Wenger on Fabianski performance

https://i0.wp.com/i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/02/17/article-0-0857C079000005DC-578_468x286.jpg?resize=244%2C145Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal shot themselves in the foot in Wednesday’s defeat at Porto but insists Lukasz Fabianski’s display will take a private analysis.

The Polish goalkeeper had a match to forget as he compounded the shame of an own-goal with another error which capped Porto’s second in their 2-1 victory.

But Wenger intends not to copy the acts of fellow managers Harry Redknapp (on Pavlyuchenko) and Jose Mourinho (on Balotelli) by reacting to a player’s blunder in public.

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“I do not want to come out individually on Lukasz’ performance tonight and judge him in front of everybody.” Wenger said.

“I believe that you have to accept that you lose as a team and win as a team. Any individual performance has not to be analysed publically.”

23 thoughts on “Wenger on Fabianski performance

  1. Bravo to Wenger for not crucifying Fabiansky publically even though the stopper played a big part in costing us the match. This gesture speaks volume of him as a manager with class. Yes! he is no copycat of Mourinho & Redknapp.

  2. Good for Wenger public hmiliation serves no purpose. A private strong conversation and advice well do much more good. However i do not full blame the young goalkeeper for the second goal. I have watch the incident several times now. It could have been a penalty then the decks should have been cleared. If the Ref(?) decided on a free kick then why roll the ball to the Porto player look away and raise your arm – sign for play to resume. Then when the ball hasalready been played not to call it back. HE looked away from the play so quick kick or not with the raised arm sign he was at fault. Second time he has influenced a big game . He shoul be banned. I have played and watch for 55 years neversaw such a Referees blunder. Am also disturbed at Cesc comment such thots should be kept to ones self. Is this indicative of and exit attitude???

  3. guys this is not his fault….notice carefully in the video the referee asks him for the ball and he gives it to him…what will he do,throw it away….****** will get booked….he trusted the referee and the bastard started play…mother******

  4. wenger was right not to publicly humiliate fabiansky wait till training today clean out his locker and sack him fabregas was right school boy mistakes will drive him away

  5. Fine, I’m glad Wenger didn’t choose to publicly complain about Fabianski, the guy who was indeed to blame for this loss. But it’s extremely poor form to go on and publicly complain about the referee who did everything correct on that IFK.

  6. dont want to see this joker anymore in the arsenal goal again. Rott on the bench or go back to poland idiot. He costs us several times now. Enough is enough!! We are no midtable club. We need a world class GK. BTW Sol was brillant!! Also Denilson had a good game. But I was dissapointed with the 2. half. We didnt have any shoot on goal which is a joke. Anyway we will destroy them at home 3 to nill!!

  7. “It is going to be hard for us in the second leg, but I am still confident we will prevail in the end,”

    “We will just have to see who’s strongest on the night”

    “We knew Porto had a very quick and talented team, but the truth is we allowed them to score two very easy goals.
    You just can’t let that happen at this level. Now we are 2-1 down and we are going to have to fight our way back.”
    comments by fabregas to sky sports

  8. Just seen a quote on twitter from BBC pundit Jaqui Outley on Twitter:

    “Wonder what Joe Hart makes of #Arsenal GK problems. He told me recently he’s a “closet Gooner”, but it looks like he’s staying at #BCFC.”

  9. Sorry to disagree with your analysis arsenal4ever.The 2nd leg will be cagey and all Porto will do is take a leaf out of the Everton/Villa/Bolton/Man Utd/Chelsea textbook( titled ‘HOW TO BEAT ARSENAL AT HOME’) and simply sit back and wait for us to pour forward and then counter.Dont forget the Porto coach is a veteran. Our only luck is they actually play and dont use the direct or long ball approach those other teams employ.Unless we work tirelessly to attack and defend together like we did against Liverpool, we may lose at home or concede another horror goal(s) from counter attacks and get knocked out.
    Some of us have always said we need a proven striker (DM/CB and a world class GK)but AW has faith in Bendtner/Fabiaski/Denilson who continues their ‘footballing development’ at the expense of our chances at trophies. Classic case is Denilson who though he had a better game yesterday, was still not influential in protecting the Back Four who were mostly left exposed again and again and forced to make repeated errors.Were it not for Diaby’s physical presence and determination, that midfield would have collapsed completely.Fabregas was too fouled to even help out well enough both defensively or in attack. Diaby was great defensively and in central midfield but poor(unusually) in attack.He was often hit by ‘ShootingPHOBIA’ and passed rather than shoot when he had the chance to score from the goal area. This overreliance on a thousand passe rather than pulling the trigger to score has now infected the entire forwardline except Arshavin who seem to have the reverse version of disease and would rather shoot instead of passing to better placed teammates. Others like Bendtner, Nasri,Rosicky, Walcott have been infected by the disease so when Fabregas doesnt produce something special, then no goals?!

    I hope that it was the absence of the five first team players that made us play so poorly and allow an average Porto side we could have beaten on their own turf run away with the victory;I hope, for our sake and for AW’s sake that it was due to the Missing Five. I just hope…

  10. I understand putting a positive spin on things, but I have to say this wrapping Flappycunty in cottonwool is back firing on us.
    It’s not the first time he’s screwed us, his stats are played 6 lost 4, that’s hardly Worldclass.
    Given it transpires thought he’d signed for us a year or so ago. Sadly not. Hart interests me though, he fits the bill- Young, Talented and available. Spend the £ or F off Arsene!!

  11. In answer to the question to elaborate on Cesc comment I thot his comment that as a player he would also have taken the free kick quickly. May be true, but at that point the Captain should not say anything. However in this am on Line Arsenal interview he was much more circumspect. He is forgiven!!!

  12. WE could do much better if we learned to SHOOT!!!!! why the hell wenger didnt sign a keeper(DAVID JAMES) anyone? mannone should be 2nd choice. hope he starts at sunderland!!!!!!!

  13. Anyone else worried about the home leg vs Porto?

    Porto will park the bus = us dicking around the edge of the box
    Porto will counter attack = our mid being caught up front and our left and right being abused

    I’m really, really concerned about this team? They seem to bitch and moan and they don’t play D.

    This may sound crazy but I think you strip the captain from Cesc next year. It’s obvious that he doesn’t watn to be there so why not give it to someone who has stated they have Arsenal in their heart! RVP or Verm.

    $50 mil for Cesc
    $5 mil for Theo
    $15 mil for Gail
    $1 mil for Almunia
    $71 MILLION to purchase a CDM, Keeper, CD, Midfielder and striker.

    I know that sounds crazy, but you need to get rid of the players that are slowing us down. Cesc just doesn’t want to be there and his lack of maturity is really showing.

    I still love the Gunners but now I understand why my uncle (fan of 50 years) refuses to watch them anymore..”they’ll give you a heartattack” yeah.

  14. Football is a team sports. The team wins or lose as a team. Besides Fabiansky schoolboy errors, how about the numerous missed opportunities presented for the forwards and midfielders to score? I believe we need to have a balance view with regards to this defeat against Porto.

  15. real quick..if we win 1-0 is that enough? 2-1 we tie?

    There is no way if Almunia is out that Fab plays right? You have to give the nod to Vito.

  16. I will always love Arsenal, but if a player wants to leave then leave! Cesc, is replaceable, but he is a piece to the puzzle in our midfield. Arsene, would have to purchase the perfect fit if he chooses to leave. I don’t understand why people are so scared of him leaving. Don’t get me wrong I’d love for him to stay and for him to finish his career here, but if his heart is not here when things don’t go right THEN GO! I don’t liek these type of players at all wearing the Arsenal badge! It kills our chemistry!

    We def have a goalkeeper issue at the moment. Fabianski, was terrible yesterday. I’ve never seen such POOR keeping from Arsenal. Wow, I can’t believe what he did yesterday. If it was me I’d beg, Arsene not to put me back in until I sort out what the F is going on in my head. But we all know that, Arsene will put him back in so it won’t kill his confidence. *sigh*

    Theo, is nonexistent anymore. I don’t know what he is doing out there. What is his purpose? The guy is so predictable now I can tell you what he is next play will be with my eyes closed. He does absolutely nothing to help the team out except run around with the ball.

    I agree 100% with USAG and I told a friend of mine the same thing…Porto will park the bus when they come to the Emirates and try to kill us on the counter. However, with our 5 players that were missing yesterday I hope they will be back for that match. I know we will win and I think we will hand Porto a beat down.

    Porto, really wasn’t a big threat! We gave up 2 goals and the rest is history.

    I hope Vito will get his chance again!!!

  17. Any player(NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE) who is not proud to put on The Arsenal shirt should leave the club. Period.

  18. How could he publicly damn him, when 24 hours previously he had publicly praised him as the future?
    Wouldn’t it make him look stupid?

  19. i blame Mr. wenger for not buying an experienced GK, the most important player in the team. you can experiment with any of the field players but not the GK. you send a promising GK on loan and only when they are fully proven you play them. Do you think Alex Ferguson would experiment with a novice GK, especially one that has already cost him matches before.!!!! it is not Fabianski’s fault.

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