Wenger: Why Chelsea and Man. City were better than us

Arsene Wenger has given some as explanation as to why Arsenal have failed to win the Premier League in more than a decade.

The Gunners were last crowned champions of England in 2004, when they went an entire season without losing a single game.

Following the move to the Emirates stadium two years later in 2006, Arsenal have watched the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and even Leicester City win the Premier League while they settle for a place in the top four.

And Wenger insists the financial side of football has helped cost the Gunners the league title for 12 years.

“It was two contributing factors,” he explained. “The first one was that we built a new stadium. We were restricted with our finances, we had to sell our best players.

“The second one, big investors came in at the same time, like Chelsea, like Man City after, who were hugely ambitious and we were not any more the club who could compete with them on the financial front.”

However, the Frenchman has suggested that the days when Chelsea and Manchester City bullied other clubs with their financial power are over.

“Today it’s different,” Wenger added. “There are so many investors that nearly everybody is on an equal level again.”

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