By Gooner Peter

To be honest, we were very lucky not to lose at PSG yesterday and by a large margin. How Edison Cavani missed three other sitters is beyond comprehension.

Okay, we have in the past been on the receiving end of results not going our way, so perhaps it was our turn for good fortune. However, we need to be careful because our luck cannot continue, surely, remembering the Southampton game three days ago.

Worryingly, what it looks like is that we haven’t started playing this season yet (with the exception of the Watford game). And most alarmingly, the players don’t appear match fit physically or ready mentally.

Some are playing like strangers in the night and that is hardly surprising since we didn’t recruit Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez until a few days ago. If Wenger bought them two months earlier, he could easily have done so for two-thirds of what he paid and gelling in would not be such a concern as it is right now.

In the first game of the season, Wenger uttered that the team did not look ready for the season – and he was right. But whose fault is it Mr Wenger? The cleaner? Seeing Liverpool players away at the Emirates running rings around us at 90 miles an hour where we loitered with no intent was frustrating.

Now we have to wait a month or so for Mustafi and Perez to get accustomed to playing with the rest of the team. And for Granit Xhaka, what has he done to deserve warming the bench for 70 minutes (he didn’t even play last Sunday)? Has he done a ‘Campbell’?

Shamefully, last Saturday we had two (only two) shots on target in the entire home game.

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