Wenger: Trusting is key to squad, not adding

https://i2.wp.com/i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/02/06/article-1138300-00C3657800000578-811_306x423.jpg?resize=200%2C267As you would expect, Arsene Wenger is remaining upbeat despite the sale of Emmanuel Adebayor.

The Arsenal boss is still searching in the transfer market, but he is by no means a desperate shopper.

Wenger feels there is enough threat in his armory to scare off opponents come next season, and he will continue keeping faith in his squad.

For his reputation with business during this time of the year, Arsene may have impressed many this summer after selling only a single one player and splashing cash on a pivotal defender.

That is unlike previous post-season’s when Ljunberg and Henry all left within a month or last year’s exodus of Hleb, Flamini and Gilberto.

Arsenal seem to lose a notable player every summer from Patrick Vieira to Emmanuel Adebayor, but the experienced tactician insists this club will have to deal with that.

“The message is to trust the players that we have.  Big clubs have lost big players before. For example Milan lost Kaka and yet Milan will go on. Arsenal have lost big players in the past and still continued at the top level.

The Frenchman maintains his squad still possesses the star power which every genuine title contender requires.

“There are positive messages as well from the summer. Remember players like (Robin) van Persie and (Cesc) Fabregas have stayed. So I feel we have a big enough squad to deal with the targets that we have.”


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35 thoughts on “Wenger: Trusting is key to squad, not adding

  1. Seriously, Wenger needs to be fired.

    Please please please Stanley, buy Arsenal, sack Hill Wood, sack Friar, and sack Wenger!!!!

  2. Wenger is just unbelievable. How many cups has he won since Viera and the rest started leaving? Trust without other practical steps ain’t going to change this. Chelsea recruited and overtook Arsenal, and now Man City is doing the same, yets Wenger only talks of Trust, it doesn’t help to always remain rigid Mr Wenger.

  3. To be honest we need players. There is no doubt about that. If the money rumors are true then we can’t blame wenger…but he has about 25 mill in the kitty and if he does not spend it then he will have to take full blame for Arsenal’s impending trouble.

  4. The club has the money it has. What are goonerforlife and angelo going to do to change that? Buy the club and rework its finances!?

    Given that the club has what it has, who would you rather be managing the team within this budget than Wenger? Is your fantasy manager available? What are the guarantees of his success?

    I think the 28-man squad in Austria is really impressive. Lacking a few star names, granted, but a few of those men might emerge as world beaters over the next few months or years. I hate the thought of not being the best in England, but we are in with a decent chance if things fall our way. If they don’t, too bad for us. Sadly we can’t get two super players in every position for backup. So deal with it. I for one and looking forward to some smashing footie this season come what may.

  5. Chelsea recruited and if Abramavotsj has enough of it, they will end bankrupt.
    Do you want to risk that ? Do you want us to risk the Leeds path ?

  6. u fans are a disgrace! doesnt mean that we dont spend as much as others that we wont challenge for title! u guys pretty much said that other teams are buyin titles so are u guys are coming to that conclusion as well? read this website where the REAL fans are!

  7. Home Alone – Yes, we have the money we have. £75m of cash in the bank – don’t believe me, check the annual report!

    All we need is a manager who will spend it on the players we need.

    1. Angelo – I will check the annual report. But I can’t help thinking that this is offset by the debt of the club which has to be financed in uncertain times.

      Again, I am not one to immediately assume conspiracy theories, namely that the owners are out to fleece us for their own profit and that’s where the money has gone. And Wenger is colluding. Never a man of principle was our AW. Finally, AW has gone on record — as has Gazidis — that this is a key year for project youth. If the players don’t deliver then we move on next season to a different format. Unless you are 87 years old surely that’s not too troubling a prospect? Arsenal look better on paper than all but the top 6 or 8 clubs in Europe and AW has a way of encouraging a club to play above their paper value.

  8. Wenger simply sticks to his youth project. He must sell his senior player each year, not only for money but also paving the way for upcoming starlets from the Academy of AFC. It is as simple as that. Silverware-wise, maybe we shall forget it for awhile. AFC is a football training company and its end product is footballers.

  9. Oh my God! i just feel like jumping out of my flesh!!! Mr. Wenger can you just pls. Sign Defending Mildfielder and a striker to replace Adebayor (Huntelaar or Obafemi Martins). League has not started, yet One key player is out. Mr. Wenger can you guarantee the fan that we are free from more injury? Sign player now before it is too late “Mr have faith in the squard” for how many years?
    If you don’t sign player before season start proper, then Wenger you deserve to be sacked and fuc**k yoursefl!!!!

  10. Ridiculous,

    We won’t challenge for anything until we have a full and balanced squad, and we won’t achieve that until Wenger either makes the handful of transfers we need, or is replaced by a competent manager who will.

    I support Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC. If you don’t like that, go and start some facebook group about how much you love Arsene or something.

  11. Home alone is right, this is all to do with finances and not Wenger, his hands are tied by the lack of funds due to the whole Emirates project, in my opinion it’s the likes of Fiszman and Hill-Wood who should be carrying the can not Wenger, why do you think Edelman is no longer in the picture he saw the shit storm coming and done a runner before any of it stuck, unless we find a new owner quickly we will be stuck with this millstone for the next 20 years, we were told quite catergorically that we needed to move from Highbury to compete with the likes of Manure/Chavs and the rest but this is obviously not the case, even with the incresed revenue it is quite clear we now need to sell to survive something we didn’t need to do at Highbury, ironic I find it!

  12. Mate,
    Wenger is a fucking joker….I have been a season ticket holder for yrs – Not no more…We cannot win anything unless we buy – Forward – C back and D midfielder. As others have stated ! What the fuck have we done since all our so called ‘ Star ‘ names have gone ????? Let me tell you ( Nothing Nothing and Nothing ) What happened to the 20mill we had to spend ??? 10mill on Vermallen and 25 for Ade the Whore – I make that 35mill somewhere ??? We are nothing more than a selling club – lets face facts now ! The good days are gone…I know it not always the way to go out and spend big money but that what bought Chelsea thier titles recently and also it goes someway to explaining Man U’s form over the past 10yrs – they always buy at least one or 2 big names…I honestly think that Wenger needs to reconsider his position if by the middle of the seasons we are lagging behind…

    All the best to you all

    A very loyal but very fucked off Gunner!!!!!

    1. I don’t quite get this. Sure arsenal charge a lot, but it’s an investment in the future, too, and to be part of English culture and be entertained in a group setting. Sure some season ticket holders only want to shell out to see a team win something. But it’s not exactly a reflection on Arsenal that Carl has move on from shelling out for the tickets; it’s also a reflection that Carl will only pay season tickets to see a club win something. If this was multiplied across England then there would be season ticket holders for 2 or 3 clubs!

      Star names will return to Arsenal. The club was outspent for stars by the other top clubs for a few years. The only two I regret missing out on are Torres and Essien. This isn’t the permanent state of affairs, however, so dropping your season ticket now is like refusing to buy stocks when it’s clear the market is bottoming out and about to rebound!

  13. digger – he’s wrong.

    Wenger could spend up to £55m, which we have cash in hand RIGHT NOW (less what we need to hold against the loans on Higbury sq).

    It’s in the annual report – it’s there for all to see.

  14. angelo if u love arsenal so much u wouldnt be scrutinizing any of the players. THis is the real life.. if u are unhappy with the squad and wants to change it, live ur life in football manager. there u can buy anyone u want. d*ck face

  15. Ridiculous or whatever you call your self, Infact, you are really Ridiculous Fuc***k ass! otherwise you would not sound as if you were dead last season without trophy with the same squard! Damn it! i don’t even think you are an Arsenal Fan anyway! We need a Striker and Defending Mildfielder ok, get that into your empty skull!!

  16. lol @ ridiculous.

    Real fans don’t scrutinise the players?

    Head down to the Emirates sometime, you might find it enlightening.

  17. carl, you’re contradicting yourself mate, you’re saying Wengers a fucking joke but you also say we’re a selling club, who do you think it is telling Wenger “we have to sell”??
    I’m as totally pissed off with the lack of silverware as you but if we do get a new manager and the board says “oh by the way, you’ve got no money to spend”, who would you like that manager to be?
    Me I’d have Wenger everytime.

  18. Some of these so called gooners are unbelievable!

    We are not asking wenger to spend a lot of money! We are asking him to provide back up for our squad so we can challenge and last throughout the whole season. Is that so hard to understand?

    If you can’t see that we have a squad as thin as string and you are satisfied with that, then it just proves we as Arsenal fans have sunk to a new low! We have become a very unambitious bunch.

    You would think that we learn’t from last season, but i guess not.

  19. ridiculous, you are an animal not a FAN!! your sense of reasoning is very low. If not only you, every other fans want the progress of the club and win trophies even the player themselves are saying we need to stregthen the squad. So, what the fu**ck are u talking about. Just go and sleep!!!

  20. You are 100% right Digger me ole mate….Just getting more and more Fucked off as the summer goes on…Same old shit, just different summer…Hopefully we may still temp a couple of players through the door before it slams shut…. I do understand your opinion by the way – just sad that such a good club has been so far away form any form of medals / silverware for yrs.. I know we go through to the Semi of CL but that game showed exactly where we are lacking…Are we the only ones who see this ? Are the board blind ? Where is all the money ?

  21. Angelo,
    the balance sheet can say we have a billion pounds to spend if we want, but what’s said to the papers about “transfer budgets” and what’s actually said to Wenger are two totally different things.
    The whole Emirates project and the loan repayments are linked with the redevelopment of Highbury Sq and surrounding area, these figures were worked out pre recession and Arsenal have nowhere near sold the Highbury development and the prices that they sold some of the apartments for were not what were forecasted, that leaves a budget defecit to be paid for… and where do you think the extra money has to come from, I don’t see Fiszman dipping in his pocket do you?

  22. Carl,
    I can honestly see it being a real scrap for the foreseeable future, we cant compete with the likes of Utd/Chavs/the Arabs..fuck it we cant even spend more than the shite up the road, all I hope for is for Wenger to keep pulling Diamonds from his Arse or until Kronke or Usmanov or someone else takes the bull by the horns and buys the club outright…….anyone know if Bill Gates likes football?

  23. No Wenger, we trusted this same sqad for two seasons now and though they try, really try, they fall flat at the very edge of winning something. Wenger cannot be wiser than the rest of the football world(coaches, analysts and other players) put together.I jst wish he would be less stubborn about this YOUTH PROJECT! Buy a DM and another CF, simple!How hard is that? One thing Wenger he did well was that Fiorentina confirmed he did put in a bid for Melo;perhaps he hasnt recovered from the loss of that single possible key signing?No other player can offer even half of what Melo would have brought to this team?They are out there Wenger, search for one and bring him in, now!No new DM, no replacement CF, is a sure bet that this season will end just like the last three…We are tired of keeping faith with Players like Denilson, Diaby, Silvestre, Eboue and the injury prone Rosicky, Eduardo and RvP, a Fabregas who seems overwhelmed by the skipper/playmaker role, a defence line too inconsistent and too feeble to withstand pressure!

  24. Fiszman doesn’t have to dip into his own pocket digger, the club operates as a business, and is more than capable of significant capital investment without the need for further debt.

    There’s nothing that really suggests that the board are holding Wenger back (on the contrary, in fact), but the whole argument that they are seems to be based on fans not quite believing that Wenger is so daft as to not sign players.

  25. goonernews reporting chamankah (sp?) to sunderland. from the buzz, he wasn’t worth the trouble anyway.
    still not convinced another striker is what needed. is all too clear, however, that holding mid is.

  26. you bunch of so called “fans” are truly idiots and crazy(majority). Big money signings are not what we need.. it wasnt what wenger needed few years back to create the invincibles. all we need is a balanced squad and that comes with a holding mid and a utility player(i wonder if u know what it is.. i’ll come back to it again).. strikers are NOT what we need compulsively. a back up is ok, but dudu is rearing to go and is a perfect time for him to come thru. and if u lot have a little fuc*ing knowledge about business and economics, which even a science professional have in little, no big fuc*ing company(take here a football club, i.e the red and white) will display how much exact amount it has for transfers so they dont get fucked and robbed while buying players or being out-bid by other clubs. have a clue and think about it. the future is bright, the future is red and white…

  27. and you guys talk bout annual report? who the fuck do u think will pay the debt taken for the Emirates?? you want the club to buy a few “vidukas” and “bowyers” to ruin the club incase it doesnt work out and go the Leeds way?! people calling for wenger’s head are a disgrace to the club, honestly, know nothing about arsenal and are mere bandwagoners..

  28. Arsenal will no doubt be going the Arsene’s way as said by Sir Alex. That is selling the most dispensable one/two senior players and using the proceeds to buy three to four 16-19 talents year after year. In other words, a feeding club. AFC stands for Arsene’s Football Company

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