There is a scar from Saturday still apparent on Robin van Persie’s face, and the motion picture below does not leave you guessing why.

You don’t need a meticulous look at Adebayor’s tangle with his former strike partner to understand how – in Van Persie’s own post-match words – ‘mindless and malicious’ the new Man. City darling acted.

Adebayor and his side are begging for the benefit of the doubt here but when the victim is also still pleading for an apology, you sense someone was really out to hurt.

In not just football but general life’s norms, no man should be left unpunished after a deed like this.

And oh, Van Persie was not the only one who fell at the expense of Adebayor’s unsporting mission against his former club.

Fabregas here must be reprieved his ankle is still intact.

But justice is never assured, especially when you are Arsenal FC.

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