Almost exactly a year ago, Emmanuel Adebayor was pondering the faults that hindered a move to AC Milan or for some wishful linking, Barcelona.

The Togolese had seen out a 30-goal season which inevitably attracted the lust of Europe’s rich shoppers though the many who witnessed most of that 2007/08  campaign would attest the lanky forward was in no way prolific in terms of his tally that seemed as though everything went in for him that year.

Assuming his profile had definitely been upgraded with those exploits, Adebayor somehow convinced Arsene Wenger that for a player of his caliber, the least he deserved was a double wage raise.

And after repaying the club’s strong faith in him (which may have easily diminished with efforts like this) with a summer of self promotion to earn a lucrative move elsewhere, Arsenal would repay him back with a new, improved contract in August 2008.

Now made a pampered baby, he would kiss Arsenal’s badge after slotting home a penalty against Real Madrid in preseason.

And a year on, the 25-year-old would show reverence to another crest, after an even higher wage raise was presented.

Thus, it appears as though no matter who you are, whether Lincoln City or Manchester City, just offer Adebayor inflated earnings, and he may even kiss your butt.

Till this day, some argue he was a below-par forward with an outstanding goal-to-game ratio. That notion hinges on the fact that Adebayor was frustrating to watch with his sorry conversion rate of chances and constant offside positioning.

Others insist Emmanuel has come a long way from Monaco’s sandy rock to Arsenal’s polished diamond.

Nonetheless, a player able to allure the interest of some of Europe’s finest and eventually be subject to a £25 million handshake in the transfer market, is quite a decent one to reckon with.

But his loyalty is miles away from decency.

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