Watching the video of fans abusing the former Arsenal midfielder is sickening and so for the record, let me state that Samir Nasri is not even close to the traitor that Ashley Cole or even Mathieu Flamini (who had one upgrading season for us just like Nasri but left for FREE to Milan) are made out to be.

Have you forgotten that Nasri was professional throughout his time at the club to the extent that the guy even PLAYED for Arsenal (against Liverpool) only days before joining his new club?

He also left at time when any player would be unsettled at the club. At a time of uncertainty and turbulence which was before we signed five men on deadline day – which was even primarily because of that 8-2 disgrace at Old Trafford.

What else do you want from the guy? To remain on cheap wages and lower chances for success at Arsenal? Let’s face it, yes, lower chances for success!

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Any club which sells its captain without a substantial replacement while rivals strengthen remarkably is lowering its chancing for success. If you did not know that, take your rose-tinted Arsenal glasses off and realize. Failure to do so  in combination with the ‘Arsene Knows Best’ brigade is why some rival fans think most Gooners are in delusion.

I am sure anyone along with Nasri would not truly care much if they were to be merely a bench warmer or squad player at the Etihad. Indeed, in that Man. City team, only about three to four players are not bench warmers/squad players. There are so many options in the team that if you are not Joe Hart, Vincent Kompany, David Silva or Yay Toure, you will be rotated in out of the starting line-up. Just ask Adam Johnson and Edin Dzeko.

And to face the fact, Arsenal fans who criticize Nasri for leaving to sit on the bench in Manchester hardly have a valid point because in truth, he’s not even on the bench THAT much. Nasri has played a heavy share of minutes in their last two cup ties.

This is just obnoxious abuse from fans for no tangible reason.

Abusing a player is NEVER acceptable no matter the circumstances, but for goodness sake, if you are going to abuse someone, go abuse Flamini who was nothing before the 2007/08 season, had faith kept in him by Arsene Wenger ahead of the great Gilberto Silva (who was benched for doing nothing) and in the end, what did he do? He left for a rival club in Europe on a free transfer without even letting us make a profit!

Nasri could have done the same and just let his contract run out till the end of this campaign. Instead, he provided us solid service in pre-season and even a few shows in this campaign plus over £20 million cash!

What else do you want from Samir Nasri?

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