Wenger on Diaby injury

https://i2.wp.com/cdn.wn.com/ph/img/99/60/fbc26e3223e6fdd58be4440906a9-grande.jpg?resize=248%2C172There will be yet another nervy wait over injury news after Wednesday’s league clash with Bolton.

Arsenal’s latest causality is Abou Diaby who was forced off after 76 minutes in the 4-2 victory over Owen Coyle’s side.

The 23-year-old was replaced by Craig Eastmond with a suspected calf problem after playing a key part in Arsenal’s comeback and will certainly be missed should he be sidelined for a lengthy spell.

Arsene Wenger had no definite prognosis on Diaby’s injury during his post-match interview but revealed the French midfielder began the game in pain anyway.

And as it stands, only a scan within the next day or two will show how long Diaby will be ruled out.

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“Diaby has a calf strain, from a kick he got at Bolton (on Sunday) on his calf. He went into the game with a stiff calf already and he didn’t survive.” Wenger said.

“I don’t know how long he will be out. You have to check with him because you see more on the scan, so we have to be cautious.”

22 thoughts on “Wenger on Diaby injury

  1. what is wrong with this team all the players are like glass they get injured so fast i bet u all the players have a injury right now and r not 100% and arsavin isnt 100% fit

    1. Not a bad point to make at all man. It as though our squad is algebra when it comes to injuries.

      The equation always has to be equal with those who come back and those who go out. 😛

    1. Robin Van Persie (3-4 months), Kieran Gibbs (2 months), Johan Djourou (2 months), Nicklas Bendtner (1 week), Aaron Ramsey (3 weeks), Fran Merida (undetermined), Samir Nasri (3 weeks) and Diaby (undetermined)

      There are positives though. At least these injuries are making Wenger’s line-ups easier to pick and there are no selection headaches or unnecessary tactical changes which may ruin our momentum.

      That said, is it just me or has Eduardo been playing EVERY SINGLE game (in all competitions) ever since he returned against Burnley in December?

      That’s 8 games in a row total and 7 starts.


      1. what r u implying with the “dudu” comment???….love your blog, keep up the good work…just not clear on the intention of that 1….please elaborate (reason i dont get it could b that im polish)…..up gunners

  2. The algebra reference is quite cute,but appropriate.Today the balance was a little bit in our favour,since we got back Walcott,Clichy and Denilson,and only lost Diaby.Hopefully he won’t be gone for too long,and with Bendtner coming back next week,we should be able to cope.I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. CORY – I was implying that Eduardo who was so injury-prone after his comeback (which is reasonable) and suffered a “knock” after every appearance has now played over five matches on the trot.

    So that is reason to be cheerful!

    By the way, I want your take on this below guys. It’s Gallas’ much-fussed tackle.

    Gallas' much fussed tackle

    1. that is a very good reason to be cheerful…we need some more players who can stand up to injury…can’t afford to lose too many of them to injury at this point…

  4. Alan Wiley, the referee was in the perfect position when Gallas fouled Davies.
    Davies was playing for the foul. He was stretching to get the first touch.
    From the referee’s position it looked like they met the ball at the same time but Davies had the stronger contact.
    The truth is that Gallas missed the ball completely and got the man.
    It was a bad tackle and should have been a foul and a booking.
    However Arsenal should have have three penalties in the two games and Muamba clearly fouled Fabregas before the second Bolton goal.
    Taylor should have been sent off for kneeling on Fabregas’s neck.

    Bolton have alot of good players. When Owen Coyle stops them playing like neanderthals they will avoid the drop.

  5. Diaby is a big blow when you look at our next 4 league fixtures and who we can bring in to replace him. As Gooners we have to all unite behind Tunisia who play Cameroon tonight. If Tunisia beat Cameroon then Song will be back for the Villa game.
    As for the Gallas tackle. I personally feel its about fukken time we gave a little back to Bolton. One bad tackle doesn’t erase 6 years of dirty tactics we have suffered by their hands. What goes around comes around! Deal with it.

  6. Watch the movie! just as contact is made the ball heads away from gallas… does that not mean he made first contact with the ball? all though very slightly! as for ref he let so many fouls go in this game it was unbelievable. So then in context the right decision….

  7. Concerning Gallas tackle .. I don’t care one bit if Bolton player get injured because they have been dishing the tackles out for a long time and about time to feel the pain.. 🙂

  8. What is now known as the ‘Gallas tackle’ on Mrk Davies was dished out to the wrong player;Gallas actually thot it was Kevin Davies!Lol! But seriously, it WAS a bad tackle and merited a booking but not a red as some ‘official fans’ have stated elsewhere. But make no mistake about it, we really need to raise our threshold for pain and what Wenger described as being PHYSICALLY RESISTANT to thuggery as the top table teams are as bad as Bolton in their physicality only that they are more professinal about it(e.g Chelsea). If we are going to survive the next run of title rivals, we have to bring a bit of meanness to our game, that refusal to be shoved off the ball, that repeated fouling must be returned and sometimes, handed out to perceived Arsenal Enemies like Fletcher and Evra.We need to give Evra a treatment like what we gave him last season;he actually cried out like a girl!

    They are goign to come at us so we better ditch that repeated shout of ‘ref not fair’ when others are fouling us and accept it as part of the price of being on the top.Chelsea did it under Mourinho and that army of thugs are still there;Man Utd are never shy of the ‘necessary tackles’ from Rooney to even Rafael.Arsenal, grow up and wise up.They may not outplay us but they can try to ‘kick us out of the park’.To maintain our hold on the top , we need to stand up to the thuggery and say’no more’.Gallas has shown it but let’s refine it and add it.Even Barcelona cant be bullied off the park;they always give as much as they receive.Time for a new learning curve.

  9. Arsenal play give go touch move , buzz, sting ,hit type football , what I MEAN is if you play proper football on the ground ,all the Arsenal defence are footballers and are as comfortable on the ball as the forwards, you will get more injured footballers , because you are not doing the big hoof, you are doing the feinting pass , and not the big hoof, so you are a easier taget.My thoughts on why we get a lot of injuries , but dont forget , who got injured playing for there countries in crap money making friendlies.

  10. I hope, Diaby gets well soon!!!

    On a side note..I know Cameroon is playing vs. Tunisia as we speak and Cameroon is losing 1-nil at the moment. I tell you I wouldn’t mind it at all if Song came back early from the tournament. We def need him back! We’ve been doing pretty good without him but having him back would make our defense a lot more solid. We’ve been leaking silly goals lately.

    Come on Tunisia!!!!

  11. I know I watched the match! Tunisia were so close but I think the own goal killed it for them! I hope Turkey beats Cameroon so we can have Song back ASAP. haha

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