Arsenal’s starting line-up at Burnley

The follow-up to Sunday’s superb result at Anfield will come quick with the Gunners in odd Premier League action tomorrow.

Wednesday’s team sheet will be assembled on a table similar to that of Champions League and Carling Cup outings, but the visit to Burnley appears more significant than any previous cup ties in midweek.

That said, there may not be any casual resting of key players as Wenger’s men still have some catching and keeping up to do with the top two at least.

Unavailable for selection will be Denilson and Traore who picked up knocks three days ago but Eboue returns while Eduardo will seek another chance since his disappointment against Chelsea.

There are also calls for a rest for Andrey Arshavin who limped off late on against Liverpool but in the absence of Van Persie, the Russian has proven Arsenal’s premier attacking threat upfront.

So what do you want Arsenal’s starting line-up to read tomorrow?

Preferred line-up:


Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Silvestre

Eboue – Song – Fabregas – Nasri



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40 thoughts on “Arsenal’s starting line-up at Burnley

  1. Almunia

    Eboue Vermaelen Gallas Silvestre

    Nasri Fabregas Song Diaby Walcott


    subs: Fabianski, Senderos, Sagna, Arshavin, Ramsey, Vela, Wilshire

  2. ————–almunia


  3. Go for the goals early, best not to be chasing the game, therefore, Arshavin starts. We also need a more robust line-up, so Walcott and Nasri drop out.


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Silvestre


    Cesc Ramsey

    Eboue Diaby


    Subs: Eduardo, Nasri, Vela, Wilshere, Senderos, Walcott, Merida, Dennis Bergkamp, Pires…*sigh*

  4. Burnley are very strong at home. I hope we don’t slip-up against them. They go out to play football, which is a good thing about them. This is not the time to start resting players. We need to build a momentum. Arshavin starts for me, also does Diaby and Nasri.

    Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Fishface

    ———Nasri Song———–
    Walcott —-Fabregas—-Diaby


    If we fail to start our top 11 we will struggle in this game. Burnley has beaten ManU and L’pool at Turf Moor this season and I remember they beat Arsenal in the same stadium last season in the Milk Cup. Get the goals early and make the required subs

  5. interesting to see Diaby back in the mix. As much as I hate to admit it his size will be nice in the air and on free kicks.


    I’ll be here to watch the game tomorrow so hopefully I’ll see some of you cats here.

  6. I personaly,i think professor Winger should take this remaining matches serious than ever before so arshavin should start the game so he can provid something spacial as he looks stronger than eduardo.

  7. Am happy with all pleyer for the moment, but in January please Profeser do something to as,Cole from West Ham will help very much in and out i mean Premiam and Uefa.Dzeko is also rite face in emirates to help the short pleyers we have,thanks. am Max from Tanzania

  8. ………………………ALMUNIA……………………………….SAGNA……..GALLAS…….VERM…………..SILVESTRE……………………………SONG…………………………………………..EBUOE…………………….NASRI………………………………………CESC………………………………………………………………..ARSHAVIN………………………………………..EDUARDO……………………..

  9. Arsene should start with aggressive players as follow:

    Almunia .. Sagna .. Vamalaen .. Gallas .. Sylvester .. Song

    Ebue .. Fabregas .. Arshavin .. Walcott .. Diaby

  10. ___________almunia_______________

  11. I wouldnt personally start with Walcott, it will be a tight niggly game with lots of physical challenges. He will be a handy addition come the last 20minutes.
    Sagna – Vermalaen – Gallas – Silvestre
    Fabregas – Diaby
    Eboue – Nasri

  12. Seaman, Dickson, Bould, Adams, Winterburn, Overmars, Petit, Vieira, Parlour, Bergkamp, Henry. Subs Arshavin, Eduardo, Song, Fabregas, Gallas, Vermaelen, Almunia

    This should do the trick tonight folks!

  13. Cant believe are calling for Walcott to start ahead of Eboue PLEASE!!!! Walcott looks totally lost its unbelievable he hasnt done anything at all where as Eboue will go on the outside come on the inside help defensively and i know his decision making or shooting is atrocious but i prefer him to Walcott at the moment coz he doesnt get pushed off the ball easily and quite frankly he has provided way better performances than Walcott has since he came bk

  14. Wenger will stick with his flexible 4-3-3 formation I beleive, but with the wide attackers asked to drop back into midfield when needed:


    Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Silvestre

    Diaby Fabregas

    Walcott Arshavin Nasri

  15. what d’you mean rest arshavin, without him we’re scewed up frony, eduardo can’t play on his own, it’s as simple as that and Diaby can’t play football properly, again a simple fact

  16. Almunia

    Eboue Gallas Vermaelen Silvestre

    Diaby Fabregas

    Walcott Eduardo Nasri

    (ash to come on if things arent going smoothly)

  17. this will be the line up !


    Sagna Gallas Vermalen Silvestre


    Fabregas Diaby

    Walcott Arshavin Nasri

  18. Whoever is taking this as a “Carling Cup” game you are playing with fire! There is no need to take this game lightly! Those 3pts are critical and we can’t afford to slip up while Aston Villa is above us at the moment. I say start our 1st team! Same squad as Sunday’s..only changes would have to be Eboue/Diaby IN. Walcott starts on the bench! I like Walcott, but he isn’t providing anything good to the team right now.

    If, AA is still banged up then obviously, Eduardo has to start!

    Go Gunners!

  19. Dont understand all of you that dont like Eboue. He’s technically excellent, although his diving and acting is awaful.

    I like him, and hope he starts tonight

  20. Almunia
    Eboue–Gallas–Vermealen–Sagna(Yes At Left Back)

    No resting Please Lest Get A Big Win

  21. Almunia
    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Silvestre
    Fabregas Nasri
    Diaby Arshavin Eduardo

    Arshavin has to play…this match is huge and he is the only player scoring right now. Let him fight for a victory here and then let him rest Saturday for what promises to be a much easier task at home against Hull.

  22. we will be fourth now……performances like these are why we dont win titles……please mr.wenger buy a god damn striker…

  23. usama u-right. that was shit.
    this team will win nothing. they cannot finish off fucking burnely after what should have been an ultimate momentun boost on the weekend.

    carlo ancelotti solved the AW 3-3-4 riddle. with no rvp, just clog up the middle of the park and make arsenal go around. except for occasional class from AA, arsenal has no threat on the wing. and no target for service.

    i hate to admit it, because i despise all of today’s FIFA 2009 and etc. armchair/fantasy managers, but without a class striker we are proper fucked.

  24. And who said that we should rest players?

    With todays’ performance I can admit that we will not win anything this season. I’ll be very nervous that, Cesc and some others will leave. i’m still optimistic, but we don’t have a good striker at the moment who can get some goals.

    Theo, had no business playing last Sunday nor today! Isn’t he supposed to be getting better? He was aweful! He didn’t have a clue out there. Eboue, should’ve started this game THEN have, Theo come in after. Yeah, he just came off an injury, but did he forget how to control a ball? What happened to team training?

    Boss, we need some reinforcements…please!

    I hope, Cesc is not that baly injured!

  25. Wow, I can’t believe we are still in 3rd after this poor performance!

    Funny, how the Boss continues to say that others will drop points..well, sir we are, too!

    December 16, 2009 P Pts
    Chelsea 17 40
    Manchester United 17 37
    Arsenal 16 32
    Aston Villa 17 32
    Tottenham Hotspur 17 30
    Liverpool 17 27
    Birmingham 17 27
    Manchester City 16 26
    Fulham 16 23
    Sunderland 17 21
    Stoke City 16 21
    Blackburn Rovers 17 19

  26. believe it or not….if we don’t win anything only the boss is the one to blame….he has the money why NOT spend and get F*ucked?? we really need reinforcements anyone who thinks otherwise is plain stupid…

  27. This should be the line up with Dr> Fabrigas, Gallas, Silvestre, Sendorous
    ———————-New Keeper———————–
    Sanga—–New CB or Dijaoru—–Vermaelen— Clichy
    Wallcott—–Nasri(no CESC)—-Song——-Arshavin
    Subs: Edwardo,Bendtner,Diaby,Ramsy, Eboe, New CB, Manone or the other one,

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