Wenger: ‘We dropped two points for sure’

https://i1.wp.com/img.skysports.com/09/08/218x298/Arsene-Wenger-water-bottle-Manchester-United-_2354032.jpg?resize=218%2C298Arsene Wenger felt aggrieved as expected during full-time at St. James Park on Saturday.

After cruising at 4-0, the Gunners somehow failed to secure all three points against Newcastle as the Magpies drew level in dramatic fashion late in the second-half.

But the fight back from Pardew’s men did not happen without several decisive referee decisions as Arsenal were reduced to ten men through Diaby’s sending off before Joey Barton took full advantage of two penalty-kicks the home side were awarded.

Thus, Wenger was short of any words of pleasure after the final whistle.

“It was a good game with a lot of incidents and turning points, [but] the sending off was detrimental to us and some of the decisions went against us today. We were under pressure and we had problems to finish in the second half.” Wenger said.

And the Frenchman admits his side began to crumble right when Phil Dowd awarded Newcastle their first penalty-kick with 20 minutes to go.

“It’s unpredictable sometimes, and it became difficult. At 4-1 we panicked a bit. But we were a little bit unlucky too.”

Wenger is remaining upbeat though as Arsenal remain unbeaten in 2011 despite today’s staggering turn of fortunes.

“You have to take it on the chin and look at the positives. I didn’t see the sending off very well. But Barton should have been sent off too. We dropped two points, for sure.”

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48 thoughts on “Wenger: ‘We dropped two points for sure’

    1. I’m not angry nor surprised. Maybe because this self-destruction movie is nothing new.

      Wigan – 2-0 to 2-3
      Spurs – 2-0 to 2-3

      Add to that the COUNTLESS number of times we’ve conceded late equalizers, and drawn after two-goal leads.

      I was nervous even at 4-0 and here’s the reason why. Our luck is fantastic though, that’s for sure.

  1. Fuck of Arsene – Just for today tomorrow i may recover my faith but today just fucking shut up!

  2. Fucking Diaby! Arsene Wenger you need to get Diaby out of Arsenal, as well as Almunia and Denilson. They are not worthy wearing the shirt. Never mind getting paid for their stupidity and inability. Arsene wake up and clear those players that are costing us titles and valuable games………….Please!

    1. Did Almunia and Denilson play today? No they fucking didn’t, so why even bother bringing them up in your comment!!!

  3. I’m disappointed by Wenger’s positivity while we’re all here tearing our hair out , at least if he mentioned the biased reffing or the bad second half performance that wouldve been better

    1. I think after the shit storm following the Everton game, he made a conscious decision not to have a serious pop at the officials today!!


    1. You dont!
      It gets a bit tiring to see this misery, time after time. We never learn this. Top Football for 45 minutes. Then a stupid sending off and a goal in the butt and we stop playing. A bunch of psychologists must be engaged and talking to the boys. This is not good enough …

  5. How about getting couple of English midfielders, that understand the game, have heart (Nolan, Henderson, Parker, Young) and fight for their team. Arsenal today made negative History, surrendered a 4 goal lead.

    Please help us, use the fucking money and buy some quality players.

    1. What a ridiculous comment. Same old Arsenal fans wanting us to panic buy after one poor result. Players like those mentioned wouldn’t even get in the side! Idiot! Bet you were praying for us to buy Carroll for £35m on transfer deadline day weren’t you!? Why does everyone think that spending money is the answer to everything? We bought Squillaci n Koscielny in the summer n is our defence any better than last year? Not really!

      Btw Man U are losing so will you all be saying what a great point this was if it stays like that!!!!?

  6. Almunia and Denilson are shit too. They cost us a lot. they need to go. Yes they did not play today but they are not winners. Just complacent like Fucking Diaby. And we pay for mediocracy. Ridiculous.

  7. Choke choke. Same old arse hahahahahahahaha. Arsene Wenger I salute you, thanks for this. Only team in the PL capable of this is your bottlers, keep em coming!

    1. this wasn’t a choke mate i would like to see your reaction if those two penealties were awarded against spurs

  8. It was a shite result, but we have still only played 25 games this year n Man U have still got Chelsea twice, City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Everton to play. If results go our way next week in the Manc derby then we could be within 4 points of United n all u Wenger haters will be able to crawl back into the shithole u come from until our next poor result.

  9. Clearly I wrote my last comment as a joke and directed squarely at all those with their heads up their arse for the past few years (I’m obviously referring to the IAWT brigade). We’ve suffered this time and time before and we will unfortunately suffer again. Arsene has lost the plot – sorry, he did so many years ago when deciding that a football team only required 6 decent forward players and no defence. We will struggle to qualify for next season’s Champions League- mark my words.

    1. if arsene was the ref than u can freaking say that he lost the plot… we were up 4-0 diaby got sent off… not wengers fault…. than 2 penalties which was given by the ref and not the assistant and wenger is to blame for that???

      wenger wants 2 preserve his lead but u criticize him… lets say if he wud have gone for more goals n lost u still wud want his head chopped off…

      do me a fucking favour and support man utd if u dont like being disappointed…

  10. no, an english manager hasn’t got the intelligence to win the pl….which is why it’s more painful to watch a frenchman do it…..

  11. What a horrible way to ref a game and just turn on Arsenal its a real shame that all the media want is UTD clearly fabricated title as the press wants it that way!! Never a Penalty in a Million years and the cards a joke!!! Barton a Saint nearly broke Diaby’s leg… and the hate goes on agaisnt the gunners!!!!

  12. Diaby is a syupid.
    Rosicky was useless ( i don’t know what wenger asked him to do. he semmed lost)
    Squillachi is a joke.
    Ohh, and phil dowd is a moth** f**ker.

  13. Bring on Mourinho, Wenger has claerly lost the plot, Squillaci,Eboue, Rosicky, Diaby, Denilson, Kosh, Almunia, we have too many liabilities in the team.

  14. It is true some players lik Rosicky,Squillachi,Diaby,Denilson ar just useles bt I think arsenal should just try and buy ref(s) instead of buying players

  15. What a horrible game! It’s hard to know what to say. If you can’t keep calm when you are four-nil up then when can you. Joey Barton knows what he is doing and Abou Diaby clearly hasn’t a clue. He gave Phil Dowd the one decision he couldn’t get wrong.

    It’s too easy to makes ourselves feel a bit better by taking it out on Dowd though and a lot people on the web and phone -ins are doing that.

    We should’ve been able to hang on. Arsenal were poor against a poor side. Very disappointing and a big motivator for Manchester United in the evening kick-off.

  16. Barton,the ref n squilaci chngd the game.cnt blame diaby 4 reactn tht way.last time tht hapnd to him,at bolton to be exact,he spnt 5 mnths on the side lines.ref should hv sent bartn of as wel.2nd,did u realise whn squilaci came on our defence crumbld.the 2nd pen was nt a pen as wel.stl,arsene would regret nt buyn a defendr.man u hav lost their unbeatn run.nt tht bad aftr all

  17. Guys, calm down. We are unhappy with the result, but why are people going on as if Newcastle ‘won’ the game? Things like this happen in football. In 2005, Liverpool came from three goals down to beat AC Milan.
    With a man down, plus the burden of an incompetent match official, then effectively, Arsenal was playing with 10 men against 12. Calm down guys, Man-ure also lost today to bottom placed Wolves, and who would have believed it? It will be hard, very hard to replicate the invisibles! John

  18. It’s okay by Fat Phil’s terms to let an English player plow through a foreign player for a convicted criminal like Little Joey Barton, because not only is he a racist, he’s completely incompetent!!!

    Diaby is a knob too: he’s not at f**king kid at Clairefontaine academy anymore where he can bully other players (like Toons Ben Arfa) and do it for all to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqof0zIDMWs Idiot.

    And Wenger, you got the second half tactics (after Djorou left) wrong AGAIN!!!

  19. would u guys be as angry if it’s a hard fought 0-0 draw…? com’on we’re just 4 points away… ref won’t help them in every game…

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