It is right to say August and September predictors are delusional, but that just sounds like a cliche until you give proof and reason why anyone who draws conclusions over the season on the first few results is wrong.

Yes, Chelsea have been impeccable. Chelsea have been free-scoring. Chelsea have been near perfect. But Chelsea were expected to be so.

In truth, were they (or any top team) likely to slip up at home to newly promoted West Brom on the opening day? Were they expected to be stung by Blackpool’s whipping boys, Wigan after that? Tell me whether a home clash and a visit to then pointless Stoke City and West Ham respectively were tricky tasks. And were Blackpool favourites at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (like they were at the Emirates)?

The Blues have duly beaten mid-table/relegation threatened teams. That is impressive and vital for any potential champion, but to jump to the conclusion that they are already guaranteed the crown just because of their current form is ridiculous.

If anything, they have only capitalized on a kind fixture list while rivals Arsenal, United and City have been facing easy clashes against Liverpool, Everton and Tottenham.

There is no bias in this point, but out of the current top three, Arsenal have seen arguably the tougher tests. Wenger’s men are somehow unbeaten after enduring a trip to a rejuvenated Anfield and the hostility of Blackburn and Sunderland.

And unlike United and Chelsea (three each), Arsenal have only played two ‘comfortable’ games at home out of their five fixtures so far.

Now, it is a valid point to say Chelsea are rightly tipped for the title because they have the squad and experience to do it again, but to hand it to them this early, especially after a feasible run of fixtures, is plain inaccurate.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you look back at the start of the season during May and find how matters turned out a little different?

Indeed, if the first five fixtures decided titles, Arsenal would have been champions of 2007/08, Liverpool would have clinched it in 2008/09, and Chelsea would have ran away with it (and not won by just one point) last season.

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