Your Reaction: Arsenal to face Celtic in qualifier have drawn British neighbors Celtic FC for their ‘do or die’ Champions League qualifier later this month.

The news of the draw which took place in Nyon on Friday, may not come as a surprise after the media heated up the possibility of this particular match-up way ahead.

What is perhaps the glamor fixture of this final round of Champions League qualifiers will take place on August 18 (away) and 26 (home). That also means Arsenal will face Celtic in an official European fixture for the first time ever.

The Gunners do have the know-how of dismantling sides in this phase of the competition after convincing aggregate wins over some of Europe’s up and coming sides, but the Celts may be a different animal to oust.

Wenger’s men also have an idea or two about how to outclass Scottish opposition after doing so recently in a 3-0 win over Rangers in the Emirates Cup.

So how do you feel about Arsenal’s chances of progressing after learning their fate?


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65 thoughts on “Your Reaction: Arsenal to face Celtic in qualifier

  1. Arsenal always play better against “stronger” sides anyway, so celtic should be a good draw for them.

  2. Celtic for the wi. It’s about time to show some over rated and over paid englishmen (Well most probably French) what a football team actually is!

  3. looking forward to seeing 2 teams that play football the way it should be played exciting and attacking hope you gunner fans have a safe and enjoyable trip north c u soon may the best team win mon the hoops

  4. Yes tert, it must be tripe unless expressing an opinion that Arsenal will win.

    Not the first time we’ve come accross this kind of arrogance when facing English opposition.

    It may interest you to know that Celtic have only lost three games out of fourteen against English opposition in European competition.

    This tie could go either way, but show a bit of respect please.

  5. confident. if we hold any hope of getting to the final stages, or even winning it we need to be beating stronger teams. to lose to celtic over 2 legs is unthinkable. prediction Arsenal 5 – 2 Celtic on agg.

  6. Personally, I’m thrilled at the draw. Two storied football sides who’ve never met. The Bhoys against the Gunners.

    I think this goes like the Villareal tie in last seasons CL. Tough away match for the Gunners, but an overwhelming superiority at home on the second leg. Celtic will give us a real run at their place and a goal draw would be a great result so early in the season at such a difficult place to play. At home though, Arsenal put the pedal to the metal and seal the deal.

  7. every body knows arsenal will win.just you sad twats up in scotland in dream world think celtic will win.hahahahahahaha.dream on.take your island of are country and fuck off to the isle of man.fucking jocks

    1. You really should get yourself an education before posting.

      You’re making yourself look silly and giving decent Arsenal supporters a a red face.

  8. Great tie, which should be an example of all that’s good in football. I’ve been a long time admirer of Wenger, because he refuses to compromise his principles on entertaining football, but now Celtic have a manager who believes the same. The tie will be close with a few goals, but don’t let Arsenal supporters think it will be easy – that’s what Liverpool thought!

  9. Gonna be a good game, both teams play the ball to feet and attack. hard tie for both teams, seriously couldnt call it.

  10. oh adam, its such a pity that people like you know how to use a computer. Perhaps now you’ve learnt typing you could go and learn some spelling and grammar?

    I live in england and think you arsenal fans may be under estimating celtic a little. Dont think your rangers friendly result is any way indicative of what celtic will offer.

  11. Adam Adam Adam Lroy is not in prodigy but there is a leroy. what can i say once a fanny always a fanny

  12. Adam: “get the f*** out of my country” ????

    I’m 100% English so perhaps you should not be jumping to conclusions so quickly? The only scum bags in this country are illiterate people like you who spout opinions without any considered thought.

    Next time you cast your BNP vote (a reaosnable assumption im sure other posters will agree?), hopefully you can get run over by a bus on your way home. End of. see ya.

  13. if you watched the arsenal vs rangers game then you will no there was only 5 first team players for arsenal.if we had a full team im sure the score would have been 7 or 8 goals for spelling my suck but you and your team will be the ones that suck come the day

  14. Great fans, but the team roughly resembles what i feed my dog each day!

    No way will Celtic’s players be able to live with our movement and passing.

  15. Being a realistic Celtic fan I know Arsenal will be favourites. But Man U, AC Milan, Juventus, Lyon, Shakhtar, Porto, Liverpool, Benfica, Bayern Munich, Villareal, and a few more have all failed to beat us at parkhead.
    Personally I have always had a soft spot for the Gunners even more so in recent years because of their attractive football. Either way I will enjoy the tie.
    Hail! Hail!

    1. Don’t ever attempt to stand beside me, you little cretin.

      Spot on would be calling you a moron.

      Go and do your homework before bed time!

      p.s. Can’t wait to sample the Celtic atmosphere, great fans and a great club too. Nothing but respect for them.

  16. lroy i would love to meet you and cut the fuck out of you.think your hard on here bitch.cunts like you talk it then when its face to face your just a little girl.

  17. im all talk and no a batty boy if any one knows me.i used to have m8s but they got sick of me .no i live all alone in my bed sit.i like to watch kids from my window .i think its cool but every one else says its wrong.i dont like woman they make me feel sick.i like to feel a naked man in my bed.doing 69er and even rainbow if ive had a few beers.

  18. Somebody from the asylum, please come & take poor Adam back and keep him in until the tie is over. He can’t deal with the excitement of being out so long without having had his injection!
    (PS i bet he’s a tiny little shit!)


  20. Good post Paulus…glad to see some level headed fans here to balance out the cyberbrawlers. You’ll need some luck for your Bhoys to beat us over two legs though. Looking forward this clash. Up the Arsenal!

  21. Some of you fellas went off track here! Let’s focus on the CL match in hand. 1st of why the heck are there Celtic fans in this thread being all negative about how Arsenal is going to lose? 2nd there is no way that Arsenal is going to lose this tie. Not even in your dreams! We do respect Celtic as a club but on match day it will be Celtic chasing the ball all day. Arsenal has superior quality over Cletic. To me this is a pretty uneven match. Celtic would’ve been better off with Fiorentina/ Ath. Madrid. I’m sure most Celtic fans are saying, oh, crap not Arsenal! 3-0 Arsenal!

    (No disrespect to Celtic fans)

    Go Gunners!!!

  22. I thought this article was supposed ot be about the up coming Celtic-Arsenal game. Instead it seems ot be nothing more than a forum for some retard call Adam, who has been agressive from the outset, and would appear to have an IQ roughly the same as his shoe size. Adam: Calm down, it’s supposed to be about football. So far all that is obvious is that you want to pick a fight with the entire world. Grow up you sad little man.

    1. im just saying who will win.its not mean.celtic are a good team but arsenal are a lot better.sure we aint what we used to be but the majic is still there when it needs to mite get a draw at your ground or a 1-0 win but at are ground we r so so good.i just cant see celtic beating us but football is football and any thing can happen.

  23. Am looking forward to this match ” Battle of Britain “. I foresee an entertaining, exciting and sparks flying match.

  24. For Arsenal to win:
    i) never underestimate opponent.
    ii) play to true strength.
    iii) remain focus through out the match.
    The rest will be history.


    I’ve been spending all day thinking what to do,

    But hey! I remember- lets Fuck ManU.

    Their players are shit,as if the’ve served prison,

    And they always boost economy in the red light regions!!

    In this world, Theres no pleasure as high

    As watching their fans cry at their teams demise.

    They thought they would never be undone,

    Until Liverpool fucked them Four to One!!

    Fulham scored Two more-

    And Anyways, Ronaldo’s a bore.

    They may call him the Madeira magician,

    He thinks his form is in accesion,

    He may be beating this goddamn recession,

    But i bet my **** has Better ball posession!!

    If you hate Manutd clap your hands

    If you hate manutd and their fans

    If you hate Manutd and

    If their loss makes you excited

    If you hate Manutd clap your

    So, Sir Alex, you can boast of yourself-but in vain,

    Because you’ll never be ARSENE.

    You’ll Never be ARSENE…..

    Gooner 4 Ever

    Arsenal 2 celtic 0 (Arshavin wll score atleast one …)

  26. arsenal are definitely the better side but as it is dubbed the battle of britain, both teams will be up for it more than usual. celtic park will be hard, i reckon but arsenal to win it.

  27. Arsenal progress in the Champion League is very important in terms of financial gain and status (still among the top team in Europe) Arsene Wenger and The Arsenal will not give anything away in this tie. With so much at stake, The Gunners will gun down The Bhoeys. Without a shadow of doubt, Arsenal to win this tie.

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