Which Arsenal player would you not pick a fight with?

https://i1.wp.com/farm5.static.flickr.com/4149/5044626967_01f912860a_z.jpg?resize=233%2C473It’s official, Arsenal have the most ‘babies’.

The Gunners were recently revealed officially as the average lightest and shortest squad in the Premier League while Sunday’s opponents Chelsea were found the tallest and heaviest at an average of 6ft 1 and 13.1 stone.

Indeed, those facts are of no surprise to many who have witnessed the Gunners buckle under physical pressure – mostly away from home.

And through the additions of the likes of Chamakh and Squillaci, Arsene Wenger seems to be gradually addressing Arsenal’s lacking physical factor, the main shortcoming opponents exploit against his side.

The opposition’s strategy to out-muscle Arsenal has grown ever since the departures of the physically imposing (and successful) class of Adams, Keown, Vieira, Gilberto, Pires and company.

But who are the tougher men in our squad today?

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56 thoughts on “Which Arsenal player would you not pick a fight with?

    1. I agree. RVP’s temper and ‘I don’t give a sh*t’ nature makes him one of the ‘tough ones’

      Sad though, that he isn’t tough enough to fight and beat up those niggling injuries.

  1. Mate not to go too crazy but yeah I’d kill every one of them. But I’d swap it all for a go at John terry.

  2. definitely squillaci! that guy would scare the hell out of anyone with just a stare, wouldnt want to find out out if hes got the goods to back it up.

  3. both sangna and chamak have done marshal arts and were apparently quite good at it. so any of you hard nuts should try those two for starters.

  4. I can take any of them. The only blokes who could give me a proper fight are Squillaci and Vermaelen. The rest of them are wimps.

  5. JACK WILSHIRE!!!! That dude is tough!

    Everyone else….meh, we see ’em getting thrown around week in week out.

  6. Oh dear, this article has attracted a few blog tough guys!

    No surprises that the likes of Stoke Bolton and Blackburn are near the top of that list.

    This toughness bollocks is all part of the problem; that its all good to be a hard nut to play football in England.

    When for me, its about skill, talent and technique as well as fighting spirit. But fighting spirit means doing your all for the team, not sticking the boot in, or intentionally injuring an opponent.

    I bet Karl henry thinks he’s a tough guy. Wanker

    1. Hey SidBoy :), coming on Fifa tonight?? 😀
      Anyway can’t agree more with you Sid, even though I can’t make up my mind, whether being lightweight is our team’s problem, yet they say words are stronger than swords 😉 I would be really curious to see where our team stands if there is less fuss on this topic, but still if their muscles aren’t strong enough and wide enough to cushion their bones, then their bones might be more prone to breaks lol c I can’t make up my mind.

  7. So Song is soft?
    Just who has pushed him around?
    This article is an invite for morons, with hard man illusions of grandure.

  8. you obviously haven’t seen the Youtube of Diaby, yes Diaby…. Looks deceive. Here as a volatile youth he tries to take out another young French player (Ben Arfa) who insulted his dad. He has to be held back by a bunch of mates. If he hadn’t been pulled away he would have nutted Robinson for that tackle the other day. He’s our real psycho!


  9. Martin Keown was the man and he took no shxt until we tame Drogba we will have problemsat moment id say vemalin is the toughest

  10. you guys here aint got job rather than this childish article get behind these guys after all david killed goliath with a stone jack wilshere could beat you all

  11. I reckon Denilson would have a great slap on him if was to get really, really wound up…. push him too far and he would probably run away crying though.

    Squil and Verm are probably both fairly hard but pound for pound my money would be on Jack the Lad.

  12. yo puedo decir q cuando los jugadores del arsenal se tengan la confiansa para poder ganar en cualkier esenario seran campeones
    ho sea q pelen cada pelota y no q darce para dos por eso no los lleva aningun lado bueno por eso, vamos arsenal tenemos q cruzar el puente el domingo
    por q ste podria ser el partido del ano ok suerte a todos los fans del arsenal donde kiera q sten .

  13. Squillaci – His crazy eyes would do me, but Id do him without them.

    But I think Song or Vermealen would be tough.

  14. this is the last time i am clicking on this site. you should all be ashamed of yourselves! Almost all ovr players were raised in tough neighbourhoods. You guys should do better researches. Nasri, rvp, denillson and watt grew up in gangster hoods. Being violent on the pitch is for pussies! Try been violent in the streets. Steve hunt’s look when song held him by the jugular was pathetic! Paul robinsons fear was quite obvious when diaby was about to punch his lights out! U guys mouthing off here are all pussies!

  15. Lets be honest here. The majority of people on here givin it the big un would get bitch slapped by Doris the Tea Lady.

  16. this is kinda random but everyone keeps on saying that laurent Koscielny is small but the dude is 6 foot 1 come on he is not that small he is stern and lean not skinny idk what u guys think?

  17. the comments are hilarious. hopefully squids scary soulless eyes will put drogba off tomorrow

  18. Wojicech Sczesny. Has a black belt in about.8 martial arts and he is 6’6″ or something like that.

  19. No thank you, if I beat them then i wont get the chance to see some pretty football over the weekends. All other teams made me go to sleep watching them.

    we have enough injuries as it is.

  20. Diaby, song, chamakh and TV (and squillaci?) are strong mfs who won’t be pushed around by many players
    and rvp, sagna, eboue, wilshere and nasri are all very tough players who dont take shit from people either

  21. I woudnt get in the ring wit song dat dude is an absolute hardknocker.i jst hope he knocks essien out in midfield 2day.

  22. Its funny the people saying they would beat them all yeah.. keyboard warriors and all..

    Anyway, Thomas Vermaelen and Diaby.

    But Rvp, Sagna, Chamakh and Squillaci all would be pretty hard, i also think people have forgot about Mannone hes not a small bloke looks aggressive to.

  23. diaby ! chap can be crazy i seen that video ! and hes a monster ! alex song ! denilson ( city of god card again) rvp , tv ,jack wilshere is a tough cookie ! but for some reason id say tomas rosicky would be a little bollox to fight !! small but ive a feeeling hed be a great ltte scrapper:P prison rules ha

  24. To be honest, Song, the Verminator, Diaby, Eboue and Frimpong will all kick my ass. JET would put me in hospital…The guy is enourmous.

    However, the Squid looks like a psycho…I reckon he’ll go for throats straight away and strangle the shitout of me. Def not fighting him.

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