Arsene Wenger acknowledges that some statements from Barcelona’s camp concerning Fabregas’ link to the Catalan club have been out-of-order, but he is not going to make any complaint to football’s governing body about it.

Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol and Pique have all strongly expressed their interest in having Arsenal’s skipper join them at the Camp Nou and recently forced a Barca shirt on Fabregas during Spain’s World Cup celebrations.

Most Arsenal fans feel Barcelona, from former president Juan Laporta to new head Sandro Rossell and its current players have done enough to be subject to a ‘tapping up’ complaint to FIFA by Arsenal.

But Wenger intends to ignore the Catalans’ behaviour in their continued pursuit of Fabregas. 

“I believe that Arsene deserves respect. Their players make some statements and jokes, we can do exactly the same, but I believe we have to live with that and we do not have to complain too much.”

“It is important that we focus on the targets we have together. There is a very great attitude inside the squad and Cesc Fabregas can help us achieve these targets.”

“He’s now at an age, 23 years old, he’s just won the World Cup and I believe he will improve next season. The biggest achievement for him is to help us win the championship (Premier League).”

The Gunners’ boss also reiterated Arsenal’s commitment to the future of the club’s captain

“If you look at the length of his contract, you will see that it is five or six years to go. That means when we sign a contract for a long period, it means we are committed to the player no matter what happens – to pay him and to keep him.”

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