What has Carlos got to do to play more?

https://i0.wp.com/d.yimg.com/i/ng/sp/p5/20100911/16/1719099058.jpg?resize=361%2C232Five goals in five appearances in the Carling Cup during his first two years at the club.

As you may recall, that’s the competition in which his scarce starts have come, and on all those occasions, Vela turned up for the show with some magical moments (like the chip against Wigan).

Even so, those exploits have somehow failed to earn him starts in the Premier League.

Portsmouth away in 2009 and Blackburn away earlier this year were the only matches in which the Mexican got the nod from Wenger. And even in those two starts, Vela managed a goal – which came at Fratton Park.

The 21-year-old has now chosen to make the most out of his substitute appearances and just like he did on the final day of last season against Fulham, the former Chivas whiz-kid produced the moment of the match off the bench against Bolton today.

That is three goals in just two league starts. International duties have not helped his chances in terms of fitness, but you would have to think a certain talent is being wasted on the bench when he is available and overlooked.


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30 thoughts on “What has Carlos got to do to play more?

  1. What he’s got to do to play more is take his chances – like he did today, but unfortunately failed to do last year. Vela can still be a great player for Arsenal, but you feel that this year is make or break, especially given the vote of confidence he’s effectively had by being kept while Eduardo was moved on.

    1. So where have you been in the past two seasons?

      Where were you in 2008/09 when Vela would score a hat-trick in the Carling Cup during midweek but would be demoted to the bench for the weekend’s league game?

      Where were you when Wenger stuck with a midget upfront or a crocked striker while Vela warmed himself on the bench as Arshavin got bullied by defenders while Eduardo missed sitters.

      You asked a very stupid question sir.

      1. Erm, what ? I think we all agree that Vela is a great prospect, but you can’t deny that he was disappointing when he started games last year. He’s also been hampered by injury and the distances he has to travel to play for Mexico.

        Anyway, what a stupid thing to be squabbling about on a day Arsenal win, United, City and Spurs drop points and Vela scores ! Cheer up Gooners, for fuck’s sake…

      2. In fact, if Wenger let him play more often in place of the “crocked” and the “midget”, the same fans as Randy Oasae would say why are we play with “kids” lol.

  2. What a wind up! 4-4-2 and he gets more games. He’s not better than Arshavin on the left or RvP or Chamakh through the middle. He’s got to do what Walcott has been doing – improve the side from out wide (even if it means switching back and forth with Chamakh), and then wait a few years to get more chances up front as our tactical formation matures from 4-3-3 to the occasional 4-4-2.

    He’s a year or two away from consistently producing. But what a talented goal scorer.

  3. Going to agree somewhat with Anonymarse.

    Vela’s a fantastic talent, and he took his Carling Cup chances well, but he hasn’t sparkled when given the chance in the premiere league. He had a great pre-season and is looking the business though. If he keeps playing the way he has he’s going to be knocking on Arshavin’s door for a starting birth.

    1. “but he hasn’t sparkled when given the chance in the premiere league”

      What chances in the Premier League? Tell me, please.

      2 starts in two years? (one of which he even scored in)

      And those 10 minutes cameos?

  4. Vela was off form last season, surely, and AW could see this in training, perhaps? Vela is just not big enough or tricky enough to lead the line in a 4-3-3. Arshavin was pretty bad at it, but I assume Wenger thought Vela would have worse, and slaughtered. It hardly mattered to our season. Let Vela come into his own slowly. He’s not too upset, he’s not going anywhere. We have a better squad this year and even better next year (until AA and TR7 lose their quality, but they can be our Giggs and Scholes down the road, assuming AW gives them decent contract renewals).

  5. Hes got to become a French citizen or perhaps suck Wengers balls as that can be the only reason that Wenger picks some of the shit that plays in our team. Sure its going great now but wait untill we play the big boys. Get your excuses ready now because Arsene certainly has. Wenger is a has been and an outrageous liar who blames everyone and everything to deflect the blame from his lack of ability.

    1. Fucking true.

      I wonder if Flamini, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner and etc. all earned their constant starts through those ‘we don’t see much of you’ substitute appearances.

      1. i also want vela to excel and contribute, but pls don’t even compare vela with bendtner – the latter scores crucial goals for us, even (or especially) when he came on as a sub, and that’s what a sub is supposed to do…to add something! when vela was put on as subs, frankly, pls share when he scored to help?? i have watched every arsenal games (incl CC etc) for 10+years, and for vela, i couldn’t recall he excelled as a sub, and those are opportunities to prove himself and make the starting 11, not CC i am afraid. Another example, when chips are down, and we put walcott on…well, many will recall some telling contributions walcott made (l’pool, barca?)… so answer to your question is simple, for vela, keep it up and be consistent when you are on the pitch – at least more often than not – scoring when 3-1 up is not the same as 2-1 down… and mexico is really quite far and if you have to travel and get off-form upon return, it’s vela’s chance to take as well.

  6. Frankly speaking if you are vela’s size, you have to be really really special to survive in the premier league, take arshavin for instance, even though he’s small he has the strength to push off much bigger guys, until vela acquires that ability he won’t be a force to reckon with.

    Nevertheless he deserves more playing time and I feel he will get his share due to our packed fixtures and injuries.

  7. Calm down Randy, I’m not saying he’s been given a ton of starts, but it’s no mystery as to why he hasn’t been played more often.

    When he’s come on in the past he’s been muscled off the ball and his usually great finishing hasn’t been crisp.

    Add to that the fact that last season, when he could have played as striker, we simply couldnt risk playing a 21 year old unproven striker.

    I’m not saying Vela doesn’t have the potential to be a world beater, but he’s got time on his side.

  8. Randy, I feel you about Vela’s chances but I agree that in some matches when injuries hit last season and we needed him ti show up, he wasn’t up for it;not that a run of games wouldn’t have helped him find form though, but AW had decisions to make and chose Bendtner, Arshavin and even Edu. Like you, I wonder what he’ll be if he’d had the same amount of chances the likes of Walcott, Bendtner, Denilson and Ramsey got…just wonder…
    But then, some say he has time…I doubt that due to the likes of JET, soon to arrive Wellington and other young guns pressing for a CC place and then think of those on loan…let’s hope the chance doesn’t come a little too late…

  9. He is good and given a careful nurturing as Wenger is doing in a year or two he could be great. Although small he has a good football brain = his positioning is good. Given a litle time and opportunity he will produce. If he does with on Form fit Van P -Walcot – Ashavan and Vela etc Look out League!!!!

  10. What has carlos got to do to play more?

    Less trips with Mexican side for meanigless games
    Less time on the injury table
    And more goals

  11. Why do people say he is small ? he is two inches taller than arshavin and a centimeter taller than rooney.He has an average height.Many players have been shorter and have been very successful not only in england but around the world( messi , scholes, xavi,iniesta,villa, bojan , owen,maradona).178cm(5ft10) is a good height for a player.

  12. how about not lose your passport before a crucial champs league game lol. he can’t play as the solo central striker ahead of chamakh vs bolton. also he seems to do rather better in the nicer weather

  13. regardless, he’s a talent, can’t help but think he thrives playing off a big man like bendtner/chamakh in a 442 and our current formation limits his chances

  14. buen gool carlos vela sigue asi y tendras mas pasibilidades de jugar mas tiempo con los canoneros de norte de londres you cant do it
    sise puede
    este comentario es bueno lo digo un comentarista
    dice haci parece q stoy viendo a iniesta y xavi del barcelona pero juntos en un solo jugador q es el maestro del arsenal cesfabregasaahhhah
    q pase lepusiste a carlos vela ces. grasias

  15. Vela is indeed a huge talent but for me he is still just a potential, not a ready deal. he can some time be too much of a don’t touch me kinda player and the epl is all about mixing it with the toughies.

  16. for sure, vela is a class act and is many levels above average players like eduardo and chamakh.
    he needs to start until van persie is back!

  17. The obvious answer to the originanl question is to deliver at Spurrs the week after next. late goals against beaten teams are wothwhile but not defining.

  18. To be fair, Vela has come in late in games that we are already winning, and it’s easier for him to score.
    I can’t remember the last time Arshavin played sharply. Everybody’s got him figured out now and he wasted 3 good chances today!
    Vela should be playing up top instead of Arshavin in my opinion.

  19. Yes no doubt, Vela should be having a GO from the start. Guess it will come midweek anyway. But still, Arshavin should have a few lessons from Song and Vela for clinical finishing off a move as well as scoring rather than called offfside 😉 😉

  20. Vela will have his chances for sure this year… Last year he was injured during the period that he would have slotted in. As for arsha, last year I didn’t like his performances at all yet since the start of this season he seems to have changed, he is having greater effort in the matches and his runs for the 3 1 on1 situations were beautiful just lacking the finish… He will be good this season

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