Wenger: We are not able to concentrate for 90 minutes

Following Sunday’s match, Arsene Wenger has admitted that his side still has some learning to do.

The Gunners gave up what seemed to be a comfortable victory over Celtic to only escape by their skin of the teeth in the end as they won the Emirates Cup.

Wenger’s men led 3-0 but a relaxed defensive approach by the team saw Neil Lennon’s side score two goals in quick succession and threaten what would have been an embarrassing 3-3 result.

This is only a day after the Gunners gave away the lead late in the 1-1 draw with AC Milan. Concession of late, unexpected goals – along with injuries – was primarily what cost Arsenal honours last season. And even though injuries did not seem to be a real problem this weekend, slack defending was.

Wenger is very much aware of that.

“I think it’s a positive weekend because we have no big injuries and played quite well, seen two new players and some good young players,”

“I think overall in the first half we controlled the game and yesterday and today you could see that physically and mentally we are not able to maintain the concentration for 90 minutes.

“In both games we suffered in the last 20. I believe it’s down to the fact that we work very hard and are not completely ready.”

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20 thoughts on “Wenger: We are not able to concentrate for 90 minutes

  1. seriously, this bad habit of throwing away a comfortable lead has to stop today. we want to win the title this season, and if we want to win it, the players have to learn to defend their life and battle for every ball without offering the opponents a sniff. pls pls pls pls my boys make we the arsenal fans proud this coming season.

  2. I think wenger is right that we are only focused on 70 minutes of the game both physically and mentally.
    However i still think offensively we are ok but defensively we are inconsistent.

    First of all i think we need to defend set pieces much better. Secondly our four defenders have to communicate with our goal keeper much better and thirdly we need a quality goalkeeper with a quality centre back. Koscienly is good but i think he is too light weight for the primier league and will get outmuscled by other players.

  3. pre season – their legs went after 70 mins – celtic were fitter as they are about two weeks further along than us

    1. what nonsense ,celtic played in CL qualifier we are paying in meaningless friendlies,make a guess who is more tired

  4. The players clearly tired, especially the likes of Wilshire and Frimpong, so considering they were the shield infront of the defence, it allowed Celtic into the game. This will be resolved by the time the season kicks off, plus we should have a few more options any way.

    I also imagine we will have a new keeper and CB by then.

    It was a pre-season game after all and overall, it was a good work out and has shown that we have more options in certain areas, particularly the defensive midfield slot. We have Song, Eastmond and now the impressive Frimpong.

  5. we cant handle 90min game as we are not gòod enough. 5yrs and counting, i cant see us lifting a meaniful trophy for decades at this rate, dependant on fabregas, no talented kids and only a few good backup players. 4th at best this year as we are no where near as good as manchester united, chelski, liverpool or even the spurs at this time. the emirates cup is worthless and only here for our crippling 400m debt as we cant handle it. the futue is bleak with a lack of quality and rubbish useless youngsters.

    1. Haha. Gooner1 i know you are not Arsenal. you know why? Because no one would have included Liverpool in the top lot. It’s a really uneducated response. 5 years since when? since we had money to spend to compete? I know a Sp*rs fan when i see one. 50 years celebration dvd for you boys this year…50 years without the title. Levy must be wetting his pants with excitement!!!

    2. doom doom doom its all black everthings black doom doom doom cheer up fellow! the seasons not started yet!

  6. wow so we won a worthless cup with only 5 kids in an aging team of 17 big deal, it was designt so foreigns club would help with the stadium bill we struggle to pay due to £400m debt, wenger wouldnt give nearly any of them a chance and will release most like usual, only wilshere and frimpong have a small chance to make it if lucky, wenger disgracefully has an no english policy.

    1. nahjay mate he has a no shit policy..as an arsenal fan i would love to see more english boys there!

  7. wenger is clueless, only wilshere and frimpong have a hope ad the rest will be flogged as wenger doesnt lòok after kids and only steals readyman kids and aso hate english players and only wants to buy foreign, disgraceful. wenger hasnt a clue and anyone who thinls he will take us forward is afool, we are heading backwards rapidly. no cash due to the debt, over dependant on our talisman fabregas – let him join barcelona, little backup and the kids are overrated, a bad future off midtable awaits. wenger out

  8. gunner1 and jay are clearly the same sad little spud. It must be so hard having no friends and having to invent them.

  9. Strange that AW has never been able to deal or rectify this massive flaw. It is no use to just leave it to the players on the pitch,challenging them to do this ,to do that….heaven forbid,there must be a well thought out strategy or option. Time to bring in some help in the coaching department now.

  10. a load of rubbish hasbeeb posted today!! However we do seem to have a reular habit of giving all away in the last 20mintes /It has been so for the last 4 /5 years. Mr Wenger needs to work diligently on this part of the game. There was a time in the now distant past when we could pull it out in the last few minutes. But hated to lose my nails in those days!!!

  11. sid, your prtty stupid aint ya. i dont know a jay and not made it up, how can i make two posts in a minute, moron. we are in trouble and u know it, crippling debt, lack of quality, untalented kids beside jack and frimpong, talisman wanting to join barca, rubbish keepers ad a clueless manager in wenger, bad times ahead. ah well, we can keep winning the meaniless debt pàying cup in the summer wiles wenger does nothing. the future is bad, wenger out.

  12. Yep, Im the moron, you got me, bang to rights there.

    You are still a sad friendless little spud though!

  13. Pre-season games are designed to test the fitness level of the players,and to identify and correct tactical flaws/weaknesses.The manager has highlighted his concerns,some of which are longstanding,and while it may not be possible to have a “perfect” team,it is hoped that these concerns will be rectified posthaste.On a lighter note,i am glad the team was not humiliated like the “World Bank” team Manchester City were,by the likes of MLS team NY Red Bulls among others.All that big spending,what a waste.

  14. Dear Arsene
    If you don`t buy a centerback ,oh baby the season is gonna be one hell of a ride,considering you are not gonna buy a goalkeeper now,and no no more from french third division!buy a proper CB or i will be laughing my ass off just like i did when you played flappy and silvestre,silvestre against Messi-gotta admire your sense of humor!!

  15. Weren’t we the team to win the most games in the last 15 minutes the last season? That’s how fit we get when the season start.

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