arsene Wenger recently confirmed that Chamakh is on his radar but only in the case of an Arsenal striker’s exit would he make a move for the 25-year-old.

And with Emmanuel Adebayor jumping ship to Manchester City almost a fortnight ago, Wenger has now attempted to add a similar replacement in a lanky Maroune Chamakh.

Bordeuax’s president has now hinted a discussion between the two clubs could begin after a phone call from the Arsenal boss.

“Wenger has called me,” he told L’Equipe.

“He told me he has a list of forwards and Marouane is one of the names on it.

“However, I expect this could be a complex case which could become a soap opera.”

The French side’s manager Laurent Blanc has also expressed his approval of a possible transfer for Chakmakh, but insists his current club will make the most of a sale which is only welcome to “a big club”.

“I am going to do everything to make sure he does not go to just any club. With him, things are clear. After the season he’s had, if he has to go, it will be to a big club. That’s why I am standing in the way of a departure to Sunderland.

“I am not going to change what I said to him at the start of the year. If an offer comes from a big club, I will not stand in the way. The door is half-open.”

“But it is all up to me to work hard to earn my place”


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12 thoughts on “Wenger makes Bordeaux contact for Chamakh as manager gives go-ahead

  1. first quote has appeared everywhere already.

    second quote is from yesterday.


    1. Gooner Chris – this site is not Sky Sports mate, I intend to inform my visitors, not break news first. (to you)

      1. But you’re just churning out the same news as everyone else. Surely you’re not that delusional?

  2. good stuff Randy.

    I think after this weekend you will see some signings.

    Midfield attacking and defending
    Center back

    I think Wegner may have something up his sleeve, just think how great it will be when we smoke out Man City with our team. I think that in itself will be a moral victory for Wegner. We don’t have to buy our team we build it! I respect Wegner although I get on him a lot but the man knows. He will do what he does and we will be fine. I think we were in the same boat a couple of years ago when Henry left. This team is stronger because of all the negative comments they are seasoned and they will come out fighting. I’m done bashing the hopes of the season before it started and fromo here on out will only support our team and our manager.

    This team and these lads will provide us with a great season!

  3. boring also..
    i hate speculation
    i u want buy, buy it
    i very happy because wenger do a good job

  4. USA Gunner, thanks for changing your tone! Be true to yourself and the team you love!

    Go Arsenal!

  5. ha it was tough because I’ve been on this board for the last year supporting Wegner and this team but when he let go of the players and told us that we didn’t need more it got me a little worried.

    We need backups at every position, keeping Senderous, Eboue, Diaby, Song and Denilson are key. With Ramsey, Theo, Jacky, JET, Gibbs and DJ that provides us with a little bit of experienced backup.

    Bring in Vierra to play the big 4 games and CL games and let him teach the young lads a thing or two about beatiful football on and off the pitch!

    Make it happen Wegner!

  6. A proper forward has to be first on Wenger’s shopping list. Nice to know he has some targets.

  7. Randy, Despite being “attack” by your rivals with regards to your blog, I salute your for you have taken it in your stride. Keep up your good work because there are always fans who will enjoy and appreciate your work here at Red London. Keep blogging & cheers!

    1. I dearly appreciate that, it’s for people like you that Red London is thriving. 🙂

  8. Glad to know that Wenger is making effort to reinforce the squad with new signings. After last season performances, I believe Wenger knows who he wants and what is needed to strengthen the existing squad. I hope that he will get the players he wanted early so that they( the new players) will have ample time train and jell together as a team.

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