Wenger on what Sanchez and Ozil may do because of Europa League

Arsene Wenger has reassured fans about the unlikelihood of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil leaving even if the club ends up in the Europa League. 

The duo have only one year left on their contracts at the Emirates stadium and that has prompted rumours which have suggested this could be their last season at the club.

With Arsenal seemingly on course to miss out on Champions League football for next season, there are more concerns over Sanchez and Ozil being attracted by a move elsewhere.

However, Wenger insists the duo are unlikely to be forced out of the club by the possibility of Europa League football.

“No, because they are part of the results as well.” Wenger responded when asked whether the duo may leave if Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champions League

“Like I am. Overall, I think first of all they are under contract and secondly they behave like they want to be in the Champions League and like they want to be at the club.

“They don’t behave like players who are disinterested in the future of the club.”

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4 thoughts on “Wenger on what Sanchez and Ozil may do because of Europa League

  1. Arsenal raided the two top clubs in Spain and snared two world class players just entering their prime. To be fair we actually started winning trophies again! Two FA Cups and Two of those Community Shields and we also moved in successive seasons from 4th place to 3rd to 2nd last season

    Unpredictably last season was the freak season (never to happen again) when all other top contenders were on holiday, Having not nicked it last term, this season was going to prove more difficult to navigate. In retrospect everybody was right because having captured Cech…. Petr Cech! from Mourinho! Wenger should really have added some more bone, steel and spikes to the side….. Moving on…..

    The CL has become an affliction for Arsenal one that begins as an acute inflammation and proceeds to become a chronic disease that lasts till the final weeks of the season before we see signs of recovery. This season is a typical example. After suffering the customary 2nd round humiliation at the hands of Bayern the team recoils and becomes chronically inconsistent and by the time they find any form the title is gone! recognize the pattern?

    I respectfully argue that if we drop to Europa we will skip our annual humiliation and have a much better season.Yes its Thursday Night etc etc. it we do not underestimate any side we can get confidence boosting results to keep up our spirits in all competitions.

    4th place is just a set-up for another humiliating date with Barca or Bayern or Real or Juve no escape! You already know what happens after that!

    1. Are you kidding me? Idiots like you should not be supporting a club like Arsenal.

      Please go support Spurs if all you want to do is be so negative. Sick of it. Be ashamed of yourself mate.

      1. Temper Mason temper. No need to take umbrage.

        No negativity here sir, Just the facts (and maybe some strong opinions)

        Finishing behind Leicester? So did every other team but seemed like a lost opportunity.for Arsenal

        Europa?: Nobody wants TNF. Yet its inevitable if Klopp prevails on Sunday. Ironically we would have finished too high to avoid it unlike Chelsea last season.

        Fourth? Sure Arsenal should be in The CL but we must find a way to stay strong should we suffer early elimination.

        You have to admit the repeated “set-ups” with Barca or Bayern did start to look “rigged” after a while.

        Support Spurs? I think you meant the Spuds.

        Cheers mate

  2. No disruptions last year no Wenger out nobody out the minute we draw Bayern in Cl its here we go again and this fellow Out that fellow out when henry played in the Cl final in 06 against barca we were down to ten Lehman sent off Sol Campbell gives us the lead and henry misses 2 clear one on one chances but a late goal undone us again nobody said this guy out that guy out . But where was henry Fabergas the next season win the small ones first the big ones. Will come any good football fan should never be critical of his team otherwise he would be a manager and not a moaner.

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