Wenger has hinted his regret over the substitution of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the 2-1 defeat to Manchester United.

The English youngster’s replacement Andrey Arshavin was booed by the Arsenal faithful during his introduction after last week’s discouraging show at Swansea.

That move from the Gunners boss backfired in painful fashion as Manchester United went on to win the game through a goal in which Arshavin was culpable – allowing Valencia the freedom to find Welbeck who scored the late winner.

And after witnessing the disappointment which followed his decision to substitute Oxlade-Chamberlain on Sunday, Wenger did not hide from the truth that he had made a tactical error.

“I feel we were a bit nervous in the first-half but in the second-half we created chances to win the game. We had a great second-half but we were unlucky.” Wenger told Sky Sports

“When it was 1-1 it looked like it would be us to win the game and in the end, one tactical mistake lost us the game”

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