Wenger on Cavani signing


Arsene Wenger has dismissed any hopes of Edison Cavani or Isco becoming Arsenal players this month.

The Uruguay international was recently omitted from the PSG winter training camp, fueling speculation that the striker could be on his way to north London.

Cavani had been linked with a £50m deal to join Arsenal with some suggesting that Lukas Podolski’s loan move to Inter Milan was intended to create room in the squad for the arrival of the former Napoli star.

But despite revealing that Yaya Sanogo may join Podolski out on the loan spells, Arsene Wenger has admitted that he will not be signing any attacking player as a replacement.

Real Madrid’s Isco is another man in the rumour mill but the Arsenal boss claims he is unlikely to repeat the mistake of last summer where his attack was supplied with more options while his defense remained weakened.

“No, we are not on the case [on a striker or midfielder]. We have plenty of creative players. We are more short on the defensive side of our game” Wenger said.

Reports currently indicate that Arsene Wenger is coy on making any moves over his transfer targets until the third week of January. The Gunners’ boss – who is known for leaving his deals very late – now insists that the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Mathieu Flamini and Mesut Ozil who are returning from injury lay-offs could provide the lift his squad needs.

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“I feel [we are getting stronger now]. We could benefit from that [returning players] because these are players who are not overloaded with games. ” he added.

“Some of our players have played 26 or 27 games, whereas some have played four or five. These players coming back can give us some impact for the coming months.”

25 thoughts on “Wenger on Cavani signing

  1. You see wenger’s blindness,.he doesn’t see the hole in defensive midfield area,yet he lies the world of not having problems in that area.Arsenal problems are there to stay until the club managerial team sees the old man as a useless wood.

  2. I think Wenger should go for psycatric examination, because he is’nt okay pdycologycally. Infact, he should be fierd and get us a better manager.

  3. cavani is more important than arsene wenger thought’s. Arsene Wenger must leave is he can’t bring in 2 defensive midfielder’s the likes of Cavani,Isco,Pogba to mention but a few.

  4. what people see in Cavani, Wellback scored more goals, seen hem play with PSG and he wasted many easy chances.

  5. If arsene wenger didn’t sign,that means what happened last year will repeat it self,we are tired of him. Now Alex Song is still available for him,but the old man don’t have the intention of signing any player

  6. when ppl r expressing thier thoughts on Arsenal and our weak coach,u r here talking abt someones misspellings.Dont u think its abt time wenger opened up for a better challenge and stop this kind of mediocrity in 2015 for God’s sake?coaches r under pressure to succeed by all means but not wenger,simply bcoz we have supporters like u Illy so he is feeling damn kul.wait until i get to london,he will run away.

  7. Hw can yu be relyin on injured players, wat says they’ll be in their best form wen d recover? Wenger has lost touch of d evolution in d game, he still sticks to his old methodology and philosophy no, hw long will it take 4 him to get dis simple fact? D game has changed, so have d players and managers

  8. First of all PSG won’t want to sell Cavani, this window
    Secondly no EPL club will pay out 50m or 60m for his services, this window.
    Thirdly Arsenal don’t have a need, this window, for attacking options. Arsene has just said this.
    And yet most of the foolish comments made on here, indicate the total lack of understanding anything to do with Prem football.
    I suppose most of you are just too young, dumb and full of cum, to understand and comment with some level of intelligence.

  9. Some of these fans are funny…the press will come up with a players name,whether it’s a made up story or not…these fans believe it anyway,then blame Wenger when it doesn’t happen?! He’s already said we need defensive cover yet everyone wants us to sign Cavani??

    …. Plus all these fans calling for ‘Wenger Out’….when are you going to WAKE UP and realise he’s not going anywhere so move on……

  10. Wengar now old put you aree good before 10 or 9yrs this time you are confuse team problem you are weak back then you sigin one back plyer the well become ok then you get problem senter the you are sigin sentar plyer they well become okay then you get forward problem you bay forward you will become okay then you get keapar you are like that wengar you go sleep out out out out out ???????????

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